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Kenneth E Hagin - I Believe in Visions

Kenneth E Hagin - I Believe in Visions

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Published by d0dyy

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Published by: d0dyy on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 I Believein Visions Kenneth E Hagin
This book does not contain all the visions Ihave received from the Lord; however, it doescontain the major ones.
Chapter 1 How God Raised Me froma Deathbed 
"He is dead," stated the doctor who delivered me. Iwas born prematurely on August 20, 1917 in a house inthe 900 block of East Standifer Street in McKinney, Texas.My Grandmother Drake, who was present at my birth,later told me there was no sign of life in me. Thinking Iwas dead, the doctor laid me on the foot of the bed, andhe and my grandmother continued to work with mymother, who was in very serious condition. She had beenill for several weeks before I was born.After about 45 minutes had passed and my mother wasdoing better, the doctor told my grandmother he wouldrun to his office to get some supplies he needed. While hewas gone, my grandmother picked me up to carry me out.Suddenly she detected a sign of life. She washed me and put a little dress on me, but she had to use a makeshiftdiaper because the regular kind would have swallowed me.Then she weighed me, and with the little dress and diaper on I weighed slightly more than two pounds.Today, even with our advanced medical knowledge andskill and with the incubators we have for premature babies,the chances are practically nil of a baby surviving whoweighs fewer than two pounds. I was born in a day whenthere were no incubators, and I was born in the home, somy chances of living were almost nonexistent.
'The Baby Is Dead' 
After a while the doctor returned, and my grandmother 

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