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Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever <Glimpse of the book>

Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever <Glimpse of the book>



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Published by Anuj Tiwari
Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever
Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever

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Published by: Anuj Tiwari on Sep 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-will be cherished forever
 In life at least once a person comes in your life and changes you for rest of your whole life, just like a potter who takes sand, gives a proper shape and put into fire.
 After that it’s not possible to come in natural form...LOVE IS JUST LIKE THAT.
Journey Of Two Hearts!
will be cherished forever
In life at least once a person comes in your life and changes you for rest of yourwhole life, just like a potter who takes sand, gives a proper shape and put into fire.
After that it’s not possible to come in natural form...LOVE IS JUST LIKE THAT.
Y OF TWO HEARTS…is a TRUE LOVE STORY of protagonist Anuj
and the bird of desires Pakhi. They made a milestone in their innocent andunforgettable love story.
“Sweetness of love you can taste, after wetting your lips with tears.”
 WHEN THE WORLD WAS SLEEPING THOSE LOVE BIRDS WERE MAKINGTHE GOLDEN NEST OF LOVE.The love where was passion, care and dedication for each other. Holding hands,strong feelings and just love, they always walked together. Anuj was always readyto do anything for her. He was the guy of surprises.
Unexpectedly what did happen when the bird of desires said, “I can’t be with youAnuj, please leave me forever.”
 Why did she turn from that path?What happened that night which changed everything and broke the golden nest of love?ALL PROMISE
gone undone. However, as Anuj promised that at every memorable moment, he
would be there to give her surprises…then why did he cry a lot for her?
A TRUE TALE…where love was there, but not more than sacrifices…
About the Author:
Anuj Tiwari works with a prominent IT company. He lives in Mumbai and works
with NGO’s over the weekends. “I have tasted the water of many fountains,” Heavows. “Some were sweet, and some sour.” JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS! – 
willbe cherished forever is his debut novel.Anuj Tiwari is a motivational speaker as well after learning from life now, hedelivers the voice from heart very easily and simply to the youth. He is awarded asthe youngest youth icon with his very simple and effective thoughts.
He says, “Don’t scale your 
perfection in the middle; sometimes your last card
decides the winner.” He is one of the youngest authors and motivational speakers.He visits colleges, universities, and talk to youth as he believes, “One day we allhave to sleep forever, so let’s work till the day we breathe.” His motivational quotes
Writing style:
Anuj's writing style reflects the easy conversational tones of contemporary youth. His narrative style of writing is really appreciated and
anybody can read his book. As he says, “I write to make you feel. I write the things
which are very normal in daily life and we actually ignore but that actually creates
the beauty in my writing and makes me different from other authors.”
How lovebirds met…
Today I’m going to see her who was only in my dreams ever. “I love you Pakhi,” I
murmured and smiled looking outside the window.
A cute baby girl woke up from my utopia. Suddenly a baby shouted, “Hey mom,Coww…close the window….she’ll come.”
 I looked at that baby girl; she was cute, sweet and innocent. She looked at me andsmiled. I blinked my eyes; she jumped on the other side of the window.
“Sweetie, come here,” Her mom tried to catch her.
“Hehehe….heeehehee…” Baby girl laughed, looked at me, and again laughed. Mom
caught her.
“Mommy…C for Cat or C for Cow, tell me mommy, tell mommy,” Baby girl pulledher mom’s hand and s
winging, laughing and enjoying.
Her mom looked at me, “She is very naughty.”
I grinned, “But she is very cute, what’s her name?”
“My name is Navya, and
dady mujhe betu bulate hain
I laughed out loud, “Hahaha…Thankyou so much Navya.” Her voice made me to
remember Pakhi. I laughed with her voice and her reply. I just loved it.
“What’s your name?” Baby girl asked looking at me.
I smiled, “My name is Anuj.”
“Arey tell me your full name, I told you my full name na,” Putting her hands next to me
on the seat.
“Oh sorry sorry Anuj Tiwari,” I again laughed.
 I wanted to talk to Pakhi as I wanted to tell her as I met someone like you. I wanted to
give her surprise of my arrival so I didn’t do. I logged on laptop, unhide folder “Win32” and browsed her photographs.
hen you expect, it never happens, when you don’t, it always happens. It happened
with me.
kya kar rahe ho aap
,” Pakhi asked me.
“Nothing I am out with mom, will call you later,” I informed her and smiled.
“Okay…when you’ll be free?” Pakhi asked, her q
uestion showed her feelings. She wasmissing me.
“I’ll call you whenever I free, byeee…,” I disconnected the phone line before she could
know I was in train.I received a message after disconnecting the phone call.
Pakhi: Anuj Tiwari always try to give surprises but every timeI catch him.This time once again I caught you. I know you Anuj from last eleven months. Early in the morning,'I am out with my mom' lol. . .dumboooo :P
I smiled for a while looking at the mobile screen, “Just read me lik 
e that, just know me
like that, just love me as much as…”
 I called her up at the next moment.
“You lair, I knew you are coming, surprise
dena bhi nhiaata
They both were excited:

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