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The Most Intelligent of Idiots the Memoirs of Author Steven Clark Bradley

The Most Intelligent of Idiots the Memoirs of Author Steven Clark Bradley

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Published by: Steven Clark Bradley Novelist on Sep 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When I was approached by a former publisher of mine to write my memoirs, I was, to say the least, surprised that anyone was interested, and who know, they may not be! I told my publisher that the problem with writing an auto biography was that I had to tell the truth. This has become a real  adventure in itself and I have come to realize that if you are one of those who is smart and who still  does stupid things at times, then you'll love my story. I hope you read this excerpt and get your copy today!
 Every living thing that walks and breathes and rationally processes information is a living breathing, walking story that possesses both positive and not so positive reasoned and  brainless conclusions. We are capable of the most amazing advanced Every living thing thatwalks and breathes and rationally processes information is a living breathing, walking story that possesses both positive and not so positive reasoned and brainless conclusions. We are capable of the most amazing advances in life and come up with the most luminous ideas. Yet, alas, we are all flawed, toyed with, often dispassionate, very frequently self-serving creatures,until we have lost everything. Steven Clark Bradley is one of those living, breathing stories,The Most Intelligent of idiots! -
Steven Clark Bradley
The Most intelligent of IdiotsThe Memoirs of Author Steven Clark Bradley
(Excerpt) A Stranger Just in Time
Knox, Indiana, May, 1974
It was going to be a great day. I got out of schoolearly and started a journey that would totallychange my life. I always find it strange today howa four hundred pound, fourteen year-old boy could actually look in themirror and think he looked good. Yet, until I was
almost fifteen, that’s exactly what I did.
I have developed the theory that the human brainhas some kind of mechanism that makes the eyesinside of a fat body not see the real person reflecting
back at them; at least, that was my case, after the expanse of my gutsgot bigger than it had ever been intended to be and when I took upmore space than I was ever allotted to take up, I still thought I lookedgreat. But, back in 1974, at the age of fourteen, going on fifteen, atfour hundred something pounds, I felt just fine, until my mom stuckher nose into my fat problem. I thank God she did, and she knew how
to get each of us kid’s attention. Geneva Bradley was definitely the
smartest person everywhere she went.
One day, I was walking out of the high schooland my mother was waiting outside to take mehome. I was happy and bounded down theschool steps. I got in the car and my motherlooked at me and said,
“Steven, you shake like abowl of jello when you walk.” It was those
words that had hit me like an arrow through myheart, and I had(Steven 12 Years Old) repeated them over and over and they made me angry and determinedwhich was why today, I was leaving school early on this Mayafternoon in 1974. The result of that afternoon appointment at
the doctor’s left me with a bottle of diet
pills that would eventually take me from a forty eight inch waist to athirty-two inch belly in the short space of three month and it almostkilled me.
Those days were the moments when I first really started to work onwriting out my experience of trying to stop looking like a giant humanball. I was taking three times more each day than the doctor hadprescribed, and it gave me an overdose of energy and I could not sitstill. So, I wrote down almost everything I did when my self-prescribedtwo pills a day regimen seemed to be doing the trick.

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