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Connect Social and Enterprise Intelligence

Connect Social and Enterprise Intelligence

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Published by blussiertt

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Published by: blussiertt on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Solution brief
Connect social and enterprise intelligenceto transform the customer experience
HP Information Management and Analytics
A new frontier in business intelligence
We are at a new frontier in business intelligence, which has thepotential to completely transform the way companies interactwith and regard their customers. It is being driven largely by thewidespread consumer adoption of “always-on” technologies and
social media. Thanks to these, we have at our ngertips an endless
supply of information that can provide a new perspective intocustomers’ wants and needs.This explosion of customer data is changing how many companiesview business intelligence (BI). While past BI implementations havefocused on transactional relationships with customers, they havewidely ignored valuable customer interactions such as social media
data, call center reports, emails, text, and audio les. The vast
amount of social data that is now available is causing companies tolook closer at how unstructured data of all types can help build amore robust view of customers.As companies look to the future, they will need to merge traditionalinformation and analytic techniques with the growing supply ofunstructured information sources to generate contextual socialinsight, or social intelligence, about their customers. In many cases,this will require companies to examine the ability of their BI
environments to handle the streams of unstructured data that ow
from traditional channels and new social media channels.
Gain contextual insight aboutyour customers
HP business intelligence and information management servicescan help you use these new data sources to improve customerexperiences and inform business strategy. By merging thedisciplines of traditional analytical CRM, social insight, andcontextual insight, we can help you generate an enhanced360-degree view of your customer using all relevant data points.Our approach enables you to capture and analyze social data,integrate it with existing data, and translate insight into action:
Integrate all sources of customer transactional andbehavioral data that will improve the creation and delivery ofcustomer insights.
Using an integrated analytic framework, delivera comprehensive descriptive and predictive segmentation andmodeling capability using “analytics for the masses” technologiesand accelerators.
Integrate deep customer insights into primary customermanagement processes. Use advanced business middlewarecapabilities, guided decision-making, and enterprise searchtechnologies to make analytical insights available at the point ofinteraction with customers.

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