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Planning and Managing It Infrastructure

Planning and Managing It Infrastructure

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Published by Sudesh Kumar

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Published by: Sudesh Kumar on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part -A
Q.1) How IT plays an important role in the management of any organization? Discuss bytaking a suitable example of your own?Ans:
 Organizations that successfully adopt new Information Technology recognize the successfulintroduction and adoption of IT.IT plays an important role in the management of any organization by providing the followingservices:Computer hardware
mainframe computers, servers, laptops.Computer software
operating systems and application for performing various functions. Networks, Related Components, and above given items in an organization is its IT Infrastructure.The IT infrastructure is integrated with employees and procedures to build operate and supportInformation systems.By using IT in an Organization, it results in:1.Increasing Revenue.2.Reducing Costs.3.Improving Decision Making.4.Encounter Customer Relationships.5.Speed up the time [marketing].
organizations want to interact with each other and want to share their informationamong each other. When the IT was not included in the organization it used to take a long time tosend and receive the information by letters or by other mediums and in many cases the information
was of no use till it was received.
But as the IT is included in organizations
, now ABC and DEFcan easily use IT services to share their information through e-mail, web conferencing and manyother ways. This tells us that how IT plays an important role in the management of anyorganization.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q.2) Frame out the difference between the enterprise IT and network IT by taking suitableexamples to explain the difference?Ans:ENTERPRISE ITNETWORK IT
Enterprise IT includes information system thatorganization use to define interactions amongtheir own employees and with externalcustomers, suppliers and other business partners. Network IT includes information systems thatimprove communications and supportcollaboration among a members of aworkgroup.
TPS, ERP, Inter organizationalinformation system, EDI.In case of Enterprise IT there is no compulsionof web. One can use web also in case of TPS.For example one have to share information thenit is to be shared across business functions andall level of management.
Wikipedia, Web Conferencing,Electronic corporate directories.In case of the Network IT all the services are provided with the help of web only.For example in this case one can directlycontact to other by using web services likevideo conferencing and many more.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q.3) IT has influenced the functioning of managers managing any organization. Comment onthe statement by taking suitable examples?
Yes, IT has influenced the functioning of managers managing any organization, today in anyorganization every manager is using IT and the one who is not using is not so successful in their field.IT has made such a good effect over the organizations environment that if it is used effectively onecan make large amount of profits from it.Managers must able to understand how technology affects their industry and the world at large.Managers have three critical responsibilities when it comes to capturing the real benefits from IT:1.Identifying appropriate IT opportunities.2.Smoothing the way for its successful introduction.3.Mitigating its associated risks.
Today any type of transaction, managing the finance or accounts, storing and sharing of information or a delivery of any product, all are being done by using the IT services. Managers areusing IT for benefits. By using it managers are able to develop better customer services and leadingto sustained increases in revenue and profits.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Part - B
Q.4) Strategic planning is extensively needed in the functioning of an IT company or anyother organization. Comment on this statement by taking suitable examples?Ans

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