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The Migraine Diet

The Migraine Diet

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A low Tyramine Diet for the treatment of migraine headaches
A low Tyramine Diet for the treatment of migraine headaches

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Published by: The Physician Assistant Life on Sep 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Migraine Diet
The list of foods, beverages, and additives thought to trigger or exacerbatemigraine symptoms in some people includes:• Cheese• Chocolate• Citrus fruits• Hot dogs• Monosodium glutamate• Aspartame• Fatty foods• Ice cream• Caffeine withdrawal• Alcoholic drinks, especially redwine and beer• Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is sometimes added as a flavor enhancer inChinese restaurants. It is also found in commercial soups, soy sauce,salad dressings, frozen dinners, soup mix, croutons, stuffing, andsome chips. It can be disguised on food labels as sodium caseinate,hydrolyzed proteins, or autolyzed yeast.Published surveys have found that the most commonly reported foodtriggers are cheese, chocolate, alcohol, bananas, and citrus fruit.In a survey of 429 people with migraine, 16.5% reported migrainestriggered by cheese or chocolate, 28.4% reported sensitivity to all alcoholicdrinks, 11.8% were sensitive to red but not white wine, and 28% weresensitive to beer.According to the same article, certain chemicals in foods called amines, suchas tyramine, phenylethylamine, and histamine are often the culprits.Tyramine is found in higher concentrations in foods that have beenfermented, such as:• Aged or blue cheese• Yogurt• Smoked, cured or pickled meator fish• Red wine or beer• Soy sauce, miso, tempehFoods containing phenylethylamine include:• Cheesecake• Yellow cheeses• Chocolate• Citrus fruit• Chocolate• Cocoa• Berry pie filling or canned berries• Red wine Foods containing histamine include:• Banana• Beef, pork• Beer• Cheese, especially yellow ripened
DAOSin 300mcg bySwanson Ultra$14.99www.amazon.comtake one capsule with each mealor as needed with water
• Chicken liver• Egg Plant• Fish, shellfish• Processed meat, such as salami• Sauerkraut• Tempeh, tofu, miso, tamari• Spinach• Strawberry• Tomato, tomato sauce, tomatopaste• Wine• Yeast and foods containing yeast• Pineapple• Citrus fruit• Chocolate
Should I Follow a Migraine Diet?
Diet isn't a treatment for migraine, but for some people, avoiding certainfoods may help prevent attacks.Simultaneously eliminating all possible trigger foods is generally notrecommended because of the sheer number of potential triggers. Mostpeople would find the diet too restrictive and difficult to adhere to.Instead, keeping a diet diary may help to identify any food triggers. The dietdiary should list all foods eaten every day, with approximate times. Theappearance of any symptoms should be noted. If food triggers are found,selectively avoiding only those foods may help.Skipping meals can be a trigger for some people, so eating regular,wellbalanced meals is often advise
Green Light = "OK toeat"Yellow Light = EatSparinglyRed Light = AvoidBeverages
Caffeine free carbonatedbeverages club soda sparklingwaters decaffeinated coffee fruit juicesLimit alcoholic beverages (wine,vodka, scotch ) to 1 servingcaffeinated beverages to no morethan 2 servings per dayAll alcohol beverages not on yellow list
Meat fishpoultry andeggs
freshly purchased and preparedmeats, fish and poultry eggstuna and tuna salad withallowed ingredientsBacon sausage hot dogs cornedbeef ham any luncheon meatswith nitrates added, meat withtenderizer (MSG) caviar Products that are aged dried fermentedsmokes and or pickled such aspepperoni, salami liver wurst non freshmeat or liver pickled herring
Milk Processed cheeseParmesan or Romano cheese asa garnish or minor ingredientyogurt buttermilk sour creamAged Cheese
Breads PastaCereal
Commercially prepared yeastproducts ,products leavenedwith baking powder, all hot anddry cereals all pastaHomemade yeast breads andcoffee cake sourdough breadsAny with restricted ingredients
Any vegetables not on red lightlistraw onionfava or broad beans sauerkrautfermented soy products such as misopickles
All fruits not on yellow listLimit Intake of each of thefollowing to 1/2 cup per day:citrus fruits, avocados, bananas,figs, rasins, papaya, passionfruit, red plums
Nuts andseeds
All nuts and seeds eg peanuts peanutbutter pumpkin seeds sesame seedswalnuts pecans
Soups made from allowedingredients homemade brothsCanned soups that contain yeastmeat extracts and or MSG
Any made with allowed foodsand ingredientsChocolate-based products Mincemeat Pies
Any not listed in the red lightsectionMSG in large amounts nitrates(processed meats) , yeast, yeastextracts, brewers yeast, meat extractsmeat tenderizers (pappain bromelin)seasoned salts that contain MSG soysauce teriyaki sauce
Fats Oils andMisc Items
All cooking oils and fats, whitevinegar, commercial saladdressing with allowedingredients in small amounts,all spices not listed on red lightlistFermented vinegars (wine,apple, etc)Mixed dishes made with restrictedingredients, Example macaroni andcheese beef stroganoff cheese blintzesoriental foods pizza frozen dinners(read labels to check for restrictedingredients)

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