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US Intelligence Community Form

US Intelligence Community Form

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Published by CRAS-SARC

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Published by: CRAS-SARC on Sep 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Publication by :
US Intelligence CommunityOffice of Naval IntelligenceParagon Group Command
Unidentified Aerial PhenomenaUnidentified Aerial PhenomenaUnidentified Aerial PhenomenaUnidentified Aerial PhenomenaProtocolProtocolProtocolProtocol
Level X Clearance
This is a SECURITY document containing information essential to the Security.
Level … Clearance
.Examination or use by unauthorized personnel is strictly forbidden and ispunishable by federal law.
his document has been prepared especially for
Intelligence Group Community
. Its purpose isto present all aspect of
PARAGON Group Command
so authorized personnel will have a betterunderstanding of the goals of the units, be able to more expertly deal with Unidentified FlyingObjects, Extraterrestrial Technology and Entities, and increase the efficiency of future operations.
All information relating to PARAGON Group Command has been classified
andcarries a security level 1 point above that of
* No information is released and the official government position is that no special group or unit as PARAGON exists. * 
The PARAGON Group Command was established by special and classified recommendation byUS Intelligence Community on January 2003. The research and international private securityrespond group.
The recovery for scientific study of all materials and devices of a foreign or extraterrestrialmanufacture that may become available.
Publication by :
Such material and devices will be recovered by any and all means deemed necessary by thegroup. The recovery for scientific study of all entities and remains of entities not of terrestrialorigin which may become available through independent action by those entities or by misfortuneor military action.The establishment and administration of special teams to accomplish the above operations. Theestablishment and administration of special secure facilities located at
Area51 - Hangar 25 (Bldg 61)Levels 05
Groom Lake, NV
facility locations for the receiving, processing, analysis, and scientificstudy of any and all material and entities classified as being of extraterrestrial origin by the groupof the special teams. Establishment and administration of covert operations to be carried out inconcert with intelligence group to affect the recovery for the U.S. of extraterrestrial technologyand entities. This may come down national territory of fall into the possession of foreign powers. Itis considered as for as the current situation is concerned, that there are few indications that theseobjects and their builders pose a direct threat to the national security, despite the ultimate motivesin coming here. Certainly the technology possessed by these beings far their presence hereseems to be benign, and for the present. The greatest threat at this time arises from theacquisition and study of such advanced technology by foreign powers. It is for this reason that therecovery and study of this such a high priority.
UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS - UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA ( UFO / UAP )This regulation establishes the Paragon program for investigating and analyzing UFOs over theUnited States or any other country or places around the world. The investigations and analysesprescribed are related directly to the Paragon responsibility
(PARAGON Group Command – Intelligence Operations Section).
The UFO Program requires prompt reporting and rapid evaluationof data for successful identification. Strict compliance with this regulation is mandatory.
GENERAL1. Explanation.
To insure proper and uniform usage of terms in UFO/UAP investigations, reports,and analyses, an explanation of common terms follows: a.
Unidentified Flying Objects – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.
Any aerial phenomenon or object, which is unknown or appearsout of the ordinary to the observer. b.
Familiar or Known Objects/Phenomena.
Aircraft, aircraftlights, astronomical bodies (meteors, planets, stars, comets, sun, moon), balloons, birds’fireworks, missiles, rockets, satellites, searchlights, weather phenomena (clouds, contrails, dustdevils), and other natural phenomena.2.
Program Objectives.
PARAGON Group Command Unit interest in UFOs is two-fold: todetermine if the UFO is a possible threat to the United States and to use the scientific or technicaldata gained from study of UFO reports. To attain these objectives, it is necessary to explain oridentify the stimulus, which caused the observer to report his observation as an unidentified flyingobject. a.
The majority of UFOs reported have been conventional or familiar objects,Which present no threat to our security. 1. It is possible that foreign countries may develop flyingvehicles of revolutionary configuration or propulsion.2. Frequently, some alleged UFOs are determined to be aircraft.
North American AerospaceDefence Command (NORAD)
is responsible for identification of aircraft. Except as aircraft aredetermined to be the stimulus for a UFO report, aircraft are not to be reported under theprovisions of this regulation.b.
Technical and Scientific.
The PARAGON Group will analyze reports of UFOs submitted to it toattain the program objectives. In this connection these facts are of importance: 1. The need forfurther scientific knowledge in geophysics, astronomy, and physics of the upper atmosphere,which may be provided by study, and analysis of UFOs and similar aerial phenomena.
Publication by :
2. The need to report all pertinent factors that have a direct bearing on scientific analysis andconclusions of UFO sightings. 3. The need and the importance of complete case information.Analysis has explained all but a small percentage of the sightings, which have been reported tothe
. The ones that have not been explained are carried statistically as "unidentified."Because of the human factors involved and because analysis of a UFO sighting dependsprimarily on a personal impression and interpretation by the observer rather than on scientificdata or facts obtained under controlled conditions, the elimination of all unidentified is improbable.However, if more immediate, detailed and objective data on the unidentified had been availableand promptly reported, perhaps these, too, could have been identified.
Program Monitor.
The International Director is responsible for the overall program, evaluationof investigative procedures and the conduct of separate scientific investigations.b.
The PARAGON Systems Command will support the program with currentresources within the International Intelligence Community Group, to continue the project effort.Other
resources normally used by PARAGON for this effort will. Continue to be madeavailable.c.
Each agent in charge of the PARAGON Group will provide a UFO investigativecapability. When notice of a UFO sighting is received, an investigation will be implemented todetermine the stimulus for the sighting. A Paragon receiving the notice of a UFO sighting may notbe the base nearest the locale of the sighting. In that event, the reported UFO sighting will bereferred to the PARAGON director office nearest the sighting for action.d.
PARAGON Group will:1. Analyze and evaluate all information and evidence reported to bases on those UFOs, whichare not identified at the base level.2. Use other Government agencies, private industrial companies, and contractor personnel toassist in analyzing and evaluating UFO reports, as necessary.e.
PARAGON Investigation officer, will prepare a final case report on each sightingreported to it after the data have been properly evaluated. If the final report is deemed, significant,investigation officer will send the report to director office, which will send a report to PARAGONCommand.
Guidance in Preparing Reports.
The usefulness of a UFO report depends largely onaccuracy, timeliness, skill and resourcefulness of the person who receives the initial informationand makes the report. Following are aids for screening, evaluating and reporting sightings:a. Activities receiving initial reports of aerial objects and phenomena will screen the information todetermine if the report concerns a valid UFO as defined in paragraph] a.Reports not falling, within that definition do not require further action. Aircraft flares, jet exhausts,condensation trails, blinking or steady lights observed at night, lights circling near airports andairways, and other aircraft phenomena should not be reported as they do not fall within thedefinition of a UFO.
Reports of known objects will be made to PARAGON when this informationoriginally had been reported by local news media as a UFO and the witness has contacted the AirForce.
(Do NOT solicit reports.)
News releases should be included as an attachment with thereport.b. Detailed study will be made of the logic, consistency, and authenticity of the observer's report.An interview with the observer, by persons preparing the report, is especially valuable indetermining the reliability of the source and the validity of the information.Factors for particular attention are the observer's age, occupation, and education, and whether hehas a technical or scientific background. A report that a witness is completely familiar with certainaspects of a sighting should indicate specific qualifications to substantiate such familiarity.c. The following procedures will assist the investigating officer in completing the report andarriving at a conclusion.

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