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Nuremburg Trials Russian

Nuremburg Trials Russian

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Published by John Smith

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Published by: John Smith on Sep 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Article:USA captured Russia in 1917. [1]U.S. gripped Germany in the 1918-1919 year. January 15, 1920 the commander of U.S. troopsin Germany, General G. Allen, in his diary, as follows: "According to the American point of view,strong and at the same time being in the U.S. financial dependence Germany should be themain armed force of the United States in Europe" [ 2].Later, the U.S. brought to power of Hitler in Germany and Stalin in Russia. Hitler and Stalin is apuppet of the U.S..Hitler defined Jews by nationality - showed signs and started to sweep. But these were Ashkenazim, Sephardim are not considered to be Jews. Because the Holocaust requires athorough study, as obviously hiding something else. Think about it: 150 000 soldiers and officersof Hitler's army would immigrate to Israel under Israeli Law of Return, as is Jewish. [3]Protestants in the United States. Jehovah's Witnesses - Jewish sect. The activities of the sectfounder Charles Taze Russell (16.02.1852-31.10.1916) points to Judaism and Zionism, notChristianity.1878 was a crucial year in the history of the Jewish people. Began the rise of Orthodox Jews. Atthis time, Russell was keen new doctrine.Russell developed the doctrine, supported by a number of Jewish leaders in the U.S. and inEurope. That's what he taught Russell: The Jews do not need Jesus, there should be nomission among the Jews, and it was wrong for the Jews to accept Christ as their Lord andSavior. The land of Palestine belonged to the Jewish race (Jews are not a race, they are family),and that God is now calling them back to Palestine. Russell was the first Zionist.Russell attended the Jewish leaders around the world - traveling to the United States andabroad. He has performed at Jewish gatherings. His topic was: "Learn to preach the return of Jews to Palestine," as well as "the future of the Jewish state and the government of Israel." In1910 Russell met in New York at the track thousands of enthusiastic Jews. Russell pointed tothe need to safely take the land of Palestine.1914 was the year of the beginning of World War I and World Zionist Federation began to havea lot of pressure on the British government to those declared Palestine homeland of the Jews.Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the presence of Jesus Christ began in an invisible form. Theunderstanding of the Jehovah's Witnesses Bible chronology, while the invisible presence of Christ after his return began in the fall of 1914 - a full-scale military operations of World War II.[4]
The photo shows the battlefield of World War II."Living in the land of Jehovah's Witnesses will not take part in the destruction of wicked peopleat Armageddon, but will be observers of how God did it, but resurrected to heavenly life,Jehovah's Witnesses - from the" anointed one "or 144 000 - will be under the direction of JesusChrist directly participated in the extermination of evil is a "spiritual person" "[5].That is, in 1914, planned to kill all the people on Earth leaving 144,000 people? Obviously, thisidea of the organizers of the sect - "Russell and Co." has left its mark in the texts of theJehovah's Witnesses that the number of Protestants themselves, but in fact - Jewish sect.If we start from the logic of the enemies of humanity, they arranged us "Armageddon" and wehave already experienced in the 20th century in the form of two world wars, etc. Because thehistory of the First and Second World War, requires careful investigation.Now historians argue, but probably will have to be written up as follows [6]:The objectives of the First World War were:- The destruction of Europe;- The seizure of Russia and Germany in their mutual weakening;- The creation of the State of Israel;- Maximum killing goyim.The objectives of the Second World War were:- The creation of the state of Israel,- The destruction of Europe and Russia,- Maximum killing goyim.Stalin knew about the external management of German Americans and he certainly could notunderstand why the German attack on the Soviet Union? Why "boss" to kill their "slaves"? If itthink in terms of normal logic, but if you look in terms of extremist Jews, then the logic is obvious- the gentiles should be killed!
 As of 1944 Germany still had the contract on military procurement from the United States(Rockefeller & Co.). Rockefeller supply Germany including gas for the gas chambers Zyklon B,and of course, American experts have considered the claim of "consumer", improve, performtechnical project and taught the use of on-site and introduced technology? [7].Management of the USSR, probably went directly from the U.S. Embassy, and Stalin was just apuppet. A key figure - the NKVD-KGB-FSB. This is likely to rule the colonies structureoccupants, and its leaders - staff members of the CIA (U.S. State Department).In connection with the above, it becomes clear that the destruction of the military personnel of the USSR before the war, and the apparent failure to take action to defend the Soviet Unionagainst the German attack could have a goal:- The maximum loss of the population of the USSR;- Deployment of a wider war in large areas with the highest defeat the civilian population;- Not to limit the possibility of a local war border conflict;- To ensure the maximum loss of the belligerents.Can I have that plan did not notice?Rudolf Hess (Rudolf Heß; 26.04.1894 - 17.08.1987)Legal notice:May 10, 1941, Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess in the party (Rudolf Heß) made according to theofficial version, the secret of the Nazi leadership flight to Scotland to offer the Britishgovernment to make peace and to jointly participate in the war against the USSR.Unofficial information:Hess tried to tell the British that the United States is controlled by Germany. Hess did not knowthat the leadership of England knew it and were traitors to their country. Rothschild and Co.worked with Rockefeller & Co.. The Second World War was planned joint Jewish and Anglo-Saxon groups.Rudolf Hess, this is certainly one of the heroes of the German people. He fought bravely in theFirst World War was the first platoon, then a pilot Squadron "Richthofen", headed by Goering.He was wounded twice, got two of the Iron Cross. Ended the war, Lieutenant. Hess knewfirsthand what war is. He tried to stop the war.

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