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BIO 300 Metabolism and Cell Dysfunction

BIO 300 Metabolism and Cell Dysfunction

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Published by chris

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Published by: chris on Jan 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BIO 300 #2 Metabolism and Cell Dysfunction
Definitions:Metabolism____________________________________________________ Catabolism_____________________________________________________ Anabolism_____________________________________________________ What is the role of ATP in metabolism? Why is it important for normal cell function?What are the primary means of ATP production and where do these processes occur?
Altered Cell and Tissue Function
3 types of cells by regenerative abilities1. Permanent cells-2. Stable cells-3. Labile CellsAs a result of cell injury what are the potential adaptations a cell can undergo?1.Altered GrowthA. AtrophyB. HypertrophyC. Hyperplasia2. Altered DifferentiationA. MetaplasiaB. DysplasiaC. NeoplasiaWhat are the characteristics of a benign and malignant tumors?
Which of these types of tumors is considered cancer?
Cell Injury
Which sites within the cell are important in cell injury? Why? John is a 45 year-old building contractor who experienced mild chest discomfort after movingsome bags of concrete. His doctor determined that he was experiencing myocardial ischemia.What is ischemia and what are the expected effects on the myocardium?Manifestations of cell injury1.2.3.What are the hallmarks of reversible and irreversible cell injury?
Necrosis and Apoptosis
Definitions:Necrosis____________________________________________Apoptosis____________________________________________ Karyolysis____________________________________________ Pyknosis_____________________________________________ Karyorrhexis__________________________________________ What are the different forms of necrosis, what are the common signs and where are the commonsites of each?1.2.3.

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