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Published by ankurgupta61

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Published by: ankurgupta61 on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRODUCT:DEFINATION: goods & services combination the company offers to the target market.BRAND: PEPSIThe packaging of Pepsi subcategories differs based on the contents in glass or plastic bottles or steelcan. They are segregated as: Regular (275ml), Disposable (500ml), Can (300ml), Regular (I liter),Disposable (1.5 liter), Jumbo (2.5 Liter) . The product feature are: Black Color which contain Aspartame(NutraSweet), Sucralose(Splenda), Acesulfame Potassium ( Sunnett). The customer need this product tofulfill his thirstPRICEThe price being fixed by industry, leaving very little role for the players to play in the setting of theprice, in turn making it difficult for competitors to compete on the basis of price. The fixed cost structurein Carbonated Soft Drinks Industry and the intense competition make it very difficult to change oralter the prices. The various costs incurred by the individual companies are almost unavoidable. Thesebeing the costs of concentrates, standard bottling operations, distributor and bottlers commissions,distribution expenses and the promotional and advertising expenditurePrice List for Pepsi
Bottle Size ( ml) Nature Price ( INR)200 Glass 8300 Glass 12600 Pet Bottle 291 liter Pet bottle2 Liter Pet Bottle 60330 Diet Pepsi Can 35330 Pepsi Can 30
Place:Pepsi has adopted Direct Distribution system. Wholesalers are not included. It can be termed as anagent network. The company has adopted strategy based on geographical region and established afranchisee in each geographical region. The Franchisee has their own bottling plants and manages all theday-to-day operations. For effective distribution chain in rural market Pepsi has established cold storagechain. For that company has developed special cold storage system which can function even in scenarioof power failure for two to three hours. But this direct distribution strategy might not work in theinterior regions of India as logistics required to Pepsi may be huge.

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