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Drug Analysis

Drug Analysis

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Published by Abby Guiritan

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Published by: Abby Guiritan on Sep 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Drug Generic Name Mechanism of Action Rationale Nursing Considerations
Bactidol HexetidineProtection against oral and fungalinfection to give fast relief from sorethroat and mouth ulcersGeneral Oral Hygiene
Instruct patient not toswallow medicationCiproCiprofloxacinThe Fluoroquinolones arebactericidal, meaning that they killthe bacteria cell. They act to inhibitDNA Gyrase, the enzymeresponsible for the supercoiling andpacking, and thus replication andtranscription, of DNA in bacteria.Fluoroquinolones also inhibitTopoisomerase IV, an enzymeinvolved in DNA replication and celldivision. Since these agents do notbind to human Topoisomerases,they are not toxic to the patient.Antibacterial
Advise patient to drinkmany fluids while taking thisdrug
Encourage patient tocomplete full course of therapyDemerol Meperidine HydrochlorideActs as agonist at specific opioidreceptors in the CNS to produceanalgesia, euphoria, sedation; thereceptors mediating these effectsare thought to be the same as thosemediating the effects of endogenous opioids (enkephalins,endorphins).Relief from Pain
Use meperidine withextreme caution in patientswith renal dysfunction orthoserequiring repeated dosingdue to accumulation of normeperidine, a toxicmetabolite that may causeseizures.
Do not take leftovermedication for otherdisorders, and do not letanyone else take thisprescription.Prilosec/ Losec OmeprazoleOmeprazole is a selective andirreversible proton pump inhibitor.Omeprazole suppresses gastric acidsecretion by specific inhibition of the hydrogen
potassiumTo reduce secretions
Take the drug before meals
adenosinetriphosphatase (H
, K
-ATPase) enzyme system found atthe secretory surface of parietalcells. It inhibits the final transport of hydrogen ions (via exchange withpotassium ions) into the gastriclumen. Since the H
, K
-ATPaseenzyme system is regarded as theacid (proton) pump of the gastricmucosa, omeprazole is known as agastric acid pump inhibitor. Theinhibitory effect is dose-related.Omeprazole inhibits both basal andstimulated acid secretionirrespective of the stimulus.Combivent Nebulizer Ipratropium Bromide and AlbuterolSulfateIpratropium bromide is ananticholinergic (parasympatholytic)agent which, based on animalstudies, appears to inhibit vagallymediated reflexes by antagonizingthe action of acetylcholine, thetransmitter agent released from thevagus nerve. Anticholinergicsprevent the increases in intracellularconcentration of cyclic guanosinemonophosphate (cyclic GMP) whichare caused by interaction of acetylcholine with the muscarinicreceptor on bronchial smoothmuscle.Albuterol Sulfate has a preferentialeffect on beta2-adrenergicreceptors compared withisoproterenol. While it is recognizedthat beta2-adrenergic receptors arethe predominant receptors onbronchial smooth muscle, recentReduction of Bronchospasm
Make sure the patient isusing the nebulizer properly

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