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Refelection Paper Assignment 1

Refelection Paper Assignment 1

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Published by Jeff Bennett

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Published by: Jeff Bennett on Sep 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running head: ASSIGNMENT #1Communication and Cultures
COMM 660Reflection Paper 
Assignment #1Jeff BennettQueens University of CharlotteMay 11, 2012
Communication 660
Assignment #1There was a point last semester that I realized that I would npot be able t takethe shortened courses offered over the summer. I went on to realize that I would belimited to taking classes only on Wednesday nights. I logged on to MyQueens andnoticed the course offered was a topic I was unfamiliar with and a professor that I hadnever met. This was the course I was going to be taking all summer long and I did nothave a clue about what to expect from Gender and Inter-Generational Communicationuntil I picked up the books 20 minutes before class and then plopped myself in a chair inDana 110. After the first night of class I was pleasantly surprised at what appears to bea very interesting and hopefully exciting semester.Many of my male friends from college have gone on to get a second degree.Several of them have gone to medical and law schools while others have gone on to gettheir MBA. Very few of my male friends have sought out a second degree in the field of Communication. I assume there is large number of males that would agree with mewhen I say that not many males are seeking out Communications Masters degrees.Having been in the Masters Communication program at Queen for almost 4 years Ihave spent many semesters in classrooms surrounded by women. Not the worst thingin the world but my educational experience has definitely slanted towards the femaleperspective and methods of learning. I have been slowly gathering some tips ondifferent types of gender communication but thought this course could crystalize someon the informal lesson I have been gathering.
The field of education has long been stereotyped as a field dominated by women.I have gone against the stereotype and chosen a career in education. Since graduatingcollege I have worked at several universities and taught at the high school level. At eachstop I was surrounded professionally by women coworkers. Hoping to survive in thisfield will require the appropriate forms of gender communication. As I creep into middle aged I have been lucky enough to climb the corporateladder and find myself in a position of influence and responsibility in my current role.One of the first things I notice when taking on my new, more high profile job was that mypeer group has changed. I was no longer working side by side recent graduates onprojects. Instead I have found myself hiring those recent graduates and working withcoworker in their sixties on projects. This change in peer group has forced me to thinkabout how I will communicate in the work place. My hope is that this class sheds somelight on the upcoming challenges I may face as I work to get things accomplished withthe group above and below my age bracket. I am currently in the middle and needing toensure more than ever that I can clearly communicate with all ages.When examining my identity I classify myself as a middle aged, white,heterosexual, male that comes from an educated, somewhat wealthy background in anisolated community in the northeast. According to society I have had everything given tome and most likely have not been alienated at any point in my life. I recognize that Ihave been a member of the majority in most areas of life. I feel lucky and blessed to behaving what is perceived as societal advantages. Opportunities and access have givenme a true advantage in many areas of life such as employment, housing and education.

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