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South Asia Tribune weekly UK

South Asia Tribune weekly UK

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The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.
The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 2
Issue 09
Thursday, 13.09.12
Seepage 18
South Asia
US president says he rejectsefforts to denigrate religious beliefs but opposes senseless
 violence; lm ridiculingProphet Mohammad whichallegedly sparked mob violencemade by Israeli-American.
An Orthodox Israeli rabbi
and former cabinet ministeron Wednesday condemnedas “garbage and slime” a lmdeemed offensive to Islam thathas sparked deadly anti-U.S.
protests in Libya and Egypt
more protests might take placein the Muslim world.
“Although freedom of expression and theright to use satire are sacred democraticprinciples, these freedoms should not beused as an excuse to publish garbage andslime,” Michael Melchior, a long-standingadvocate of inter-faith dialogue, wrote ina statement.
“The lm of Sam Bacile, who identies
himself as a Jew and an Israeli, publishedunder the guise of the ‘war on terror,’ is in
fact a lm that tramples upon the faith and
dignity of hundreds of millions of Muslim believers and upon Mohammed, theprophet of Islam, in the most degradingand ugly way,” he added. “As a Jew andan Israeli rabbi, I am ashamed of the
demeaning style and language of this lm,”
said Melchior, a former minister of socialaffairs and deputy foreign minister.“It goes against the substance of the Torahof Israel and desecrates the name of God.”Hezbollah blasted as “immoral” a little-
known U.S.-made lm insulting the
Prophet Mohammad and said it aimed atdragging Muslims and Egyptian Coptic
Christians into conict. Hezbollah claimedthat the lm, which is entitled “Innocence
of Muslims,” is a translation into action of 
deliberate U.S. and Zionist policies.
 Afghan President Hamid Karzai sharply 
condemned the lm in a statement, calling
its making a “devilish act”, saying he wascertain those involved in its productionrepresented a very small minority.
The US ambassador to Libya and three
other Americans has been killed in an
attack on the US consulate in Benghazi
If there was ever a propaganda product designed to enrage and incite violence it is The Innocence of Muslims.
Maker of anti-Islamic lm ‘Innocence of Muslims’ goes into hiding
US ambassador Chris Stevens killed in Benghazi by protesters angry at ‘Innocence of Muslims’ lm
 After C4“Untold Story of Islam “ The US lmInnocence of Muslims must be banned
‘Blasphemous’ internet lm full
of Grave Insults, depicts Prophet
his wives and Companions
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More than Tablighi Jamat writer is worried about the
Largest Mosque to be built in
Channel 4 has cancelled a repeatscreening of a controversialdocumentary on the history of Islam after its presenter wasthreatened. Channel 4 has citedconcerns over security as the reasonfor cancelling a planned screeningat its headquarters this week of a
documentary lm questioning the
origins of Islam.
Islam: The Untold Story received
around 1,200 complaints when
it was rst broadcast at the end
of August, with presenter TomHolland receiving numerousfurious messages on Twitter. A Channel 4 spokeswoman said:“Having taken security advice, we have reluctantly cancelleda planned screening of theprogramme Islam: The Untold
Story. We remain extremely proudof the lm which is still available to
 view on 4oD.” A Metropolitan police spokespersonsaid the force had no knowledge of the event or the decision to cancelit.Holland himself received countlessangry message on Twitter, with some of them personally threatening.One message sent to him read: “Youmight be a target in the streets. You may recruit some bodyguards,for your own safety.”Channel 4 subsequently soughtsecurity advice and a decisionto pull a repeat screening of thedocumentary this Thursday wastaken.“This party was cancelled forsecurity reasons, so this meansthat presumably people’s lives areat risk,” said Taylor, who runs the
charity Lapido Media, which seeks
to foster better understanding andreporting of religion in the media.Holland is one of the trustees
of Lapido, which is publishing
a series of books on religious
affairs, the rst of which is about
the controversial Islamic group
Tablighi Jamaat. Written by DrZacharias Pieri.Lapido claim this series is designed
to provide facts on religion forsecular readers. ‘Tom Holland. Author of In
the Shadow of the Sword.
Recommended the book as “Very informative and interesting and agreat help to journalists, I’d havethought.’ “ According to the writer thishandbook aims to raise awarenessabout an emerging religious and
social force in British life that
is barely known and subject tomultiple misrepresentations. Italso investigates Tablighi Jamaat’splans to build its new world centre
in London. The evidence used
stems from the author’s doctoralresearch, undertaken at ExeterUniversity under the supervisionof Dr Jonathan Githens- Mazer.This research included two years’observation at the Tablighi mosque
in West Ham, London, interviews
 with members of the movementand an analysis of TablighiJamaat’s own literature.Tablighi Jamaat came to
prominence in Britain in 2005
 when developers announced plansto construct a 70,000-capacity 
mosque in London comparableto the 90,000-seater Wembley Stadium. This caused some alarm.
It would make it the largest placeof worship in Europe, nearly thirty 
times the size of St Paul’s, whichseats 2,500. The 12,000-capacity mosque was rst proposed by the
Tablighi Jamaat group in 1999 in a
 bid to build Britain’s biggest placeof worship in West Ham . The
trustees of the Riverine Centre, which run the Tablighi Jamaatsite, submitted another planningapplication to Newham Councillast week to transform theircurrent building The 18-acre siteinto a huge mosque after missinga previous deadline.
Channel 4 cancelled screening of documentary 
Tom Holland is threatened!!
 After Pathetic historical Endeavour of Tom Holland,
 A series of book “Tablighi Jamaat in Britain”
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 13 September 2012
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Mohammad Reazul Islam
 Book pages form the web Lapido media. A computer image of Tablighi Jamaat’s “mega-mosque”  planned for a site next to the Olympic Park in Stratford.
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One message sent to Holland read: “You might be a target in thestreets. You may recruit some bodyguards, for your own safety.”
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 13 September 2012
 Ayatollah Khamenei’s top military advisor warns that Israeli strike onTehran’s nuclear facilities will trigger
massive reaction by its Lebanon-
 based proxy Hezbollah will retaliate againstIsrael if the Jewish state launches any steps against the Islamic Republic,
Iran’s Mehr agency quoted Saturday 
a senior military aide to Iran’ssupreme leader as saying. Major-
General Yahya Rahim Safavi, who
serves as the top military advisor forIran’s supreme leader the Ayatollah
 Ali Khamenei, warned Saturday that
if Israel were to attack his country’snuclear facilities, Hezbollah willretaliate.
“If the Zionist entity carried out
any steps against us, resistancegroups, particularly Hezbollah in
Lebanon, given their central role in
our defensive strategy, will respond
against this entity,” the semi-ofcial
news agency quoted Maj. Gen. Yahia
Safawi as saying.
“The defense of the Palestinian peoplecomes within the framework of our
defensive strategy and Lebanon andSyria also constitute the core of ourdefensive strategy,” Safavi, an aide toIran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,
added, the agency said.
In June Safavi was quoted by AFP
as saying: “Hezbollah has thousandsof missiles ... Hassan Nasrallah is asoldier of the supreme leader ... All
places in the Zionist entity are within
missile range.”
Safavi was until 2007 the commander
in chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the force that protects Iran’sIslamic system of governance.In a face-to-face interview with Almayadeen television last week,
Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed
Hasan Nasrallah said a possibleIsraeli strike on Iran would invite astrong retaliation from the IslamicRepublic, but he played down thepossibility such strike would take
place, adding that Israeli ofcials
 were divided on the issue. UK Callsto Add Hezbollah’s Resistance to
EU’s Terror Watch ListBritish, Dutch foreign ministers
urge EU nations Friday to imposesanctions on the military wing of Hezbollah for providing support to
Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.
The European Union has long
resisted pressure from the Zionistentity and the U.S. to list Hezbollah,
 with many member states saying it was important to keep lines of contactopen to a powerful organization in
the Lebanese politics.
“It is necessary to move on that. Ithink we’ve taken action on thatin the U.K. and I would like to seethe EU designate and sanction themilitary wing of Hezbollah,” UK 
Foreign Minister William Hague
said on his way into an EU foreignministers meeting in Cyprus.Dutch Foreign Minister UriRosenthal said the European Unionshould brand Hezbollah a terroristorganization, a move that wouldenable the bloc to freeze the group’sassets in Europe.
“We have for quite some time now 
argued that effective Europeanmeasures should be taken againstHezbollah,” Rosenthal said on thesidelines of a meeting of EU foreignministers in Cyprus to discuss the
EU’s response to the Syrian crisis.
The U.K. lists Hezbollah’s military  wing as a terrorist group. The
Netherlands, like the U.S., lists
the group but doesn’t distinguish between its military and political wings, despite the party of occupation Resistance is a member
of the Lebanese government.But other EU member states, which
have blacklisted the PalestinianIslamic group Hamas, have resisted
U.S. and Zionist pressure to do the
same to Hezbollah.The Hezbollah issue has long divided
European capitals. When the George W. Bush administration pushedEurope to list Hezbollah in 2005, a
number of countries, led by France,opposed it. The issue hasn’t beenseriously addressed since then.
Several EU countries have argued
that such a move could destabilize
the balance of power in Lebanon and
add to tensions in the Middle East.
Some European diplomats say it would also be legally difcult to
 blacklist Hezbollah without a courtruling in an EU state that linked thegroup to terrorism.“Until now the Europeans havesaid that to designate a group as aterrorist organisation you have tohave a judicial process under way against this organisation, which isnot the case at the present time,” said
French Foreign Minister Laurent
Hezbollah, the Lebanese party of resistance, was set up in 1982 to ghtZionist forces which had invadedLebanon. If it weren’t for the military  wing of Hezbollah, the Lebanese land
 wouldn’t be liberated in May 2000,
and Lebanon wouldn’t gain victory in July 2006 war which the Zionist
entity launched against it.
Iran: Hezbollah will retaliate
in case of Israeli strike
 Al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiriconrmed in a video recording thedeath of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a veteran
militant said to have been a leader of the group’s operations, and who had
survived previous US attacks.The US government said in June that
a drone strike in Pakistan had killed
Libi, dealing the biggest in a series of 
 blows to the militant group since the
raid that killed Osama bin Laden last
 year.“I proudly announce to the Muslimumma and to the mujdahideen [holy 
ghters] the news of the martyrdomof Libya’s lion Sheikh HassanMohammed Qaed,” Zawahiri said in
the video.
 Al-Qaeda conrms Abu Yahya al-Libi death

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