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Avid MC6 Questions

Avid MC6 Questions

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Published by Van Cooper
Basic information quiz that all users of the software should be able to answer easily and confidently.
Basic information quiz that all users of the software should be able to answer easily and confidently.

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Published by: Van Cooper on Sep 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Avid MediaComposer 6
1)What is the minimum amount of RAM necessary to run Avid Media Composer 6?2)What is the minimum processor speed necessary to run Avid Media Composer 6?3)What is the recommended amount of internal hard drive space to effectively use AvidMedia Composer 6?4)What is the minimum internal disk drive speed to effectively run Avid MediaComposer 6?5)Will Avid Media Composer 6 run efficiently on an ATI Radeon graphics card6)What is the minimum amount of Graphics memory necessary to run full screenimages from Avid Media Composer?7)Avid Media Composer 6 News Cutter is an efficient editing platform for Apple basednews and interview editing.8)Color Grading with Media Composer 6 is an essential requirement for achieving AvidMedia Composer Professional Certification?9)When powering on your Avid editing system you should have Avid Media Composer 6open and running so it will recognize all external hardware as you power them on.10) When opening Avid Media Composer, ther very first window you will see is the..a)Project Select dialogueb)Select Project dialoguec)Select User profiled)User Select profile11)The three types of projects available in Avid Media Composer 6 are (chose three)
a)Privateb)Personalc)Publicd)Externale)Sharedf)Internalg)External12)When using a project available to you only, you will have to enter your password toopen the file.?13)Once you
ve launched Avid Media Composer 6, which of the following windows areopen by default (choose all that apply).a)Project windowb)Composer windowc)Timeline windowd)Record monitore)Capture window14)Which of the following is NOT an option in the Project windowa)Binsb)Settingsc)Effects
d)Usere)Infof)Format14 Which of the following are the types of settings that can be made in Avid MediaComposer? (choose all that apply)a)Local settingsb)General settingsc)Global settingsd)Project settingse)Site settingsf)Personal settingsg)User settings15)An item is deleted from an Avid Media Composer project window. True or false?16)Which of the following are Bin views available in Media Composer 6a)Writtenb)Contextualc)Outlined)Texte)Imagef)Frame

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