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Published by Sabrina
Story about an average sized girl who is led to believe she is overweight. Through diets and exercise she soon drives herself to anoerexia.

Part One.
Story about an average sized girl who is led to believe she is overweight. Through diets and exercise she soon drives herself to anoerexia.

Part One.

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Published by: Sabrina on Jan 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I looked down at all the fat hanging from my massive belly. I wanted it to justdisappear but I knew that would be impossible. Dieting was my only choice. Icouldn’t carry on living like this. I couldn’t live with myself. Whenever I looked atmy body or in the mirror I just wanted to tear myself apart. I wanted to crawl into alittle hole where nobody could ever see me.I looked at the food on my plate and felt disgusted. How could one person eat all that?I picked up the plate and with all my anger I hurled it against the kitchen wall. Mumwouldn’t be happy about that but I didn’t care. It was her fault I was this fat anyway.She gave me all this food. If she really cared about me she would have stopped me becoming like this but instead she kept feeding me. Did she want me to become likeher? Having regular blood tests and high sugar levels?The front door opened and I heard hard , fast-paced footsteps towards the kitchen. Iknew ti could be only one person. Dad. I ran over to the mess I had created trying toshovel all the food back onto my plate but it was too late. Dad had seen it.“Judy!” Dad yelled as he came over to me. “ What do you think you are doing?! Youknow we are having poblems with money and you are here throwing your foodaround! Do you think we are made of money? Do you know how much money Ispend to keep you fat girl happy ? Now I want you to pick up that food and I want youto eat it ALL!” He added fiercly.I could feel the tears stopping it self from bursting out. I nodded obediently. I didn’twant dad to get any angrier. I was afraid of what he’d do. He left the room.I was used to being called rude things by my dad but it still hurt. He was always soashamed of me but he loved my brother. He would praise him for being so smart andfit but he would always critiscise me. I was the less smart kid. I tried so hard at school but dad didn’t care. He wanted me to be top of the class but I just couldn’t do it.I scooped up all the food back onto my plate and sat back down on the kitchen table.The food had bits of dirt in it but I had to eat it. I knew it would ruin my diet but I hadno choice. What dad says is what I have to do. No questions asked.I picked up a spoonful of mash potato and raised it up towards my mouth.I tried to putit into my mouth but I couldn’t do it. It was making me physically sick. I couldn’tstand being so overweight and I didn’t want to eat anything. I grabbed my plate andran up to my room.I slammed the door open and looked around my room trying to find somewhere to hidthe food. I rushed around looking in all corners then I saw ym drawrer.I opened up one draw and threw all my clothes out . Then I stuffed all the food insideand left the plate out. I grabbed my clothes and hid it under my bed. Then I smiledwith relief. I jumped back onto my small bed relaxing.
I started to think about how I was going to go trhough this diet when I decieded tokeep a journal of my diet. I grabbed an empty notebook from my top draw and wroteon the first page;
My Diet & Excersice plan
Then I drew up a table of what I’ll eat and when I’ll excercise. I was sure it wouldwork. I made sure to only eat 50 calroies a day in my table.“ Kat!” Mum shouted from downstairs.“Yes mum” I answered.“Have you finished your dinner?”“Yes mum!” I lied. I ran downstairs with my plate and saw mum washing up. Ihanded her the plate.“You finished everything! Great” She smiled. I decided not to tell her about whathappened with dad. I smiled. I knew it wouild be easy to lie to mum.
“ Kat!” Mum shouted from downstairs. “Wake up, its school!”I tossed and turned on my bed. My whole body was aching me from all the excercise Ihad done in the middle of the night. I didn’t want anybody to find out so I waited untileveryone to go to bed. I had done 4 hours of intense excercise tht my body wasn’tused to . I think thats why my body ached so much.I put my head under the pillow to block out mum’s shouting but it didn’t work. Mum just kept shouting louder. I could hear her coming up the stairs.She came over to me and threw my duvet off.“Mum!” I shouted“Get up Kat! You are going to be late for school.”“But I don’t feel well. I have a....” I didn’t want to tell her that my bones were hurtingor she would get suspicious so I made up a lie. “ I have a belly ache” I said sadly.“Oh darling. Would you like to stay home today?! She asking caring.“Yes please”“Well okay. But today I have to do a few errands so you’ll be staying with your father.He has a day off today.so he’ll stay with you okay?” When I heard that I immediatelychanged my mind. I would rather go to school with my bones aching me then to stayhome with dad.“No its okay!”

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