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Published by follycurrentononly
Folly Current - January 9, 2009
Folly Current - January 9, 2009

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Published by: follycurrentononly on Jan 16, 2009
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Folly Beach’s Newspaper
 Vol. 1 Issue 6January 9, 2009
Meaning o Christmas? on page 3Local CSA on page 3Changing energy on page 12
staff report
esidents and business owners will have some new regulationsregarding the ront beach this newyear. Te City Council met on December30, in order to pass a “Beachront VendingOrdinance”. By passing the ordinancebeore the new year, the regulations willcurrently be in eect. While many residents were againstvending o any sort on the beach, MayorCarl Beckmann says the ordinance, whichallows some vending, will prevent Folly Beach rom turning into a Myrtle Beachtype o atmosphere.Unortunately, the Folly Current wasunable to obtain a current version o the ordinance beore our deadline. Butaccording to the previous version, only a ew types o businesses will be allowedto vend on the beach including jet skis,umbrellas, and chairs. Te sale o any itemis prohibited while rentals are allowed.Tis commercial activity will only beallowed between 2nd Street East and 3rdStreet West, roughly in the Commercialarea. Tat area o the beachront will bedivided into zones which business ownerscan bid on.Beckmann adds that businesses onCenter Street will beneft rom theordinance since they will be able to bidon the available spaces as well. However,some businesses are worried that any more competition will stress an already depressed fnancial situation.“We are not extending our commercialdistrict, but protecting our beach,”Beckman wrote on the City’s website.
2009 Polar Bear Plunge
2 January 9, 2009
Passes oer local ri-County residents ree one-time admission to 37 areaattractions and discounts at 24 amily restaurants. Individual passes cost $20 andamily passes, or up to our people o any age, sell or only $50. “Be a ourist in YourOwn own” passes may be purchased by logging on to www.beatourist.net, calling843-853-8000, or visiting any local ocial visitor center in the Charleston area.
“Be a Tourist in Your Own Town” passes
he island has a liquor store again.It has been about a year sinceFolly Beach had its own liquorstore. Since then, any resident wanting aspirituous substance would have to driveo the island. But no more. Co-ownersLauren Dean and Michael Riert haveopened the Folly Beach Red Dot situatedbehind Bert’s on East Cooper.“Oh, my God. We’re so glad you’rehere,” is one o the many exclamationsDean has heard visitors to the Red Dotsay.Te store is unlike any liquor store with which you’re probably amiliar. Deanand Riert are both six year Folly Beachresidents and believe in the “keep Folly,Folly” mentality. Tey have worked withthe purpose to create a “wine store thatsells liquor”, as opposed to the sanitized,cut-out liquor store that people are usedto seeing.Tere’s an ambiance about the RedDot that screams “Folly”. Well, screamprobably isn’t the right word. It’s morelike a whisper. Te same way the Atlanticocean whispers as one sways in a hammock between two Palmettos, pushed by abreeze that brushes away the day’s cares. With some reggae tunes slinking rom thespeakers, the store embodies the laid back attitude that one expects rom Folly Beachand is inclusive o all types o residents.Dean and Riert worked with theowners o 11 Center Street, which boastedthe most impressive wine selection inthe area, to nd out what types o wineFolly Beach residents preerred. Usingthat inormation, the middle o the storeis dedicated to a ne selection o wines with a range that should please anyone.Currently there are over 60 dierent wines with a low, medium, and high price rangeand run the broad range o varietals andblends. Furthermore, these are not your“run o the mill” wines, Dean says. Tey are quality wines.But or those that can’t nd exactly  what they’re looking or, the Red Dot hasa very unique eature: the “Wish List”board. It’s a dry erase board where people can requestparticular wines and liquorsthat the store does notcurrently have. When thestore ullls the wish, theperson who requested it willreceive a phone call lettingthem know it has arrived.For the wine drinker, it canbe Christmas all year longthanks to the Wish List.It doesn’t hurt or thestore to buddy up withBert’s in a location justa block away rom thebeach. Tey plan to carry an admirable assortmento airplane bottles orbeach convenience. Tis way you can have yourmargaritas without lugginga handle, the way it shouldbe. I’ll leave it up to yourimagination to come up with a ew more o theendless possibilities.Residents are already glad to have the Red Dot inoperation and like it betterthan the store that closed a year ago.“Tere’s a lot more inventory. Tis isFolly Beach. Tis is classic,” Harry Ericsonsays o the store.Riert says the idea to open the storecame when the old liquor store closed. Heand a riend complained that someoneneeded to open a new one when the riendsuggested that Riert do it, to which heresponded, “Okay”. However, he neededa business partner and asked his riendLauren Dean to keep an eye out oranyone that might be interested. Deanbegan thinking o possibilities when shelooked in the mirror and realized she wasthe partner she was looking or.It took them ve and a hal months toobtain their liquor license. Tis is muchlonger than the average time, which Riertattributes to the “ree spirit” attitude thatexists on Folly Beach, resulting in anespecially scrutinizing study o their plansby the powers that be. But they’ve trudgedthrough and opened a high quality winestore that sells liquor o which Folly residents can be proud.Te co-owners say they will consciously  work to keep their prices air andcompetitive instead o taking advantageo their neighbors as the only store o itskind on the island. Tey are currently boasting the lowest price on Firefy Sweetea Vodka in the area. Be sure to stop inand soak it all in.
Folly spirits
By Ali AkhyAri
(above) Lauren Dean and Michael Riffert recently opened the Folly Beach Red Dot and ended the yearlong drought of a wine/liquor store on Folly Beach. (below) The “Wish List” one of the many uniquefeatures that separate the Folly Beach Red Dot from other liquor stores in the area. It’s an opportunity for residents to request wines and liquors that aren’t already being carried in their impressiveinventory.
 January 9, 2009
Lnn PieroiPublisher
Ali AkhariEdior
Krisin HacklerManaging Edior
Swan RichardsGraphic Designer
Brian UrbachReporer
Richard BrendelAdverising
Chelsea LanganAdverising
ConribuorsBud BranMia Burmeiser-LawsBobb CummingsHangerheadJere Knighon, MPADr. Jackie McKoolJohn NelsonPublished bLuck Dog Publishingo Souh Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWS
Future deadlines:January 14 for submissions.
The Folly Current, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lucky Dog Publishing of South Carolina LLC, is afree, independent newspaper published every twoweeks and is for and about Folly Beach. Copiesare mailed free of charge to every active mailboxin our coverage area and are also available at areabusinesses and by subscription to non-islanders.Subscriptions are $30 per year for non-residentsand are available by sending a check to Lucky DogPublishing, LLC, P.O. Box 837, Sullivan’s Island,SC 29482. Contributions of information, picturesand articles are welcomed and are used accordingto space limitations and news value and cannot bereturned except by special request. Our editorialcontent is primarily dedicated to the area of distribu-tion; ad space is open to all businesses who want toreach the Folly Beach market. Complete ad creationis $50, however, changes of up to 30% of the originalad are included at no extra cost. All advertisingrates are listed at www.islandeyenews.com under “advertising”.
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Publishers of 
The Folly Current 
 Island Eye News
The Island Connection
Tuesday, January 13
Folly City Council7pmMonday, January 19Design Review Boardcall City Hall or times
Civic Calendar 
ver this Christmas holiday tworiends o mine told me theirstories o wanting to lend ahelping hand to a needy child through alocal church, but they could not aordto help! I was told that the items onthese needy children’s “wish lists” werefnancially out o reach or the would-begivers. Te churches did not even oeranother way or them to help i they could not aord the pricey gits.Tis is outrageous.Tese children were asking or (andexpecting) high-ticket items such as X-Box 360s and ten gear bicycles. Tese would be out o my budget as well. Iconsider mysel your typical middle-income person, as are my riends. Wecertainly are blessed and don’t lack orour basic needs. However, especially in these lean economic times, we haveto reign in the purse strings and deny ourselves many o our past luxuries.Even respected Christian fnancialadvisors such as Dave Ramsey and Larry Burkett teach us to be “good stewards” o our fnances. What kind o example are wesending when we are entertaining theseextravagant wishes?Please don’t misunderstand me, Ilove helping people who are in needand the Bible teaches us that we are tobe the hands and the eet and the hearto Jesus and his representatives here onEarth. In act, since both Jerey andI did not have amily in town, we endedup spending our time at the VeteransHospital visiting and praying with thosebrave soldiers who, like us, did not haveamily with whom to share Christmas.It did not cost us a dime and it really helped others in need eel loved.My question is, how do some o these Christian charity organizationsdefne “needy?” Is giving to someone who simply might not be as well o asthe “Jones’” a need, or are we becomingenablers by ulflling these extravagant wishes?Tere was many a childhoodChristmas or me where the child nextdoor received more than I and yet I stillhad plenty. Tere’s always going to besomeone who has more than we do. Whatever happened to the simplethings in lie that used to give us great joy? A ministry such as OperationChristmas Child, which Ashley RiverBaptist participates in, asks participantsto fll a shoebox with some wonderulnecessities like shampoo, toothbrushes,and modest toys, and then give themto children who normally have NONEo these things. Tis is more my understanding o being a blessing tosomeone. Wouldn’t we as the Churchbetter serve those who might not haveas much as the “Jones’” i we were leadby example and teach the parents goodstewardship so they in turn could passthis onto their children? Wouldn’t we be serving these children better by demonstrating true love by showing them just how valuable they are, how smartthey are, how loved they are and spenda little time with them, rather than justgiving them extravagant, overpricedpossessions?Te ormer represents more o the truemeaning o Christmas than the latter.Couldn’t we take these less ortunatechildren out Christmas caroling, to anursing home, to a Christmas pageant,or a multitude o other things thatcould show what the true meaning o Christmas is? Ten maybe those o us who want to bless someone can do so,and in turn get blessed as well!
 About the writers.Dr. Jackie McKool, a resident o the West Ashley Community in CharlestonCounty is a local Christian chiropractor who is a volunteer or local charities and ministries in South Carolina. You cancontact Dr. McKool at (843) 571-6440 or  jackiemckool@yahoo.com Jerey Knighton, also a resident o the West Ashley Community in CharlestonCounty, has been a leader in many community outreach programs or over 14  years. He has a Masters Degree in Public  Administration with a concentration inPublic and Non-Proft Organizational Behavior and Structure. You can contact  Mr. Knighton at (804) 874-0620 or  JKnightonConsulting@gmail.com
Have we lost the meaningof Christmas?
egare Farms is nowoering shares in theirCommunity Supported Agriculture or CSA programor the 2009 year. A CSA is a way or the ood buying publicto create a relationship with aarm and to receive a weekly basket o produce. By makinga fnancial commitmentto a arm, the community helps to support the arm asthe crops are being grown.Members help pay or seeds,ertilizer, water, equipment,maintenance, labor, etc. Inreturn, the arm provides,to the best o its ability, ahealthy supply o seasonalresh produce throughout thegrowing season. By becominga CSA member, you help tocreate a responsible relationshipbetween the ood you eat, theland on which it is grown andthose who grow it.Tis is the second year thatLegare Farms is oering itsCSA program. Te frst yearo the CSA was extremely successul or both thearm and the participatingmembers. “Tis was a wonderul experience or us,”says arm owner Helen Legare.“We met some great peopleand were able to build lietimerelationships with many o ourmembers.” Legare Farms alsooers shares in their antibioticand hormone ree bee. Shares will cost $355 each or thevegetable CSA. Shareholders will receive produce or 15 weeks starting in May andending mid December with abreak mid summer. Startingand ending dates are weatherdependent. Shareholders willreceive approximately hal abushel o produce which willcontain some ruits, but mostly vegetables. Legare Farms oersfve drop locations to pick upthe produce. Te locations arein North Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, MountPleasant, and Legare Farmson River Road, Johns Island.Other location may be addedor 2009. Shareholders havethe opportunity to purchasemeat, eggs, pickles, jams, andsalsas when they arrive at thedrop locations.
 Anyone interested in becoming a shareholder in Legare Farms CSA should call 843-559-0788 or e-mail legarearms@ bellsouth.net 
Community Supported Agriculture

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