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12-09-07 the Ongoing US-Israeli Love Affair, b) Landmark Events in Unannounced Regime Change in Israel

12-09-07 the Ongoing US-Israeli Love Affair, b) Landmark Events in Unannounced Regime Change in Israel

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The Bus 300 Affair (1984), the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (1995), and the death of the Supreme Court’s Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen (2002), show the hallmarks of unannounced regime change in the State of Israel. Was the United States, or United States interests involved? At least in the third event.
The Bus 300 Affair (1984), the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (1995), and the death of the Supreme Court’s Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen (2002), show the hallmarks of unannounced regime change in the State of Israel. Was the United States, or United States interests involved? At least in the third event.

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Published by: SELA - Human Rights Alert - Israel on Sep 07, 2012
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The ongoing US-Israeli love affair 
b) Landmark events in unannouncedregime change in Israel 1984-2002
The Bus 300 Affair (1984), the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (1995), and the death of the Supreme Court’s Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen (2002), show the hallmarks of unannounced regime change in the State of Israel. Was the United States, or United States interests involved? At least in the third event.
Former top IDF Commander Yitzhaq Mordechai; late Prime Minitster Yitzhaq Rabin; late Chief Clerk of theSupreme Court Shmaryahu Cohen
In the ongoing love affair, there were benefits and damages to both sides. Which sidesuffered the greater damage, is yet to be determined. The claim underlying the list of landmarks events below, is that the State of Israel went through an unannounced regimechange between 1984 and 2002, similar to the one experienced earlier in the UnitedStates. The effects in both nations are similar – widespread corruption of the courts andthe legal profession, impoverishment of the many, enrichment of the few, andundermining of Human Rights and the Rule of Law.
1.The Bus 300 Affair (1984)
The case came in the aftermath of Israeli Supreme Court decisions, which prohibitedtorture and unlawful killing of prisoners.Wikipedia:The
Bus 300 affair
, also known as
Kav 300 affair
, was a 1984 incident in whichShin Bet members executed two Arab bus hijackers, immediately after the hostagecrises incident ended and the two terrorists were captured.After the incident the Shin Bet members gave a false testimony on their involvement in the affair. The Israeli military censor blacked out coverage of thehijacking originally, nevertheless, the publication of information regarding theaffair in foreign press, and eventually in the Israeli media, led a public uproar which led many in the Israeli public to demand that the circumstances surroundingthe deaths of terrorists would be investigated. In 1985 a senior Israeli armygeneral Yitzhak Mordechai was acquitted of charges related to the deaths of thecaptured terrorists. Later, it emerged that members of the Shin Bet, Israel's internalsecurity service, had implicated the general, while concealing who gave the directorder that the prisoners be killed. In 1986 the Attorney General of Israel, Yitzhak Zamir, was forced to resign after he refused to call off an investigation into theShin Bet's role in the affair.
Shortly afterwards Avraham Shalom, head of the ShinBet resigned and was given a full Presidential pardon for unspecified crimes,while pardons were granted to many involved before charges were laid. Following
the scandal, the Landau Commission was set up to investigate Shin Bet procedures.Some conspiracy theorists claim that the case established the superiority of the SecretService over the rule of law.There is no evidence of US involvement in the case.2.
The Assassination of 
Yitzhaq Rabin
assassination of Yitzhaq Rabin
took place on November 4, 1995 at 21:30,at the end of a rally in support of the Oslo Accords at the Kings of Israel Square inTel Aviv. The assassin, a religious Zionist named Yigal Amir, strenuouslyopposed Rabin's peace initiative and particularly the signing of the Oslo Accords.Prior to the assassination, current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in acampaign of denigration of then Prime Minister Rabin. Conduct of the former wasdenounced even then as incitement.The Israeli Secret Service is responsible for the security of the Prime Minister, and alsoreports directly to him. Israeli media and court proceedings show that the Security Serviceimplanted in a fringe group a provocateur, named Avishai Raviv, who radicalized thegroup. However, when the group got ready to assassinate Rabin, the implant failed toinform his superiors. Raviv was prosecuted for Misprision of Felonies, but was found bythe Israeli court “not guilty”.In the face of ongoing conspiracy theories, an extreme right wing senior politician wasquoted to have said that if there was a conspiracy by the Security Service, Rabin himself was to blame for his own assassination, since the Security Service was under his directauthority.There is no evidence of US involvement in the case, although the US has been involved insimilar operations in other client states. There is no doubt that the US trained, current prime minister, Netanyahu, is closer to at least some part of the US leadership more thanRabin ever was.
3.The death of the Supreme Court’s Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen (2002)
Even the Hebrew Wikipedia does not have an entry for Shmaryahu Cohen.From the Methods section of a paper by this author in Data Analytics 2012:Subsequently, a cursory survey was conducted of the pattern of judges’ signaturesand clerk’s certification of records over the past two decades. The significance of events around 2001-2003 was identified.Accordingly, a more detailed survey was conducted of records of that period,including data mining relative to changes in distribution of specific wordcombinations, related to certification over time (e.g., “Chief Clerk”, “Registrar”,“Shmaryahu Cohen” (the late Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court), “Boaz Okon”(former Registrar of the Supreme Court), True Copy).Subsequently, court records that were identified as outliers in such distributions (e.g.Decision records bearing the name of the late Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen, issuedlater than the date of his death) were individually examined. Such data mining procedures enabled the discovery of hundreds of fraudulent decision records.Once the death of the late Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court on March 7, 2002, wasidentified as a key event in this context, Google searches were conducted to further elucidate the event. It turned out that he reportedly died of “sudden cardiac arrest”,after toasting a retiring staff member in an office party. Additionally, Googlesearches discovered a complaint, filed with the Israel Police by a familymember/friend two weeks after the event, alleging murder. However, the complaint
failed to present any reasonable motive for such murder. Regardless, web pageswere discovered with various conspiracy theories in this regard.Based on the findings from such data mining efforts, requests were filed on theMinistry of Justice and the Administration of Courts, pursuant to the
 Freedom o Information Ac
, for records that would provide the legal foundation for the profound changes in certification patterns between 2001-3, the appointment recordsof the current chief clerks of the courts, the appointment records of the Registrars of Certifying Authorities, pursuant to the
 Electronic Signature Act 
(2001), secondarylegislation that might have authorized the changes, etc.Additionally, outside sources were reviewed for information regarding the history of the development and implementation of the electronic records systems of the courts:media reports, and in particular the 2010
State Ombudsman’s Report 
60b.From the Results section of the same paper:The 2010
State Ombudsman’s Report 
60b reviewed the development andimplementation of 
 Net Ha-Mishpat 
. The report describes a system that wasdeveloped with no written specification and with no core supervision by Stateemployees, the issuance of contracts to outside corporations with no bidding, andacceptance of the system with no independent testing of its performance by Stateemployees. Most alarming, the Ombudsman’s Report indicated that unknownnumber of individuals had been issued double Smart ID cards. The Ombudsman pointed out that the development and implementation of the system was conductedin violation of State law. However, the report failed to evaluate the validity of thesystem as a whole.From the Discussion section of the same paper:It appears that updates in the electronic records systems and the passage of the
 Electronic Signature Act 
made it necessary to decide between the development of systems, based on valid, lawful specifications and lawful digital signatures, or systems based on no specifications and no digital signatures at all.The results show that effectively, decision was made around 2002 in favor of thelatter option. The most obvious trait of the systems now in place, is that amongthousands of electronic public legal records, which were examined as part of thecurrent study, not a single digitally signed record was discovered.Furthermore, the findings suggest that such decision required the neutralization of the main watchdogs, relative to integrity of legal records: the chief clerks of theSupreme Court and the district courts, and the Registrar of Certifying Authorities.Additionally, data mining results show that following the passage of the
 ElectronicSignature Act 
(2001), a small private corporation, ComSign, LTD, controlled by veteransof the IDF Intelligence Unit 8200 (cyberwar), were unlawfully established as the solecertifying authority for the legal records of the State of Israel.The Recommendations of the 2012 Human Rights Alert (NGO) submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council included:2.A Truth and Reconciliation Commission should be established to examinethe conduct of members of the judiciary and the legal profession, who wereinvolved in undermining the integrity of the electronic record systems;It is doubted that such examination could avoid the death of Shmaryahu Cohen, and theconduct of his successor, Sarah Lifschitz, who is completing now her 10
year in officewith no lawful appointment record for the office of Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court.Two US-based corporations, IBM and EDS, are the ones referred to in the Ombudsman’sreport relative to the unlawful development and implementation of the electronic recordsystems of the courts. The Ombudsman’s Report also notes that the servers of the courts of the State of Israel (effectively – the entire body of the records of the courts) was removed

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