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Bfi Edu Tfms Musicvideo Glossary

Bfi Edu Tfms Musicvideo Glossary

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Published by awallis5158

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Published by: awallis5158 on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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student notes
Page 1of 3Music Video
In this context, to add to the meaning of thelyrics through a visual interpretation whichmay be quite removed from them.
 An animated storyboard, often used inadvertising, as well as in music video, to givea better idea of the planned project.
 Adult-Oriented Rock, the dominant, white,mid-America music form in the early 1980s.
 A professional, industry-standard digitalediting system used by many filmmakers.
Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board,which researches UK audience data for TV,producing reports for subscribers, with basicstatistics available on its website.
The original requirement from the client givento the creative team, via the commissioningeditor.
The act of transferring footage from camerato computer.
 A feature allowing material to be shot againsta plain blue or green background which atthe edit stage can be replaced with apictorial background (eg to show a characterin an impossible environment). Also referredto as blue-screen technology.
The record company and artist who want toproduce a music video.
Commissioning editor
The person employed by the recordcompany who offers contracts for musicvideos.
Continuity editing
The dominant editing system in film and TV,in which spatial and temporal continuity ismaintained for the comprehension of theaudience.
 A shot of an object, person or detail, whichcan be inserted at any time in a sequence(usually to give extra narrative information tothe audience) without breaking the continuityof a sequence.
Particular socio-economic or geographicalfeatures of the audience, eg working-classmales, aged 16 to 25, in the north ofEngland.
The main creative interpreter and organiserin charge of the production process.
The means by which a media productreaches its audience, including allpromotional and marketing activity.
Director of photography, also known aslighting cameraperson, in charge of cameraand lighting teams.
The point at which audiences view mediaproducts.
The emphasis on an artist’s performance andself-display, while dancing or posing, toshow off their status, skills or image.
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student notes
Page 2 of 3Music Video
The structuring conventions of a media text,such as generic, narrative or ideologicalframework.
The categories into which media texts maybe divided according to similarities of formand content.
 A combination of different genres or styles.
Specific visual features associated with anartist or genre, such as a costume or style ofdress, particular jewellery or other objectssuch as cars, guns, etc.
Systems of ideas, values and beliefs we holdas individuals or share as groups, whichinform the way we interpret and constructrepresentations of the world. In Media andFilm Studies, this concept is sometimesreferred to as Messages and Values.
The process of creating meaning throughreference to other media texts.
The process by which mimed performancesof songs are matched up to the originalsoundtracks in editing.
Mise en scène
The combined effect of a series of visualelements within the frame of a visual text,such as costume, props, decor, figureplacement.
Montage editing
 A style of editing in which the juxtapositionof different elements creates impact andmeaning.
Niche marketing
Where a small specific audience is targeted,not a mass one.
The Office of Communications, the UKorganisation now charged, under the 2003Communications Act, with responsibility tooversee issues of regulation in all electronicmedia. Its predecessors for TV were theIndependent Television Commission (ITC)and the Broadcasting Standards Council(BSC).
Offline edit
The basic edit to be viewed by the artist andrecord company prior to any effects beingadded.
Online edit
The final edit where effects are added andthe tape produced to broadcast standard.
Costs which were not in the original projectbudget but which have been agreed by theclient while the video was in production.
Early American video jukebox.
Topresent ideas for a creative project toproducers in order to secure funding.
 An aesthetic category, often applied to MTV,which can mean a mixture of anabandonment of linear ways of telling storiesand the eclectic ‘stealing’ of ideas andimages from other sources.
The stage where effects are added.

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