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b Tr September 2012

b Tr September 2012

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Published by Sarah O'Brien

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Published by: Sarah O'Brien on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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you feel. As soon as Icould escape, I did. I ex-pressed my freedommore strongly than any-one ever should, and nowthe thought of anythingrelated to that old lifeputs angst in me strongerthan anything else in theworld.Knowing how awful itfeels to conform to some-thing, to be "obedient," Ivowed to never, ever dothat to anyone or any-thing.
Connued Page 2...
One day during break-fast discussion, thethought hit me
this isnot only a horseman-ship clinic, but it ismore like a"reevaulate your life
manship clinic.” Somany of the thoughtsand ideas shared byour favorite horseman,Harry Whitney, resonatesso strongly in my own life.
My life has not been long,but I have had more thanmy fair share of conformi-ty. Learning to abide bythe rules and regulaonsof a superior, with severepunishment occurring if one strays from the de-sired path. Don't quesonthe superior, no maerhow much you know whatthey are asking of you isimpossible, no maer how
Life-manship and Horses
Danielle Gruber 
This newsletter is an all-volunteer effort designedto reflect the horseman-ship approach taught byHarry Whitney. While Harrywill offer his thoughts andideas, he does not takepersonal responsibility forthe content of studentcontributions.
Editor’s Note
Between the Reins 
To subscribe or contribute: BTReditor@gmail.comSeptember 2012
Hello Friends of Harry!As I mine the internet for daily quotes to post on the Between the Reins Face-book page (www.facebook.com/betweenthereins), I am struck by how Harryhas been giving the same advice to us for years. A favorite:
“Unl we see it, we can’t see it; then when we see it, we wondered howwe never saw it before.”
Sarah O’Brien
To never make anyoneor anything feel that ter-ribly inside. So, needlessto say, when I went toHarry's for the rst mewith my favorite horse,and he told me I was"militant
like," my heartsunk. Had I really beendoing to my horse what Ihad promised never todo to anyone? This couldnot be, I had to x my-self, I had to make thingsbeer.Since then, I have beentrying. Harry says, "Oneof the biggest favors youcan do for your horse ishelping him get in thehabit of leng go of athought." I believe thatis true for us too. Learn-ing to let go of the past,and accepng life as itcomes has helped mefeel more seled inside,which has translatedover to my horseman-ship.The beauty of ahorse, to me, is howmuch of a mirrorthey can be. The wor-ries, the insecurity,the submission. All of these are feelings Iknow all too well. Iam now on a missionto let go of all these,and I am helping mybest friend do it aswell. My life with myhorse has become somuch more pleasura-ble. We are doingthings as a team, andhe is beginning to put
Primary Vs. Secondary, Cont’d
Page 2
One of the biggest  favors you  can do for your horse  is helping  him get in  the habit of  letting go of 
 a thought.”
Danielle can be found at::https://www.facebook.com/DanielleGruberNaturalHoofTrimming 
Between the Reins
This knowledge of howa horse feels has alsohelped me in my job,hoof trimming. It haskept me safe, and it hashelped me help horsesfeel beer about andtherefore more willingfor the trim. I have goneto farms and seen hors-es who are distracted,pawing, and I know thatI do not want to be un-der that horse unl hefeels beer. I have metowners who tell metheir dra horsescan only be trimmed in stocks. Within a few trimmes, between me and the owner working togeth-er, the horses are liing their feet like they havedone it all of their lives. My horsemanship educa-on has kept me safe, and made my job easier.I guess, to wrap up this over complicated exposionabout horses, horsemanship, and Harry, I have tosay all three are extremely important aspects in mylife. One aects the other and the other aectsone. Through the extremely valuable informaon Ihave acquired, I have not only beered my horse-manship, but have beered my personal life andrelaonships, as well as the way I work with myother animals, no maer the type. I am excited tovoyage on deeper into this excing adventure tosee what it may bring
year is my amazement at thelevel of awareness Harry haswhen working with a horse.It’s inspiring and movang.One day during this year’sclinic at Mendin’ Fences inTennessee, I was working myhorse on the line and genganxious to ride and startworking on his crookedness. Ithought he seemed ready toget on but there were lilespots on the line that Harrysaw. He took the rope fromme and started working withHeyson. At rst I rememberthinking –
does Harry just know this horse and so he’sgoing to elicit the worry and deal with it but NO Harry saw these lile signs that I wasmissing over and over. Theworry was there
– Harry sawit and I missed it. He beganto address them unl hestarted to relax and let go.Once again, I was amazed athow much I didn’t see unlHarry pointed it out!
visit with Harry at a clinic or athis ranch in Arizona, and thiscalendar will help you plan andorganize for the upcoming year. It is also a great gift ideafor the horse people in yourlife. You can purchase a calen-dar directly from Harry when youattend his clinic(s), or you canorder online at :
.Need a little help tokeep seeing things from the
horse’s point of view through-
out the year? Harry WhitneyPhotography has put togethera 12 month calendar for 2013,featuring photos that Harry hastaken of horses during his trav-els, and has added one of hisquotes to each photo.
It’s nev-
er too early to start planning a
Thoughts and ThingsBy: Catherine MillardSomething New from Harry  Whitney Photography!
Page 3September 2012
“Seems so 
 simple...and yet it is so  complex.
I didn’t grow up riding … Igrew up “dreaming” of riding.In some ways, that has reallybeen a big strike against mebecause I did not get to ulizethe fearlessness of youthwhile learning how to ride.Now that I’m a middle
agedwoman who is more con-cerned about injuries thanwhen I was a kid, I’m con-stantly aware of the obstaclethat presents. But sll, I’vedecided to count myself luckyfor all the years I may havewasted working with trainerssending me down the wrongpath. I was lucky enough tobe introduced to Harry aboutseven years ago from myfriend Ava Dans, and now Iknow I’m on the one and onlytrue path. It’s not easy as an-yone who works with Harrywill probably agree. Seemsso simple … and yet it’s socomplex. One thing that re-mains constant from year to
Catherine and Heyson

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