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Adv b Ellipitcal Dialogues

Adv b Ellipitcal Dialogues

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Published by neilosis
Miscellaneous classroom documents, English Academy,Varna
Miscellaneous classroom documents, English Academy,Varna

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: neilosis on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advanced B: Ellipsis- dialogues:
1)Here is an example of an everyday conversation using ellipsis: which wordshave been left out because they are understood from the context ? Write theimplied full sentences next to the lines :A)Alright ? e.g.
 Are you alrigh
?B)Yeah, not badA)Up to anything?B)Not really.A)Any ideas ?B)Fancy a walk ?A)Yeah, why not ?B)Alright, then.
2)How much can you say with just a few words ?
The following couple met in a bar. They are now on honeymoon. Can you continue theconversation using not more than four words a line to show how their romance began…A)Come here often ?B)Often-ishA)Alright, here, yeah ?B)Great, yeah.A)Drink ?B)Alright, then ?A)Same again ?B)ThanksA)Like your dressB)Er..Who asked you ?A)Sorry, just sayingB)Well, don’tA)Won’t thenB)But thanks anywayA)You’re welcomeB)Hard day ?A)Just normal. BoringB)Tomorrow ?A)Same as today.B)Hm, me too.A) ……….B) …………
What are the most Frequently Used Words in English?
Based on the evidence of the billion-word Oxford English Corpus, it is possible toidentify the hundred commonest English words found in writing around the world.These are listed below.It is noticeable that many of the most frequently used words are short ones whose main purpose is to join other longer words rather than determine the meaning of a sentence.These are known as Function Words. It could be said that the more interesting factsabout word frequency are to be found a little further down the list and we explore this below.Interestingly, the analysis reveals that the vast majority of the words we use mostfrequently are from Old English: the basic elements of nearly any sentence that any of us utters were in place before the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.The MostFrequently Used Words are:1. The2. Be3. To4. Of 5. And6. A7. In8. That9. Have10. I11. It12. For 13. Not14. On15. With16. He17. As18. You19. Do20. At21. This22. But23. His24. By25. From26. They27. We28. Say29. Her 30. She31. Or 32. An33. Will34. My35. One36. All37. Would38. There39. Their 40. What41. So42. Up43. Out44. If 45. About46. Who47. Get48. Which49. Go50. Me51. When52. Make53. Can54. Like55. Time56. No57. Just58. Him59. Know60. Take61. Person62. Into63. Year 64. Your 65. Good66. Some67. Could68. Them69. See70. Other 71. Than72. Then73. Now74. Look 75. Only76. Come77. Its78. Over 79. Think 80. Also81. Back 82. After 

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