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Script Collection

Script Collection



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Published by maria

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Published by: maria on Jan 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blender Wiki PDF Script Catalog
This is an unofficial PDF version of the Blender Wiki PDF Script Catalog pages you can find here:http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Scripts/CatalogI produced this PDF copy for my personal use since I needed it to learn using Blender offline, and I could notfind an up to date alternative to my knowledge. I've read that Blender documentation is released under theOpen Content License (http://opencontent.org/opl.shtml). This license is reported at the end of this pages,below. I am trying to stick to this licence, but i'm no licence expert: if you feel something is wrong, just let meknow why and possibly how to fix.
About this PDF
I did not modify the content of the wiki pages except for removing the navigational parts typical of a webpage, which are not needed in a "book", since you don't have to browse through web link, but scroll pages. Inthe same way, I converted other sections of the wiki to PDF and you can find them in the same place wherethis PDF was (see below).The Blender Wiki PDF Script Catalog is a collection of info, links and documentation about 400 scriptswritten for Blender. Many pages (and scripts) are no more updated while other are fresh new (some scrptseven ended up to be included in Blender rewritten as faster C code), but relevant informations about them willalways be (or be added) here, so I think it makes sense to collect all these info in one big document to supportthe use and the knowledge of all this heritage. You may easily find many scripts you idn't know about, withall the info and often contacts, etc.I think Documenters do a great job, but their work goes easily unnoticed because of the high number of thesingle pages involved: they're hundreds!Discussing PDF conversion of the "Manual" wiki section other users, I explained that my "method" (usingHTMLdoc, seehttp://www.htmldoc.org/ ) allows me to update the PDF with the actual web pages quite easilyso I told that, if needed, it won't be difficult to update that PDF every month. Many people agreed, and that iswhat i'm trying to do. I hope that one day there will be an automatically generated PDF directly producedfrom the wiki. Until then, I plan to keep this PDF updated regularly, and possibly other useful sources of knowledge about Blender, found on its official wiki or web site.You should be able to know what's changed since the last release browsing here:http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Special:Recentchangeslinked/Scripts/CatalogI wrote a small story of my conversion efforts for the first PDF i shared, the Blender Wiki PDF Manual, withdetails about the conversion process and issues i've found and partially resolved. If you want to read the wholestory, download that document.
Known issues
I feel that many of the issues i know of are related to the complex HTML used in so many pages. I shouldeventually strip anything that is not needed, and could cause problems.There are no PDF bookmarks: HTMLdoc can build PDF bookmarks using HTML Hx tags but i getstrange results. I have to understand what's not working.
Many internal links are broken: some of them work and some do not. I don't know why. When theywork, often they jump to the "previous" page they refer to. Try to advance of one page, in case.
There are strange symbols here and there: HTMLdoc is not UTF−8 compatible, it renders web pagesusing ISO−8859−x encodings. I use ISO−8859−1 since i think it's the best for english Language. New
Blender Wiki PDF Script CatalogBlender Wiki PDF Script Catalog03/11/2008 19.25.421
versions or other tools may improve this aspect, in the future. Is not something that makes textdifficult to understand, though.Some big images may exceed the width of the PDF page: this is due to HTMLdoc not resizing anyimage. In fact, i found that those images are badly formated also on the original wiki page. But,having HTMLdoc preserved the web link associated to any image that has one, you can simply clickon those images and reach the web wiki site and download the original one. You're never stuck! :)
My modifications to wiki pages
The "processing" I'm referring to is, basically, remove graphical page headers, footers, navigational menus,and other minor html tags that could alter the PDF page structure or distract the eye from the real docs textand pics. The basic principle I follow is: I want to keep only the documentation text and pics, and externallinks if needed, without anything else, and keep the readability as best as I can.I hope to be able to be able to convert those wiki docs to pdf until there's a better alternative but, as webcontent can obviously change, something may go wrong. I can't double check all the pages any time. It willsurely improve my Blender knowledge :D but there are simply too many pages. If you note some weirdness orbroken section, let me know, i'll try to fix it.
Where to find this PDF
Up to now, you should be able to find it here:http://www.letworyinteractive.com/b/category/blender/ . If anychange should happen, i'll post on major forums/blogs for everyone to know.
There is no place like the Blender Wiki PDF Script Catalog, to my knowledge, nor an offline resource likethis PDF. Of course, being the scripts developed by so many people around the world, there are many pagesabout them. Apart from freely use common search engines, one way could be use the info reported in thelender Wiki PDF Script Catalog to search other places where there could be updated informations, versions, orto contact the authors.Obviously, there are other books or tutorials or videos/dvd about Blender you can download or buy. They'reall useful stuff. Here I am referring only to offline versions of the official Blender wiki pages.
How to contact me
I do this in the spare time so i can't spend too much time on it but if you want to suggest me improvements orother ways to do this, or alternatives, please feel free to do so. Here's how: "m.ardito" is the username and thedomain is "libero.it". you know how to use them ;). Please don't post the "reconstructed" address, in no webpage, blog, mailing list or newsgroup, anywhere. I already have enough spam to deal with! Thanks.Have fun! Marco Ardito
Open Content License
OpenContent License (OPL)Version 1.0, July 14, 1998.This document outlines the principles underlying the OpenContent (OC)movement and may be redistributed provided it remains unaltered.For legal purposes, this document is the license under whichOpenContent is made available for use.
Open Content LicenseOpen Content License03/11/2008 19.25.422

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