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State of Tech

State of Tech

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Published by jennifer_brogan_3

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Published by: jennifer_brogan_3 on Sep 07, 2012
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State of Technology:Ripon Unified School District
Prepared byJacob BradshawTechnology Specialist
Ripon High SchoolRipon High is considered the site with the lowest amount of technology in the district. Averageage of a teacher's laptop or desktop is 5-7 years. The number of overhead projectors rivals that of digital projectors. The projectors out there range from 5-12 years of age. These older projectorsalso cause issues with our attendance software, in that they require the displays to be set at aresolution that is not optimal and cannot be changed without administrative rights. An exampleof this is in Leedys room, her projector is the oldest in use. It requires a resolution of 640x480,one that the computer does not support natively. Our Aeries requires 1280x720. She cannot enter grades on this computer because the options needed to not fit on the screen.Student computers besides units in the lab are non existent. Now it is understandable that someclasses might not have student computers such as a math class or a PE class. There should be atleast 2-4 computers in say an English or History class.The most heavily used and underpowered piece of technology on the campus are the computer labs. The G7 computer lab is at the bottom of the list with the oldest computers in use oncampus. These computers at Gateway Computers purchased July 16th, 2001. On average, wehave lost about 3-4 computers a semester. The lab has turned into a game of whack-a-mole iskeeping up on the issues that crop up with these older machines. The units that have failed have been replaced by either computers brought over from other sites or new replacements have been purchased 5 at a time. It is a patchwork lab.The second lab in age is the Library lab. It was originally from the Ag lab and was purchased inOctober of 2002. This lab is running as well as it can. It is used as a class lab and only has about20 computers where students have to either pair up or switch out with other students to get their work done. This is the only lab on campus where a teacher can reserve or request time in therefor their students.The third lab in age is the B4 lab, this is the keyboarding and web design lab. These computerswere purchased in August of 2007. This is the only full lab that runs without issue and onlyneeds small software updates and fixes.. It is aging but has 2-3 more years on it.The last lab is the Ag Lab and it is the newest lab. It was purchased in April of 2010. As with theB4 lab this lab is also runs without issue and only needs minor software fixes and updatesthroughout the year. This lab, if not replaced has another 3-5 years on it.WestonIn the past 2 years, Weston teachers received new teacher laptops to replace the aging labcomputers that were distributed to the teachers from the 2005 lab. These computers were purchased in 2010 by the PFC. All teachers received a new computer from this set.Weston also purchased a new computer lab using Title I funds and distributed the old lab againto the classrooms. The new lab was purchased in 2011 and is fully up to date.
Student computers in the classrooms are a collection of iMac purchased in 1998, the first Maclab purchased in 2005 to the most recent lab disbursement from last year(2007 iMacs). Theseolder machines are starting to fail leaving some teachers with just the 2007 iMacs.ParkviewThe PFC recently purchased 5 MacBook Pro computers for teachers to replace the older Dell’sthat were purchased in 2004 and 2005. The rest of the teachers are still using Dell laptops anddesktops from 04, 05, and 06. They also have Projectors and Elmos for use in instruction.Each classroom has on average has 2-3 student computers which were purchased in groups in2008 and most recently in 2012. The more computers in a classroom the more chances a studenthas to take AR tests and other educational tools.Parkviews lab was purchased in 2009 and it running the most recent operating system software.This is a good lab and gets the job done. An update in the future might be necessary to keep upwith the surrounding sites.RiponaAt Ripona all teachers received new MacBooks in 2011, they also got Elmos and projectors touse. This is an upgrade from some of the older mac and PC’s that they were using. The upper grades also received handheld tablets and student response systems. Each teacher received their own tablet to operate their computer remotely but only got one set of response systems to shareat each grade level.They have very few student computers at the site. They have maybe 3 or 4 classrooms with 1 or more student designated computers. Students have to do all their AR work in the lab whichmight take away from valuable lab time.The lab is the oldest Mac lab in the district. 23 iMacs were purchased in early 2009, 6 were purchased in late 2009 and 6 were most recently purchased in summer of 2011. Having atcomputer with units purchased so far apart has the issue of the experience being so different fromcomputer to computer.Colony Oak Colony PFC purchased MacBooks/iMacs for all the teachers at the site. They also have purchased projectors, remote tablets, and ELMOs for use in their classrooms as teacher aides.The only recently installed a new computer lab in 2011. Their previous lab was a countydonation of about 30 Dell computers from 2002. These computers were either discarded or distributed and only a handful went to rooms around campus.

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