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Buletin Mutiara - 1-9 (mixed version)

Buletin Mutiara - 1-9 (mixed version)

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Published by Chan Lilian

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Published by: Chan Lilian on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Competency Accountability Transparency 
September 2012: Issue 1/09
 Edisi Bahasa Inggeris, Tamil dan Cina
Story and pix by
Chan Lilian
OVER the last few months, the mediahad splashed news about alleged landscandals and claims by Barisan Nasionalon how the Penang Pakatan Rakyat StateGovernment had sold off lands and prop-erties since its administration began in2008.Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, in amedia statement on Sept 3, said: “Pen-ang BN has acted dishonourably withlies and threats against the PR StateGovernment. While the PR State Gov-ernment will not submit to wild threatsby BN and Perkasa, we want to exposethe lies by BN that demonstrates thehuge disparity between land sales byBN and PR.”Lim added: “BN Penang is making amountain out of a molehill on the sale of 1.1-acre of land in Jalan Zainal Abidin.However, the PR Penang State Govern-ment land sales is nothing compared tothe BN government land sales of 980acres sold in Tanjung Tokong, 325 acresnear the Jelutong Expressway and 750acres in Batu Kawan sold to Abad NaluriSdn Bhd.”At the same time, BN has refused to
explain the RM5 million in profts this
year made by two Umno leaders in threeand a half months for acting as a “landbroker” for 31 Malay landowners inBalik Pulau.In his press statement, Lim put onrecord several facts.He said:a) BN is lying for stating that the JalanZainal Abidin or Taman Manggis landwas reserved for public housing and wassold off to the rich. There is no record inthe Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang(MPPP) planning approval that the previ-ous State Government had reserved the1.1-acre piece of land for a low-costhousing project. The present State Gov-ernment had initially considered that1.1-acre piece of land for public housingbut decided that it was too small. Insteadan 11-acre piece of MPPP land in JalanS.P. Chelliah was reserved for affordablehousing. Even Housing and Local Gov-ernment Minister Datuk Seri Chor CheeHeung had said that affordable and pub-lic housing requires a minimum of twoacres. Clearly the larger 11-acre plot inJalan S.P Chelliah is preferable to 1.1-acre for affordable housing.b) The 1.1-acre plot was sold by open,competitive tender that was even adver-tised in the Star. Anyone could bid andthe winner must put in the highest bid,give the State Government 150 parkinglots and be subjected to getting approvalof a hospital licence from the HealthMinistry. The State Government does notdiscriminate against any bidders, evenfrom BN, provided they put up the high-est price. For this reason, Ivory Grouphad successfully bid for the Bayan Mu-tiara piece of land even though Ivory hadopenly supported BN during the 2008general elections.c) BN is shameless for indulging inpersonal attacks not just against me andmy family but also my landlady. When I
frst rented my house, BN even lodged a
report against me with the MalaysianAnti-Corruption Commission two yearsago claiming that I actually owned thehouse. And now BN makes attacks
BN’s hand in ‘cheap sale’ of Penang land
PENANG Cleaner, Greener, Healthier and Safercampaign has certainly taken off well. Nowadays,one can see an increased number of people cycling, jogging and walking to keep themselves healthy.Early morning, Gurney Drive, Youth Park, Bo-tanical Gardens and other parks in Penang arecrowded with families, senior citizens and healthbuffs who adopt a healthier lifestyle by exercising.Lydia Ong Kok Fooi, Exco member for Youth andSports, Women, Family and Community Develop-ment portfolio has ensured that sport loving Penan-gites have lots of activities to occupy themselves.Working together with corporations, hotels, as-sociations, NGOs and other bodies, Lydia hascharted events for the whole year. Many of thesesports and family-related activities have become sopopular that the participants snapped up the registra-tion forms.Two upcoming events like the Gurney ParagonX-ride 2012 and Rock to Rock Run 2012 have moreinterested participants than the organisers anticipated.These are testimonies that Penangites love to exerciseand are adopting the Penang’s Cleaner, Greener,Healthier and Safer lifestyle.
Gurney Paragon X-Ride 2012
Gurney Paragon X-Ride 2012 will take place on 7October, 2012. “Safety is our main concern. As at23 August, 2012, 818 participants have signed up andwe can only take in another few more before we haveto close registration. Penang is the most active Statein Malaysia to promote cycling. Since December2008, we have a cycling event almost monthly.”Lydia who was recently in London for the Olym-pics 2012 said during a press conference at GurneyParagon, “London promoted cycling in 2010 to pre-pare for the Olympics 2012. The people in Londoncycle and though the roads are narrow and not everyroad has a bicycle lane, they have adopted a rulewhere big vehicles must give way to cyclists.”Lydia added, “I have a big dream - that Penangiteswill also adopt cycling as a mode of transport. It
will not only reduce trafc congestion, people will
be much healthier too.”Datuk Daisy Ooi of Hunza Corporation announcedthat RM25,000 has been raised for charity throughGurney Paragon X-ride 2012 and the money will bedonated to two charitable bodies. They are the Chil-dren Protection Society and Crystal Home for or-phans.Besides the challenging 50-km route, families cantake part in the Fun Ride with the Chief Minister.For the Fun Ride, no registration is required. Indi-viduals with bicycles can turn up at Gurney Paragonon 7 October 2012 before 7.30 am to ride.
Hard Rock hotel’s ‘Rock to Rock run 2012’
Organiser Hard Rock Hotel is innundiated withrequests from running enthusiasts to register them-selves in the popular ‘Rock to Rock Run 2012’.However, Hard Rock has turned down the requestsas they have received the maximum number of 1,600participants.Rock to Rock Run 2012 is an initiative by HardRock to serve the local community. It is the thirdconsequtive year this charity run takes place. Theiraim is to raise RM30,000 for Stepping Stone Support
Centre - a non-prot organization based in BalikPulau for people with learning difculties.
Rock to Rock Run 2012 will take place on 28October 2012 starting 6.30 am. It will be a fun runwith people in costumes as prizes will be given to 10Best Dressed Like a Rockstar runners. So, watch outfor Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroeand other ‘celebrities’ running from Hard Rock Hotel
to Penang Buttery Farm or Hard Rock Hotel to
Tropical Spice Garden in the 3.8 km Fun Run and10.2 km Competitive Run.
Lydia keeps Penangites’ calendarfull of healthy activities
Gurney Paragon X-ride 2012 organising committee members and sponsors together with Datuk Daisy Ooi and Lydia Ong in a group photo.Lydia showing the Calendar of Events printed by her portofolio which listed all the activities and events or-ganised by her Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee.

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