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Microvita and the Genius Loci of Goldman Sachs

Microvita and the Genius Loci of Goldman Sachs

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Published by: Dr. Hans-Joachim Rudolph on Sep 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Microvita and the Genius Loci of Goldman Sachs
by Dr. Hans-Joachim Rudolph (MD), Microvita Research e.V.In classical Roman religion the
genius loci 
was adored as the protective spiritof a distinct place. Its origin can be traced back to the Anatolian cult ofHekate, the witch Goddess of crossroads, facing the three ways with herthree faces. She was associated with wandering spirits of the dead thatgathered at such places. In contrast, nowadays a
genius loci 
refers to nothingbut a location’s distinctive atmosphere.Its antonym, however, remains en vogue: I mean the spirit of times (
),which continues to be recognized as a valid concept, both in philosophy andcommon talk. Being conceptually near to the spirit of places, it still escapedfrom getting associated with witchcraft. This is probably owed to the germanphilosopherG.W.F. Hegel, who used the term as an hyponym of “
“,the spirit of all possible places. So, the spirit of places implicitely survived inHegel‘s notion of “
“, whereas the spirit of times explicitely continuesin his notion of the “
“.Notwithstanding, both concepts were strongly opposed by the materialists,who managed to dominate public discourses for the last one hundred years.They assert the primacy of the material world, claiming that the world existsindependently of our perception of it, and that thought is nothing but areflection of the material world in the human brain. Consequently, non-material spirits can only be gross illusions.In such semantic networks, it becomes interesting to consider ShriP.R. Sarkar‘s notion of Preta- and Devayoniis. Being classified as disembodiedsouls, they exist at certain times and places; their area of influence can be bigor small, their impact strong or weak, but they are always mediated bypositive or negative microvita, which actually bring them into appropriateaction.
Two examples were presented in my blog about the Euro-Zone Crisis. Here,I‘m going to highlight another pair, namely the Prakrtiliina Deva- andBrahmadaetya Pretayoniis.In his writings, ShriP.R. Sarkardefined
Devayonis as enhancingthe tendency to sacrifice to idols of the divine. At first glance, such tendenciesshould be non-existent in modern affluent societies. But a second lookreveals that our staunch belief in “liberty and the pursuit of happiness” boilsdown to a secular worship of GoddessFortuna– a Goddess that can bless usoccasionally with the gifts of Her horn of plenty, but thatneeds also sacrifices, if offended by some kind of misconduct. Applied to theworld of investment, the markets are shed in a different light: Being usuallydenounced as a big casino, where the wealthy rejoice and the poor pine awaywith grief, another truth emerges from the shadows, with stock marketsbecoming the temples of that very Goddess. Actually, most traders loosemuch more than what they win; they only continue trading, because theybelieve that they are going to be graced with better luck by continuing their“service and sacrifice“.Albeit there is a counterpart, which can be understood by means of
Pretayoniis. Shri Sarkar defined them as enhancing thetendency to use the intellect for the suppression of others. Considering thecurrent financial crisis, one is drawn to the conclusion that such spirits exerttheir influence over the heads of the world‘s major financial institutions…Recently, a documentary was broadcasted, entitled “Goldman Sachs – a bankcontrols the world“. Therein,Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, isquoted as saying about his company‘s main trader room: “Do you understand,this is New York, not London – this is Goldman Sachs!“ Three years earlierthe same person had even claimed, “doing God’s Work“: What else could itmean to be obsessed by a
genius loci 

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