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Utah Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

Utah Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

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Published by State of Utah

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Published by: State of Utah on Sep 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network?
Te Environmental Public Health racking Network (EPHN) provides inormationcommunities can use to improve their residents’ environmental health. Tis inormation comesrom a nationwide network, run by the Centers or Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thatdisplays health data and environmental data in one place.
Te network tracks hazards in theenvironment that may be harmul to health and create negative health outcomes. Te EPHNlinks this inormation together to provide an important picture o how health is inuenced by our environment. Environmental hazards are materials in the air, water, soil and ood that areharmul to health. Te network is the rst o its kind and contains local, state and national data.
What Does the Network Do?
Te EPHN tracks environmental hazards and disease. It is designed to link data about hazardsto data about health eects. Te portals house data about health issues like cancer, asthma andbirth deects, and environmental hazards like air pollution. Te EPHN is always working toadd even more data. For example, the CDC has unded eorts to increase biomonitoring, whichmeasures people’s contact with hazardous materials in the environment. Knowing the amount o hazardous material people take into their bodies can provide better inormation about contactwith environmental hazards.
The network tracks hazards in theenvironment that may be harmful to health aswell as the health problems they may cause.
The public has access to indicators about health and theenvironment. They can use this information to identifylocal health issues and support public health actions.
What Are the Benets of the Network?
Tis inormation is useul to many people. Te public is able to access indicators abouthealth and the environment and identiy local health issues and support local public healthactions. Researchers are able to use the data to explore the risks o environmentally-relatedhealth problems. Governments can use the data to help cra laws and regulations, and ndareas that need the most attention. Te network can also serve to help measure the impact o environmental or public health programs, such as measuring blood lead levels in children.
Why Do We Need a Tracking Network?
Te environment is important to our health. We know that some hazards in the environment cancause disease, but there are many other hazards with unknown health eects. Because dierentgroups collect data on the environment and on health, the data are in dierent places and indierent ormats. Tis makes associations hard to study. Te EPHN provides a single locationor both environmental and health data so the data can be viewed and used together.
What is Secure Data?
Te network supports the exchange o data between partners and users. While much o thedata is available to the public, users can apply to have access to varied levels o secured data,depending on their roles and needs. Tis ensures sensitive data and systems remain protectedand secure.Secure data contains some o the same type o data we have on the public side o IBIS-PHbut because o the nature o the data, we must restrict access. Tis data unsuppressed and canbe ound at much smaller geographies such as census tract and zip code. Because this data isso sensitive it can not be provided to the general public to stay in line with privacy laws. Anapplication process is in place or those who have need or this data and can be ound on ourwebsite at http://health.utah.gov/enviroepi/activities/EPHP/NewEPH/securedata.html.
What Kind of Data Can I Find?
Te EPHN provides environmental and health data on the national and state data portals. Eachportal contains health indicator proles which provide a “snapshot” o a current health eect.Users can also nd a custom query system that provides users with a way to dene measuresand look at more specic data in a ormat o their choice. Users can also export and print thisinormation.
Data Available on the UEPHTN Portal Include:
 AsthmaAir quality CancerHeart attack Carbon monoxideBlood lead levelsRadonDrinking waterBirth deects

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