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Essbase BSO Performance Tuning "A Hand-On Guide"

Essbase BSO Performance Tuning "A Hand-On Guide"



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Published by Amit Sharma

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Amit Sharma on Sep 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Document:Essbase BSO Performance Tuning“A Hands-on Guide”Description:
In this document we have shown all import aspects of Essbase cube performance parameters. We havecaptured various statistics related to load data, retrieve data, execute calculation script, running reports script,block size, block density etc. Join our professional training course for Hyperion and OBIEE to learn fromindustry experts. The document is for public access. We assist Hyperion Essbase learner to explore the variousaspects. Join our professional training program to learn from experts.
VersionDescription ChangeAuthorPublish Date
0.1Initial DraftGaurav Shrivastava5-May-20110.1Review 1
Amit Sharma5-May-2011
www.hyperionguru.com www.bisptrainings.com
Essbase performance monitoring and making sure your cube is fast enough so that your business userslike to access it, is very important skill. Knowing how Essbase work internally helps you to designed theoptimized cube and tune various parameters. In this document we have captured various statistics withdifferent parameters to assist learner to identify the Best possible combination of various parameterssetting.. You are performing server administrator role your job to keep server performance high. You needto keep eye on server performance all the time. If your server performance low down you need to executeset of operations and get back your server in to normal condition. There are some quick actions that can betaken place like allocate more memory to essbase server,tuning essbase.cfg file and compression techniques.In this document you will get Essbase performance statistic for different condition. The performance of theEssbase server depends on various factors. The below statistics are captured consider a generic examples.Below statistics is about a cube which has 2 dense and 9 sparse dimensions.
Case 1:-
A cube which has 2 dense and 9 sparse dimensions. Index and data cache memory is default. WhereI/O mode is buffer I/O.
www.hyperionguru.com www.bisptrainings.com
DataloadData RetrievalCalculationData Export BlocDensityBlock SizeIndexFileSizeData FileSizeData RetrievalBuffer
withsort Without Sort Using excelspreadsheet queries With4 userCalc AllAllLevel0ColumnFormat BufferSizeSort BufferSize
Case 1:- All 2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse , I/Omode is Buffer andcache memory size isdefault 
6.031Sec /20MBDataFile128.500Sec124.422Sec0.046Sec13.188Sec32.734Sec3.453Sec33.171SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull10KB10KBAfter DataLoad88.86%8647.83MB92.10MB10KB10KB 
Case 2:- All 2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse , I/Omode is Direct andcache memory size isdefault 
4.625Sec /20MBDataFile130.656Sec124.765Sec0.031Sec0.813Sec35.11Sec3.219Sec35.359SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull10KB10KBAfter DataLoad88.89%8647.83MB93.70MB10KB10KB 
Case 3:- All2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse , I/Omode is Buffer andIndex and data cachememory size is 100times from default 
3.625Sec /20MBfile133.64Sec129.515Sec0.063Sec0.594Sec28.50Sec1.984Sec28.797SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull10KB10KBAfter DataLoad88.89%8647.83MB93.70MB10KB10KB 
Case 4:- All 2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse, I/O modeis Direct and Index anddata cache memorysize is 100 times fromdefault 
3265Sec /20MBdata file146.14Sec126.765Sec0.172Sec0.516Sec29.344Sec2.046Sec29.469SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull10KB10KBAfter DataLoad88.89%8647.83MB93.70MB10KB10KB 
Case 5:- All 2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse , I/Omode is Buffer andsort buffer memorysize is 100times asdefault 
3.39Sec/ 20MBDataFile123.187Sec96.281Sec0.016Sec0718Sec29.047Sec2.047Sec29.516SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull1000KB1000KBAfter DataLoad88.89%8647.83MB93.70MB1000KB1000KB 
Case 6:- All 2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse , I/Omode is Direct and sort buffer memory size is100times as default 
2.234Sec 20MBDataFile87.938Sec90.563Sec0.032Sec0.906Sec35.328Sec3Sec35.39SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull1000KB1000KBAfter DataLoad88.89%8647.83MB93.70MB1000KB1000KB 
Case 7:- All 2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse , I/Omode is Buffer and 100times cache memoryand buffer memory
1.844Sec /20MBdata file95.078Sec91.578Sec0.031Sec0.844Sec35.484Sec3Sec35.672SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull1000KB1000KBAfter DataLoad88.89%8647.83MB93.70MB1000KB1000KB 
Case 8:- All 2dimensions are denseand 9 sparse , I/Omode is Direct and100times cachememory and buffermemory
2.281Sec /20MBDataFile93.484Sec89.296Sec0.063Sec0.656Sec28.89Sec2.062Sec29.234SecBeforeData Load0%864NullNull1000KB1000KBAfter DataLoad88.89%8647.83MB93.70MB1000KB1000KB 
Case statisticCube dimension storage typeBelow screenshot shows when there are many sparse dimensions and few dense dimensions the Block Sizeis low.Case when: Loading 20MB data file in to cube.Case when: Executing “Calc All”Case when: Executing report script with sort operation
www.hyperionguru.com www.bisptrainings.com

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