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Published by Dave McCleary
This week's edition of Minority Reporter- 9/10/12 - features articles on the following: 9/11: Status of World Trade Center Site 11 Years Later; Creating an Independent Civilian Review Board - Can we put a 50 year old demand to bed?; The Genesee Brew House Opens its Doors, Gov. Cuomo Endorese Assemblyman Gantt; Schumer: Young Football Players Need Safe Helmets; Despite Growing Education, African Americans Still Not Getting Influenza Vaccine; Sabrew Owner Sparks Development in Buffalo
This week's edition of Minority Reporter- 9/10/12 - features articles on the following: 9/11: Status of World Trade Center Site 11 Years Later; Creating an Independent Civilian Review Board - Can we put a 50 year old demand to bed?; The Genesee Brew House Opens its Doors, Gov. Cuomo Endorese Assemblyman Gantt; Schumer: Young Football Players Need Safe Helmets; Despite Growing Education, African Americans Still Not Getting Influenza Vaccine; Sabrew Owner Sparks Development in Buffalo

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Published by: Dave McCleary on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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.NET - WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 10 - 16, 2012
Rochester, NY september 10 -16
From Information to Understanding
Minority Reporter 
 VOL 5. NO. 45
Status of World Trade Center Site
11 Years Later
ng an Independent Civilian Review Board of thePolice: Can We Put a 50 Year Old Demand to Bed?
Guest Editorial by Ryan Acu
 , p3
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.NET - WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 10 - 16, 2012
Minority Reporter 
ce Address:
17 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14614
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 26352, Rochester, NY 14626
585-301-4199 Toll-free: 1-888-792-9303
Dave McClearydavemc@minorityreporter.net
Pauline McClearypmccleary@minorityreporter.net
Gary McLendonEditor@minorityreporter.net
Catie FiscusArtDirector@minorityreporter.net
Sharese HardawaySHardaway@minorityreporter.net
Claribel Oliveras
Dave McClearyLucy Smith-Fulmoreadvertising@minorityreporter.net
Temple Boggs, Jr.Todd Elliott
Gloria Winston Al-SaragC. Michael TillmanRev. Michael VaughnVincent FelderDiane WatkinsMike DulaneyDavy VaraAyesha Kreutz
Minority Reporter, Inc. is a family of publicationsand other media formats committed to fostering self awareness, building community and empoweringpeople of color to reach their greatest potential. Fur-ther, Minority Reporter, Inc. seeks to present a bal-anced view of relevant issues, utilizing its resourcesto build bridges among diverse populations; takingthem from information to understanding.Minority Reporter reserves the right to edit or rejectcontent submitted.The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher.Minority Reporter does not assume responsibilityconcerning advertisers, their positions, practices,services or products; nor does the publication of advertisements constitute or imply endorsement.Minority Reporter invites news and storysuggestions from readers.Deadline for all copy is Tuesday at noon.Call 585-301-4199or email info@minorityreporter.net.
In This Issue:
Pg 5
- 9/11: Status of World TradeCenter,11 Years Later
-Hip-hop Mogul Chris Lighty Dies inNYC at 44
- The Genesee Brew House Opensits Doors- Gov. Andrew Cuomo EndorsesAssemblyman Gantt-Schumer: Young Footbal PlayersNeed Safe Helmets
- Despite Growing Education,African Americans Still Not GettingIn
uenza Vaccines
- Sabres’ Owner SparksDevelopment in Buffalo
Pg 13-15
- Lest We Forgot to Vote
By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag 
- Don’t Bite the Apple!
By Michael Vaughn 
- Family Caregiving: Easy? ThinkAgain
By AARP Edna Kane-Williams 
- Why It Takes Poor & Middle-ClassWhite Racists a long time to Figureout Rich & Wealthy White Racists?
By Chris Stevenson 
Rochester,NY september10-16
Minority Reporter 
 VOL 5.NO.45
 w F
We want to know whatYOU think! Email 
to eligible owners of pre-1978 1-4unit privately-held housing located in the City ofRochester to control lead based paint hazards.
painting, siding, window/doorreplacement and porch repair/replacement.Funding will be provided based on unit size (seebelow). Both owner-occupied and rental propertieswill be served. Owner-occupants must have achild or visiting
age 6.
The City of Rochester
1 unit - $14,000 2- units - $20,0003-units - $26,000 4-units - $32,000
Call either agency listedbelow to receive an application.Action for a Better Community550 E. Main St.
Neighborworks Rochester571 South Ave.
Questions? Call 311 or visit
3 :: WWW.
.NET - WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 10 - 16, 2012
President Obama’s Pro-Growth Solu
ons by the Numbers
[Original Op-Ed by Ayesha Kreutz: h
Mr. Obama con
nues to provide lip-service to the radical le
, as he rules His Kingdom byexecu
ve privilege. America will not recover from this Socialist Dictator. Sad in America.Freedom is the price for what I worked my life to have. I saved so He can call me rich &pay for his social experiment- Gay rights & abor
on. God help us- save us from ourselves!
~Rich Rainey 
Our income has dropped over $10,000 per year. We lost our re
rement, and as we areclose to re
rement age, we will never be able to recover those funds. We had to sell ourhome and downsize considerably so we have a chance of surviving in our re
rement. Icount my blessings daily that my husband (although in not the greatest health) is s
ll ableto work. Yes we were lucky to sell our home but for $12,000 less than what it appraisedfor just 2 short years ago. I tell you my story, because I truly believe this administra
on’spolicies are not working, in actuality, they are crippling our economy and a chance atrecovery! Please hold Pres Obama to his word. Vote him out!
~Kat Crosby 
I have experienced and improvement in my medical care capability and I have seen noprivate medical insurance companies go out of business. Hospitals and medical providersreceive lower payments, but with more people having insurance the cost of providingmedical services is also lower (due to a greater number of people being able to pay theirbills).It seems the research done for this wri
ng was done completely on the internet andfrom Republican based infomercials. Government and its expenditures have go
ensmaller over President Obama’s term of o
ce. The stripping of government controlson
nancial organiza
ons during the eight years of the previous administra
on allowedhomeowners to get entangled in poor mortgages, re
ree por
olios to shrink to newlows or non-existence, and the jobs that workers depended upon to be shipped out of the country. Add to that the Republican mantra of doing everything in their power tomake President Obama unsuccessful during his term of o
ce, then it becomes apparentwhy there is such a supposed “lack of predictability”.Lastly Ayesha, if you believe the folks that treat our President with such disrespect andinsolence will engage you any di
erently upon vo
ng them in o
ce, your disappontmentwill be insurmountable.
~T. Banister 
No ma
er how many hard facts and
gures we cite, there will always be those who wantto ignore them. The so-called Republican mantra of doing whatever it takes to make sureObama is unsuccessful is actually just checks and balances. Without them, a socialist likeObama could push through whatever legisla
on his li
le heart desires, like he did in his
rst two years when the Democrats had a super majority in both Houses of Congress.Republicans enjoyed perhaps the largest turnaround ever in 2010 because the Americanpeople got a glimpse of what Obama and the Democrats would do if le
unchecked. Thegreatest Romney campaign commercials during the next two months will be Obama’sown words juxtaposed with the results that Ayesha men
~Tim Al 
It’s ok to cri
cize the president but let’s look at the non-par
san facts. Mit Romneyinstalled a very similar plan in Mass and now they have 98% of the people there insured.The only reason he’s running from his health insurance success there now is because it’sunpopular among na
onwide polling.This ar
cle is not based on facts but based on republican and conserva
ve ideology.
~Greg Moore
29 New Homes to be Build in 19th Ward
[News Story: h
It bothers me that most of the new apartments, houses and condos being built within thecity will not be a
ordable by the average city resident! Has anybody paid any a
onto that? The rents and mortgages will probably be at the least $1100 a month. I am amiddle class person...I can’t a
ord those kinds of rents and mortagages. Will someoneplease build something that the average middle class working person can a
ord? ThankYou!
LovaleeSam, You are right, but you need to put your thoughts into an email to all of the city o
cials listed in the ar
cle above. By the way, it’s called gentri
on. At leastthere are agencies in Rochester that help people learn about home ownership so thatmaybe they can buy their 2nd home in Brooks Court. I’m of the mindset that less is moreanyway. We moved from an apartment in the city to a house in the suburbs (bigger thanwe need) and our next move is to the country where it’s quieter and more private andthe taxes will be lower. Then we can use our extra money for to rent a lakeside co
ageor take vaca
ons.FYI, home ownership is not cheaper than ren
ng unless the house has a new roof,furnace, hot water heater and is in a clean, safe, neighborhood with reasonable taxes,otherwise, keep paying rent! Don’t forget when you own a home you have to cut thegrass, shovel the snow, buy your own washer and dryer (and maybe stove and fridge)and pay taxes on top of your mortgage. If you want to invest money their are othervehicles to do that--talk to a
nancial planner and/or tax accountant before you buy ahome.
Send us your
As the oldproverbgoes themore thingschange themore theystay thesame. Thisstatementcouldn’t bemore spot-on when itcomes tothe enduringpolice-communitycon
ict and the persistent calls forgenuine and credible civilian oversight of the police in Rochester, NY. From 1962 to2012, community groups have consistentlyfought for an independent Civilian ReviewBoard (CRB) to handle, inves
gate, andrule on allega
ons of police brutality andmisconduct.In response to a number of police brutalitycases and several protests at policeheadquarters in the early 1960s, the Cityof Rochester was one of the
rst ci
es inthe country to ins
tute an independentcivilian review board. The reform was mostnotably a response to the Rufus Fairwellincident where Fairwell, a black gas sta
onowner on South Plymouth, was “mistaken”for a burglar and brutally beaten by whitepolice o
cers breaking mul
ple vertebrae.From 1963-1970 the Police Advisory Boardinves
gated excessive force complaintsand their
ndings were made public if theydi
ered with the police chief. In 1970 theRepublicans retook control of City Counciland defunded the board, e
velydissolving this necessary ins
on.Shortly a
er it was defunded 22 peoplefrom 11 di
erent organiza
ons spokeout before City Council demanding thatthe Police Advisory Board be reinstated.From that point forward, the chorus of thecommunity groups has been consistent for42 years: REINSTATE A GENUINE CRB.Community groups, lead especially byoutspoken black religious leaders MinisterFranklin Florence and Reverend RaymondGraves, have called for an independentCivilian Review Board with inves
veand subpoena power for the last 42 years.Commission upon commission has metfollowing instances of police brutality andmisconduct. Nevertheless, the city hasrefused to heed the community’s demandsfor an independent review process.In 1976, the “Crimi Commission” wasconvened in response to civil unrest andwidespread calls for reform a
er the policeshot and killed 18 year old Denise Hawkinsin 1975. In 1977 the City ins
tuted a“Complaint Inves
on Commi
ee”(CIC) which had some civilian involvementin reviewing police inves
ons of civiliancomplaints. However, the commi
eecould not interview civilians or directlyinves
gate any claims, leaving what somecri
cs called “the fox in charge of thehen house.” In 1983, the killing of AleciaMcCuller, the daughter of prominent blackleader James McCuller, by Rochester Policesparked another major reform process.However, the recommenda
ons for agenuine CRB by the McCuller Commi
ee,chaired by Minister Florence, wereignored. In 1984 one civilian was added tothe CIC leaving the basic system intact.In 1992, when former Rochester policechief Gordan Urlacher was sent to federalprison on corrup
on charges and 5 vicesquad o
cers were standing trial on 19counts of police brutality, another pushfor genuine reform was led by the UnitedChurch Ministries, a coali
on of mostlyblack churches. Despite the communitysupport for the UCM proposal, theoversight process was simply renamed andreshu
ed. The Complaint Inves
ee became the “Civilian ReviewBoard” (CRB) where a panel of threecivilians would review internal policeinves
ons of police misconduct.However, as Reverend Graves remarked, itremained a “toothless
ger” as the boardhad no inves
ve or subpoena power.This CRB has been in e
ect for 19 years(with minor modi
ons in ‘95) with thesame con
icts of interest in place (policeinves
ng themselves) and in de
anceof constant protests to fundamentallychange the process and restoreinves
ve power to the Board as it hadin the 1960s and similar to the January2012 CRB reform just implemented inSyracuse.In August 2011 a Commission to Reformthe Civilian Review Board was convenedby Rochester City Council, in responseto the Emily Good and Willie Ligh
ootincidents caught on video, and widespreadallega
ons of racial pro
ling in thecommunity. Chairman of the City CouncilPublic Safety Commi
ee Adam McFaddenblasted the current oversight processsaying that it was “badly damaged andhas no credibility in the community.” Yet,a
er another 11 month commission anddespite a swell of support for a CRB withinves
ve power (including supportfrom Commission members) it appears thecurrent process may simply be tweakedand reshu
ed without fundamentalchanges.What would it take for our poli
cians to beforesighted enough to change course and
nd the funding to implement genuinereform that is credible in the eyes of the community? If we don’t implementcivilian review of police with inves
veand subpoena power this
me around,Rochester may have to wait un
l thenext major police abuse incident thatsparks the next police commission. Notethat the current Rochester police reformcommissions are running average every10-15 years. Meanwhile we will be stuckwith the reshu
ing of the current civilianoversight process that s
ll lacks credibilityin the community, despite the hard workdone by the most recent commission.The 50 year old demand for independentcivilian oversight isn’t going away as longas racial and economic inequality plagueour community and the Rochester Policere
ect the demographics of the suburbs,not the actual people they police.-----------------------------------
Ryan Acu
Community Commi 
ee, Commission toReform the Civilian Review Board Board Member, New York Civil Liber 
esUnion, Genesee Valley Chapter 
ng an Independent CivilianReview Board of the Police:Can We Put a 50 Year OldDemand to Bed?

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