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The Case for Left Handedness

The Case for Left Handedness

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Published by A Mu
Is it possible that by making a child write with the right hand, when their natural tendecy is to be left-handed,the natural polarity of the brain-body connection is negatively altered?
Is it possible that by making a child write with the right hand, when their natural tendecy is to be left-handed,the natural polarity of the brain-body connection is negatively altered?

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: A Mu on Sep 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Case for Left-handedness
Has anyone noticed that we live in a world that seems backwards? For example, many complain that oureducational system does not foster real education. Our children come out of this system knowing thebare minimum. Religious leaders are indicted for doing things that, far from spiritual, are actuallyperverted, like child-trafficking, for instance
. Via the Patriot Act, our “land of the free, home of the bravehas become a “land of the meek, home of the enslaved”. All
the way down the line, to the so-called
“truth movement”, this backwardness has manifested itself in those who say they espouse the truth, but
then have nothing to say when a victim of child-trafficking shows up, or when an MK Ultra victim tries totell their story in the hopes of getting some legal help.How did we get this way? People in the US have stood by and watched as a certain president said theConstitution, the very document that showed we have
rights as individuals, is “just a piece of paper”,because he had no regard for the rights of American’s civil rights and liberties. In fact, the system in
power has no regard for human beings in general, as evidenced by the fact that so many people havebecome targeted individuals for a black ops campaign running rampant in our country.I believe that it might have something to do with the way most people are made to write with the righthand, regardless of their natural inclination. Is it possible that there was a purpose for this? Could it bethat those in power saw how an individual
potential could be curtailed, and that they would be moreeasily controlled, by making them right-handed? Is it possible that most people might even be naturallyleft-handed?One way to find out which hemisphere of your rain is dominant is to try to see which eye seems to havemore sight, and is therefore dominant. If you can see more with your left eye than your right, thenchances are that you are right-brained. Those who are right-brained are usually, naturally left-handed.Try looking at your nose, without crossing your eyes. Which eye to you see your nose with?Studies in stroke victims have shown how a stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain has effects on theright side of the body, indicating a general control of one hemisphere over the opposite side of thebody. Is it possible that forcing someone to be right-handed, against their natural inclination, can
psychologically take someone out of their “right mind”, so to speak?
 I say this because I distinctly remember the time when I was being taught to write. My natural, God-given tendency was to write with the left hand, but the girl teaching me to write, told me it would beevil for me to write left-handed. Endeavoring to be good, I learned to be right-handed, against mynatural inclination. I feel that it had a butterfly effect on my life (chaos theory), causing me to becomevery negative, when I was originally, a very positive child. Could it be that, by forcing someone who isleft-handed to be right-handed, one i
s changing their natural “polarity”, so to speak?
In my ownexperience, I have noticed that those who were born left dominant, but were made to be right-handed,have had a tendency to allow frustration to influence them to give up more easily than those who wereallowed to remain left-handed.
I am forced to also consider the system of the chakras in regards to someone’s natural polarity. Icontend that it is possible to change the natural directions of someone’s chakras by changing their
natural handedness. This could be why a child who is originally very positive and outgoing may end upvery negative over a period of time, unable to correct the balance of their chakras, because they have

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