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35909857 Congressional Record Conspiracy to Destroy the US 1954

35909857 Congressional Record Conspiracy to Destroy the US 1954

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Published by silversabrewolf

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Published by: silversabrewolf on Sep 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Great Conspiracy to Destroy the
United States
Wednesday, April 28,
The SPEAKER pro tempore
. Under
previous order of the House, the gentle-
man from North Dakota [Mr
is recognized for 30 minutes
. Speaker, therecan be no doubt that there now existsa widespread understanding andagree-ment made between the agents of thisGovernment and the United Nations andNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization tobuild a world government, and to makethe United States
a part of it, regard-less of our Constitution, laws, and tradi-tions
. This is to be done in the name
of peace, but will result in the total de-
struction of our liberty. The agentsrepresenting the United States may not
be deliberately trying to do this treason-able work, but the best that can be said
for them is that they are dupes
. Some
mighty important people who are United
States citizens are not only going along
with this scheme, but are daily and
hourly contributing all their efforts inthat direction
What proof do we have to back uptli~s general statement? The purpose
of this speech is to lay this proof before
,e American people
First of ali, the people of the United
States were so completely sick of warafter World War II that these schemers
found a fertile field to exploit
. They
ppealed to churches, schools, and everycthcr organization they could reach, on
the basis that the way to secure peacein the world was to organize a UnitedNations group, and that through themachinery which they proposed to set
~on~re,~~ional Rccord
up wars could be stopped before they
started. It seemed like a plausible idea,
and not knowing the sinister purpose
behind the move, millions of people sup-
ported the suggestion
The first move was made at San Fran-cisco, where many nations met, drew upa charter, and submitted that charterto the Senate of the United States for
approval as a treaty
This document had none of the ear-marks of a treaty, because the SupremeCourt of the United States has held inmany cases that a treaty is an agree-ment made between nations, to do or
not to do particular things
. In the case
of the Charter of the United Nations, it
was not an agreement between nations
It was an agreement made, by the agentsof several governments, and there is nocontention from any quarter that theUnited Nations at that time was a na-tion with which we could make a treatyagreement. The dark forces behind thismove knew that the United Nations wasnot a nation with which
could make
a treaty, but intended to make it an in-
tegral power at the first opportunity
How these forces for evil planned to makethe United Nations a nation is clear now,since they propose at this time to build
a world government by simply amend-ing the Charter of the United Nations
Who were the principal movers at SanFrancisco for this United Nations Char-
Who wrote the charter, and whohad the most to do about shaping itsprovisions? The answer is that the Rus-sian Communists and Alger Hiss, a rep-resentative of our State Department,were the prime movers and schemers inarranging its provisions. That is thesame Alger Hiss who was convicted forperjury when he denied sending secret
material to the Soviet Union representa-tives. Its very beginning gave this docu-
ment a bad odor
The universal approval of a plan topreserve world peace had not worn offand the facts were yet unknown whenthe Senate was called upon to approvethe United Nations Charter. The senti-ment for peace was so strong that onlytwo Senators refused to approve the
. If the question were to comeup now, a great majority would say"No
If the real purpose of this charter was
to outline a method to secure and pre-serve world peace, why was it necessary
in that charter to make an assault upon
the Constitution of the United States?Are we not already a peace-loving na-tion, without having to rely upon theSoviets and Hiss?Here you see again that world
pea(-0was not the object of this scheme at
The real purpose was to build a worldgovernment, controlled by the Commu-nists and their dupes in the United
As soon as this charter was approved
the courts of the United States began tohear about it. In the Fujii case in Cali-/
fornia, the Charter of the United Na-
tions was substituted for the laws of the
State of California, and that remainedso for several months, until a higher
court overruled the court that made thisfinding
. It was a precarious situation,depending upon the whim of a court
Again, in the Steel Seizure case, where
the Supreme Court was searching ourConstitution for some provision thatwould uphold the President in his ac-tion, the same Charter of the UnitedNations once more appeared
. Failing to
find any authority in the Constitution
to fortify the President's position, theChief Justice resorted to one of the mo
unheard-of things in American history
He produced the Charter of the United
Nations as the authority for theseizureand cited its provisions in an effort to

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