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Las 100 especies más amenazadas del mundo

Las 100 especies más amenazadas del mundo

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Published by BioBioChile

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: BioBioChile on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Priceless or WorthlessPriceless or Worthless
Disclaimer:The designation o geographical entities in this book, and the presentation othe material, do not imply the expression o any opinion whatsoever on the parto the Zoological Society o London, IUCN or the compilers concerning the legalstatus o any country, territory, or area, or o its authorities, or concerning thedelimitation o its rontiers or boundaries.The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reect those o theZoological Society o London, IUCN or other participating organizations.Published by: Zoological Society o London, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RYCopyright: © Zoological Society o London and contributors 2012. All rightsreserved. The use and reproduction o any part o this publication is prohibitedwithout prior consent o the copyright owner.Hardback ISBN: 978-0-900881-65-7Paperback ISBN: 978-0-900881-66-4Online ISBN: 978-0-900881-67-1Baillie, J.E.M. & Butcher, E. R. (2012)
Priceless or Worthless? The world’s most threatened species.
Zoological Society o London, United Kingdom.Design: Kevin Hawkes www.22creative.co.ukPrint: witherbysonline.co.uk
Priceless or Worthless?
The world’s most threatened species
by Jonathan E M Baillie and Ellen R Butcher
Nominations provided and text reviewedby members of the IUCN Species Survival Comission Specialist Groupsand Red List Authorities
Cover image o a juvenile
Eleutherodactylus thorectes 
 © Robin Moore
Priceless or WorthlessPriceless or Worthless
We would also like to give particularthanks to the ollowing individualsand organisations who generouslygave their time and expertise toreview sections o, and to providesuggestions or, this book:
Adam KerezsyAdam MatthewsAdam SweidanAlan WhitfeldAlastair RobinsonAljos FarjonAllanah WestonAnders RhodinAnnabelle CuttelodAnthony RylandsArlo BradyAther RafAxel HochkirchB.A. DanielBarbara TaylorBarney LongBattal CiplakBaz HughesBen CollenBert OrrBibhab Kumar TalukdarBush Heritage AustraliaByron WilsonCharles ClarkeChavalit VidthayanonChristian RandrianantoandroChristine Rose-SmythChristoph SchwitzerClaude GasconColin MaycockCraig Hilton-TaylorCraig TurnerDarren Yeo Chong JinnDavid BurslemDavid GillDavid HarriesDavid LongDavid MallonDavid MinterDominique BurgauerDonald McFarlaneDouglas GibbsElizabeth BoakesFrank GlawFrank HawkinsFranz SeidenschwarzFred KattermanGalen RathbunGeorgina MaceGiuseppe Notarbartolo di SciaraGordon ReidHéctor Hernández MaciasHenk BeentjeIlse StorchIsaac MaluguItambo MalombeJames BurtonJames CollinsJames KalemaJames KushlanJessica SweidanJames ThorntonJames WrenJean-Christophe ViéJohn DonaldsonJohn DransfeldJohn HimesJohn G RobinsonJonathan EamesJonathan OgwenoJörg FreyhoJörn KöhlerJustin GerlachKaren B StrierKatalin CsatadiKingsley DixonLaura OwensLina Eugenia Daza RojasLize von StadenLorenzo Rojas-BrachoLuana LucenaLuigi BoitaniMarie BruegmannMariella SuperinaMary SeddonMatthew GraingerMatti HämälainenMervyn LotterMicheal NeutensMichael FayMike MaunderNeil BurgessNeil CumberlidgeNicholas KinyauNicholas DulvyNigel CollarNigel MaxtedOnildo Marini-FilhoPaul CowleyPaul DonaldPaul RaceyPaul WilliamsPaul WilkinPeter CranswickPeter GarsonPeter Ng Kee LinPeter Paul van DijkPeter RandPeter ThomasPhilippe ChardonnetQuentin LukeRaj AminRalph ArmondRandall ReevesReagan VillanuevaRebecca LeeRich StortonRichard JenkinsRichard LansdownRichard YoungRobert CantleyRobbin ThorpRobin MooreRodrigo MedellinRon KopasRoyal Forest and Bird Protection SocietyRoy GereauRudy PothinRussell MittermeierSamuel TurveySandy LukSanjay MolurSara OldfeldScott BlackSir David AttenboroughStean WiswedelStewart McPhersonStuart ButchartTandora GrantTim BauerTim FlachTim GerrodetteTomas HallingbäckUsama GhazaliVimoksalehi LukoschekVincent FlorensVincent KalkmanViola ClausnitzerWill DuckworthWillem-Joost de GierWilliam BakerWilliam PerrinWilliam RobichaudYvonne Sadovy
Special thanks to Client Earth ortheir assistance in ormulating thisconcept and or providing valuablecontributions to the book.Additional thanks to all those whoprovided the images eaturedthroughout this publication.Finally, sincere thanks to RachelRoberts and Emma Edwards orproviding eedback on the text, and toSimon Stuart and Mike Homan orassisting with the selection o the top100 species.Please accept our apologies or anyaccidental omissions.We give gracious thanks to theglobal network o scientists whocomprise the IUCN Species SurvivalCommission Specialist Groups
Amphibians and Reptiles
Amphibian Specialist GroupAnoline Lizard Specialist GroupBoa and Python Specialist GroupChameleon Specialist GroupCrocodile Specialist GroupIguana Specialist GroupMarine Turtle Specialist GroupNorth American Reptile Red List AuthoritySea Snake Specialist GroupSnake and Lizard Red List AuthorityTortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist GroupViper Specialist Group
Bird Red List AuthorityBustard Specialist GroupCormorant Specialist GroupCrane Specialist GroupDiver/ Loon Specialist GroupDuck Specialist GroupFlamingo Specialist GroupGalliormes Specialist GroupGoose Specialist GroupGrebe Specialist GroupHeron Specialist GroupPelican Specialist GroupStork,IbisandSpoonbillSpecialistGroupSwan Specialist GroupThreatened Waterowl Specialist GroupVulture Specialist GroupWoodcock and Snipe Specialist Group
Disciplinary Groups
Conservation Breeding Specialist GroupInvasive Species Specialist GroupLarge Carnivore Initaitve or EuropeRe-introduction Specialist GroupSustainable Use Specialist GroupWildlie Health Specialist Group
IUCN/WI Freshwater Fish Specialist GroupGroupers and Wrasse Specialist GroupHawkfshes and Sandperches Red List AuthoritySalmonid Specialist GroupThe GMSA TeamSciaenid Red List AuthoritySeabreams, Snapper and Grunts Specialist GroupSeahorse, Pipefsh and Stickleback Red ListAuthorityShark Specialist GroupSturgeon Specialist GroupSygnathiormes and Gasterosteiormes Red ListAuthorityTuna and Billfsh Specialist GroupCoral and Ree Fishes Specialist Group
Chytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and SlimeMould Specialist GroupCup-ungus, True and Ally Specialist GroupLichen Specialist GroupMushroom, Bracket and Puball Specialist GroupRust and Smut Specialist Group
Bumblebee Specialist GroupButtery Specialist GroupCoral Specialist GroupDragony Specialist GroupFreshwater Crab and Crayfsh Specialist GroupGrasshopper Specialist GroupHorseshoe Crab Specialist GroupMarine Invertebrate Red List AuthorityMollusc Specialist GroupSouth Asian Invertebrate Specialist GroupTerrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrate RedList Authority
Arican Elephant Specialist GroupArican Rhino Specialist GroupArotheria Specialist GroupAnteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist GroupAntelope Specialist GroupAsian Elephant Specialist GroupAsian Rhino Specialist GroupAsian Wild Cattle Specialist GroupAustralian Marsupial andMonotreme Specialist GroupBat Specialist GroupBear Specialist GroupBison Specialist GroupCanid Specialist GroupCaprinae Specialist GroupCat Specialist GroupCetacean Specialist GroupDeer Specialist GroupEquid Specialist GroupHippo Specialist GroupHyaena Specialist GroupLagomorph Specialist GroupNew World Marsupial Specialist GroupNon-volant Small Mammal Red List AuthorityOtter Specialist GroupPangolin Specialist GroupPeccary Specialist GroupPinniped Specialist GroupPolar Bear Specialist GroupPrimate Specialist GroupSirenian Specialist GroupSmall Carnivore Specialist GroupSouth American Camelid Specialist GroupTapir Specialist GroupWild Pig Specialist GroupWol Specialist Group
Arabian Plant Specialist GroupArctic Plant Specialist GroupBryophyte Specialist GroupCactus and Succulent Specialist GroupCarnivorous Plant Specialist GroupCaucasus Plant Red List AuthorityCentral Arican Plant Red List AuthorityChinese Plant Specialist GroupConier Specialist GroupCrop Wild Relative Specialist GroupCuban Plant Specialist GroupCycad Specialist GroupEastern Arican Plant Red List AuthorityFreshwater Plant Specialist GroupGalapagos Plant Specialist GroupGlobal Trees Specialist GroupHawaiian Plant Specialist GroupIndian Subcontinent Plant Specialist GroupJapan Plants Red LIst AuthorityKorean Plant Specialist GroupMacronesian Island Plant Specialist GroupMadagascar Plant Specialist GroupMascarenes Plant Specialist GroupMedicinal Plant Specialist GroupMediterranean Island Plant Specialist GroupNorth American Plant Red List AuthorityOrchid Specialist GroupPalm Specialist GroupSeagrass Red List AuthoritySouthern Arican Plant Specialist GroupTemperate South American Plant Specialist Group

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