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BT+Bluchistan+Paper+ +Spreads

BT+Bluchistan+Paper+ +Spreads

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Published by Raheel Ejaz

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Published by: Raheel Ejaz on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rawalpindi, PakistanLandline: +92-51-5509846-7Mobil: +92-321 -5001370, +92-308-443457 www.Brasstacks.pk  www.Zaidhamid.pk Email: zaidhamid@zaidhamid.pk  www.pringit.com/zaidzamanhamid/
Missing Persons of Baluchistan
8th July, 2012
Shahzad Masood Roomi (Shahzad.leo@gmail.com)
Edited By :
Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid,Salman Hassan
 Title Design :
 Waqar Ahmed Siddiqui
Designing :
Shahzad Masood Roomi All Rights are reserved. No part of this publication can be repro-duced without the prior written premission from Brsstacks.Pictures used in this publication has been taken from inter-net and have been used under good faith for fair use.© 2012 Brasstacks - All rights reserved
Rawalpindi, PakistanLandline: +92-51-5509846-7Mobil: +92-321 -5001370, +92-308-443457 www.Brasstacks.pk  www.Zaidhamid.pk  www.brasstacks-media.blogspot.com www.Facebook,com/syedzaidzamanhamid
 Email: zaidhamid@zaidhamid.pk  www.pringit.com/zaidzamanhamid/
Baluchistan has been in the limelight, both in national and international media, since last many months dueto whole range of different reasons. For international media, Baluchistan has become a burning issue due toalleged Taliban hideouts, mysterious Quetta Shura and the growing US interest in the province. For the local
media, the prosecution of missing person case by Supreme Court of Pakistan is the most signicant issue in
the province. War on Terror, the sudden US interest in human right issues of Baluchistan and the missing per-son case in Supreme Court of Pakistan; all are interconnected issues asthe dynamics operating behind theseissues are well amalgamated and have far reaching implications for national security.In a serious development, Supreme Court of Pakistan; in its interim order; has put the entire responsibility of the lawlessness and missing persons on FC and has directed the intelligence agencies to produce the missing persons in the court
. Supreme Court summoned IGFC Baluchistan to appear in front of the court to explainhis inability to produce the missing persons. The Supreme Court ordered to speed up the recovery of 138missing persons in the court
which Supreme Court believes are held by agencies and FC. Meanwhile accord-ing to defense secretary, 93 people are missing and no one is in the custody of ISI or other agencies.
For the security circles,this verdict by the Supreme Courtwas discomforting after the ndings of a judicialcommission, working under former Supreme Court judge Justice (r) Javed Iqbal, to investigate the missing 
person issue. The commission’s report revealed the involvement of foreign agencies in ensuing unrest in theBaluchistan province and showed proofs of their involvement. On missing persons case, the facts are dramati-
cally opposite to what is being projected by the media.The number of missing persons in Baluchistsan, ac
cording to the comission’s ndings, is less than that of theother three provinces. Opposite to the propaganda,
the comission established that only 460 persons are missing nationwideand according to breakup, concluded
by the commission, 18 missing persons are listed missing from Islamabad, 117 from Punjab, 174 from Sindh,
170 from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 57 from Balochistan and 12 each from Azad Kashmir and the Federally Ad-ministered Tribal Areas (Fata)’
Even without taking the ndings of the judicial commission into considertion, the most fundamental question
   B  r  a  s  s   T  a  c   k  s   P  o   l   i  c  y   P  a  p  e  r  s
   M   i  s  s   i  n  g   P  e  r  s  o  n  s  o   f   B  a   l  u  c   h   i  s  t  a  n
remains that why would Pakistan’s own army, FC or any agency,kidnap the peaceful and patriotic Baluch peo-ple? No government instituation, including Supreme Courtknows the exact number of missing persons,whichleads to another basic question that how theSupreme Court of Pakistan established the exact number of missing persons? And a related and equally critical question rises on the criteria of Supreme Court, as well, todeclare a particular individual as ‘missing’. 
 The quest to answer these quries leads us toanalyze, along with other developments, theperformence, ef
-ciency and competancy of provincial and federal governments of PPP. The issue of missing persons would never get resolved by focusing on the apparent developments alone.Supreme Court will have to look beyond the obvious. There are multiple internal and external dynamics thathave shaped-up current strife-ridden environment in Baluchistan and understanding these aspects would helpus to analyze the possible implications of the interim order of the Supreme Court in overall national security perspective.
The Environment
1. Insurgencies:
 The province is in the grip of low level con-
icts, linguistic violence and sabotage due to foreign funded
terrorist and separatist movements like BLA and BRA. These
terrorists’ outts have training and logistical bases in Afghani
-stan supported by Indian RAW and CIA’s drug network. IGFCBaluchistan has also highlighted the role of foreign agencies
in Baluchistan unrest and this was endorsed by the judicial
commission. According to IGFC Baluchistan, more than 100training camps were actively training the Baluch militants outof which almost 30 camps were located inside Afghanistan.
 Baluch separatists are now active in Karachi as well; supplying  weapons and ammunition to the criminal gangs of Liyari. InMay 2012, the authorities apprehended 3 BLA activists fromSher Shah Colony of Karachi while they were proliferating  weapons from Baluchistan into the city.
 BLA has put a ban on Pakistan’s National Anthem in the schools of the province and have killed many patriotic Pakistanis on raising the National Flag and reading National Anthem in the schools.
2. Ethnic Strife:
The Provincial government does not have a clue as to how to overcome the daily law and order situation. Ethnic target killings, kidnapping, coercion and intimidation of non-Baluch settlers,
including Pushtun, Punjabi and Kashmiri, are common law and order incidents. The frequency of these
incidents is ever increasing. About 100,000 people (mostly non-Baluch) have migrated to other provincesdue to non-stop violence
. The Blame of missing persons that is put on FC might also be linked to thefact that most of the FC personnel are of Pushtun ethnicity. Resultantly, FC becomes victim of media andBaluch separatists’ propaganda in missing persons and kidnapping issues.
3. Sectarian Violence:
 The sectarian violence has compounded the situation further particularly thekilling of Hazara Shia settlers in and around Quetta city. It has been proven now that foreign secret servic-es like CIA and Mossad are actively involved in sowing sectarian violence in order to recruit foot soldiersfor international sectarian terrorist organization like Jindullah to operate in Iran. It is noteworthy fact that
after Jindullah leadership was executed; due to joint efforts of Pakistani and Iranian intelligence agencies
last year; the sectarian violence within Baluchistan, particularly against Hazara Shia, has compounded.
4. Governance issue:
Today there is literary no government in Baluchistan. The FC was put under theChief Minister Baluchistan but most of the time, he remains absent from the province. Most of the min-
isters in the province have been involved in ling cases against each other for kidnapping and sabotage.
Former Interior Minister hinted during the missing case prosecution that the government would withdraall the cases against the BLA founder Brahamdagh Bugti and the Balochistan Liberation Army leaderNawabzada Harbayar Marri.
This strengthened the perception that Islamabad is victimizing the local
University Students?3 captured BLA activists in KarachiSectarian violence – A serious challenge Testimony of good governance in the province

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