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Extra Activities Crate

Extra Activities Crate

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Published by neilosis
Miscellaneous classroom documents, English Academy,Varna
Miscellaneous classroom documents, English Academy,Varna

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: neilosis on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Extra activities crate- ‘audit’1)Portraits- miscellaneous2)Hidden sentences game/ ‘strangers on a train3)Fish for it cards/ CAE4)Philosophical roles – Marxist, anarchist, feminist etc5)STOP and DARE acronyms- essays6)Miscellaneous discursive/ short topics for essay7)Second conditional topics / miscellaneous8)CAE sentence auction/ with ‘Las Vegas ‘ grammar activity idea/teresa bestwick 9)IELTS M’class- p88 – genetics-: BENEFITS/ MORAL ISSUES/DRAWBACKS/ UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES10)Balloon debate- Lady Di, Rianna, Gordon Brown etc11)University of Kent – speed debating12) Human cloning debate13)Nuclear Holocaust – Who should survive14)In-co: The No-No game15)Stopping Uncle Freddy-role cards and subtext at shoulder ideas16)Selected rhetorical devices17)Q and A/ Guardian Elisabeth Moss …Jonathan Safran Foer 18)Graffiti debates19)Group decision making- air crash20)Roles for register interpreter game21)Unusual places to live- mini-presentation topics22)My many facets/ and collection of other first lesson activities23)IELTS group writing24) Collocations- guess adjective from three collocating nouns- filler 25)In-co Intermediate- Calculated Guess- collocations activity26)BBC learning English- celebrity and journalist role-play27)Lessonstream/ Bucket list lesson- Things 2 do b4 u die28)Hink Pink filler 29)20 awesomely untranslatable words from around the world30)Anecdotes- Queen Victoria etc31)Business Builder- small talk, functional lg, requests etc32)Verbal Boxing- Matt Dryer 33)Your Story-revised, written and improved- Onestop34)List of debate resources35)Fronting poem- roger mcgough36)Lifeboat exercise- ranking activity37)Language learning podcasts – list of resources38)Edinburgh- Judy/ notes NDS39)The Loch Druich Mermaids/ The Fairy Boy of Leith40)Think Piece- Teaching A Level Geography _ NB- search for similar ???41)Teamworking skills- Kent ???42)Interrupting and disagreeing politely – Simon Mumford43)Civil Service fasttrack- in-tray exercises etc44)Poem-‘here is some pronunciation / ration never rhymes with nation’ etc45)‘Busy’ paintings scheen ??? Jan ??46)More rhetorical device notes47)List of linguistic terms from Orange NB48)British Council Elementary Podcast lesson /papery !!49) Meaning and metaphor- ups and downs…50)Active Listening handout51)Business euphemisms52)CAFOD – just one world- extended speaking activity- complicated !!
53)Infograph-classroom tools through the years54)The Situation – from Business Mazes-John Farthing55)Business Quotes- Icebreaker 56)Miscellaneous personal questions/ family history project- interviews57)Accents- English as an International Language- from Advanced Pron in Use ??58)Cross-cultural quiz- table manner 59)Old games collection – misuse of syntax, one question behind etc60)Imaginary Identities-IELTS resources61)Wine adjectives- Vinography.com62)Limericks –structure63)Conversational Style Roles for Speaking work 64)Cleft sentences-political speech65)4 characteristics of empathetic listeners66)10 ideas on how to test your classmates- S-gen’d tests67)Proverbs guessing game and other Victorian parlour games68)Human Rights Balloon Game- Stalin , Gandhi etc69)English File-‘cooler’ ideas70)Soap Opera – ‘Extra’ books71)University of Edinburgh- simpler icebreaker questions /yellow72)Brands-blurring and stretching / In –company73)When in Rome- Shirley Valentine – story jumble-style exercise74)It’s written in the stars- horoscope/personality adjs75)Drabbles/ nanofiction etc76)Alex Case Alibi variation – twin’s separated at birth77)Phonetic puzzles ???78)Intermediate- threes- mumford sentence puzzles79)In company – Talking about experiences- adjectives80)Intermediate –telegram sentence puzzles for requests81)In-company culture- family culture/ Eiffel tower culture, guided missile,incubator 82)Large collections X2 – pronunciation materials / mixed83)Professional Secretary’s Handbook- mixed materials84)Q and A: Guardian- Helena Christensen/ morgan freeman85)Onestop- Dictionary Bluff ?????86)Using English – Presentations Language and IELTS Speaking Part Two ****87) English File Pre-int – the Optimist’s Phrasebook 88)Business English Debates – Higher Levels ???89)60 second ideas BBC- wkpt- look for newer ???90)CPE masterclass TB –scrambled egg sentences91)Miscellaneous paintings92)Save the World- University of Kent93)Is individualism bad for society ? and other more difficult debate topics-Institute ??? Battle of Ideas ?94)More debatabase debates- Internet does more harm than good, human cloning,file-sharing95)Debate- Scottish devolution96)Business one-one-one : discussion bank 97)Business one-to-one: how to be supportive98)Tourism book- Peakland tourist board99)Stories in a nutshell- anansi etc100)Famous love letters- Dylan Thomas etc101)Murphys Law102)Lifestyle neologisms103)Essay topics/ skeleton essay104)Scotland national anthems
105)Prefer structures106)Academic Vocabulary in Use- table of contentsFolders:107)Collocations work: finding and learning collocations/ what is acollocation/types of collocation108)Learner training: ‘success with languages 109)Test your English vocab in use Advanced: comparison and contrast110)(ditto) Lexical strategies for speaking111)Eng vocab in Use / Upper Intermediate: Text-referring words112)(CAE/CPE gr/vocab book ???- Expressing knowledge and disbelief/113)Various post-it games: beating around the bush, embarrassing situations- postits on back and can’t say the underlined words ! ; peelie-wallie: Scottishwords for call-my-bluff 114)‘Boring topics for just a minute- socks etc115)If questions on post-its116)Headway advanced- dilemma cards117)Balloon debate subject: physics etc118)Utilitarianism and Justice debate topics/ affirmative vs negative debaters119)Australia double-booking role cards on postits120)The professional secretary’s handbook- on telephone styles etc121)List of Headway Advanced useful resources122)Clockwise (which ?) : advertising slogans game123)Ideas for ‘conversation spies’ game124)Miscellaneous quotes sheet ‘ children are a great comfort’ etc125)Miscellaneous topics-TOEFL126)Template for 2
conditional consequences game127)Talking point board game128)Neil gets arrested –narrative tenses- retranslation exercise129)Emmerson- Last Man Standing game130)Association/ Top class activities131)Canteen meeting role play132)Bulgarian idioms and proverbs-funny English translation133)Paper list of bigactivities134)Debate Structures-Lincoln-douglas etc135)List of Mind-tools- acronyms etc: RAFT, think/pair/share136)Ghost story- White Lady of Corstorphine137)List of Websites from Cambridge Handbook on dictionary activities138)Selected Dictionary Activities Narrow Reading etc139)Jackie Chan- guardian Q and A140)Miscellaneous Questions for the Conversational Gamble141)Slash Guardian Q and A142)Talking Points miscellaneous- the music industry stifles music143)Ielts blockbusters/ functional lg-prototype144)More just a minute topics145)Boxing Debate146)CPE Masterclass- In a nutshell- waffle exercise147)Gambling Debate148)EF Advanced- Celebrity Immigrants149)Academic English Handbook-Scrabble150)12 X 3 icebreaker questions – answer a/b/c in pairs, write two morequestions on the same theme for other classmates to answer 151)Wedding/ Edinburgh University – Universal Fluency Tas152)Proverbs/ Scarab of the Heart- misc leads for literary games

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