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NCTE 2012 Program Ad

NCTE 2012 Program Ad

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Published by RandomHouseAcademic
National Council of Teachers of English 2012 program ad - Random House, Inc.
National Council of Teachers of English 2012 program ad - Random House, Inc.

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Published by: RandomHouseAcademic on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Notes of a Native Son
 by James Baldwin; with a newIntroduction by Edward P. Jones
Since its original publication in 1955,this rst collection o essays by JamesBaldwin remains an American classic.His impassioned essays on lie in Harlem,the protest novel, movies, and Arican Americans abroad, are as powerul todayas when they were rst written.“A straight-rom-the-shoulder writer, writingabout the troubled problems o this troubledearth with an illuminating intensity.”
—Langston Hughes
Beacon Press | TR | 978-0-8070-0623-8192 pp | $15.00/$17.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-8070-0624-5 | $15.00
Behind the Beautiful Forevers:
Lie, Death, and Hope ina Mumbai Undercity
 by Katherine Boo
From Pulitzer Prize-winner Katherine Boo,comes a landmark work o narrativenonction that tells the dramatic andsometimes heartbreaking story o amiliesstriving toward a better lie in one o thetwenty-rst century’s great, unequal cities.“This book belongs on reading lists as awork that allows high schoolers to seethe incredible hardships o lie in adeveloping country.”
School Library Journal 
Random House | HC | 978-1-4000-6755-8288 pp | $27.00/$32.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-679-64395-1 | $13.99
Ready Player One:
 A Novel
 by Ernest Cline
 At once wildly original and stued withirresistible nostalgia,
Ready Player One 
isa spectacularly genre-busting, ambitious,and charming debut—part quest novel, partlove story, and part virtual space opera.“An exuberantly realized, exciting, andsweet-natured cyber-quest. Cline’simaginative and rollicking coming-o-agegeek saga has a smash-hit vibe.”
, starred review
Broadway | TR | 978-0-307-88744-3384 pp | $14.00/$17.00 Can. Audio: 978-0-307-91314-2 | $40.00e-Book: 978-0-307-88745-0 | $9.99
Tales from Lovecraft MiddleSchool #1:
Proessor Gargoyle
 by Charles Gilman
“Gilman’s debut and series kick-o is greatun or ans o light horror. The changingimage on the cover will snag interest, andthe spookily realistic black-and-whiteillustrations throughout complete thisslick, scary, unny package. [There are]delectable hints o age-appropriate,Lovecratian Otherness . . . with noneo the purple prose.”
Kirkus Reviews 
Quirk Books | HC | 978-1-59474-591-1160 pp | $13.99/$14.99 Can.e-Book: 978-1-59474-592-8 | $13.99
In the Garden of Beasts:
Love, Terror, and an AmericanFamily in Hitler’s Berlin
 by Erik Larson
“In this mesmerizing portrait o the Nazicapital, Larson plumbs a ar more diabolicalurban cauldron than in his bestselling
The Devil in the White City 
. . . a vivid,atmospheric panorama o the Third Reichand its leaders, including murderous Naziactional inghting, through the accretiono small crimes and petty thuggery.”
Publishers Weekly 
Broadway | TR | 978-0-307-40885-3480 pp | $16.00/$19.00 Can. Audio: 978-0-307-91457-6 | $45.00e-Book: 978-0-307-88795-5 | $11.99
Dear Marcus:
 A Letter to the Man Who Shot Me
 by Jerry McGill 
“These letters take readers on an unorgettableand intriguing journey as Jerome came toterms with his paralysis and his lie. Themeso violence, hope, despair, orgiveness,anger, and living with a disability areexplored both lightly and deeply, humorouslyand prooundly, and always honestlythrough stories about his relationshipswith amily, riends, nurses, and othersthat crossed his path. . . . This is a book that sophisticated teens will love.”
School Library Journal 
Spiegel & Grau | HC | 978-0-8129-9307-3192 pp | $22.00/$26.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-679-64460-6 | $10.99
The Hobbit:
The EnchantingPrelude to the Lord o the Rings
 by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Hobbit 
is one o the greatest antasysagas o all time, a classic that hascaptivated generations o readers and isnow an eagerly anticipated lm by PeterJackson, Academy Award–winning directoro the Lord o the Rings trilogy.
Del Rey | MM | 978-0-345-53483-5320 pp | $8.99
Del Rey | TR | 978-0-345-44560-5144 pp | $17.95
The Age of Miracles:
 A Novel
 by Karen Thompson Walker 
“[A] moving tale that mixes the real andsurreal, the ordinary and the extraordinarywith impressive fuency and fair. . . . Ms.Walker maps [her characters’] inner liveswith such sure-ootedness that theybecome as recognizable to us as peoplewe’ve grown up with or watched or yearson television . . . . [A] precocious debut . . .one o this summer’s hot literary reads.”
—Michiko Kakutani,
The New York Times 
Random House | HC | 978-0-8129-9297-7288 pp | $26.00e-Book: 978-0-679-64438-5 | $12.99
WINNER,ALA AlexAwardTeacher’sGuide withCommon CoreState StandardsAvailableA
School Library Journal 
“Best AdultBook 4 Teens”
Random House, Inc.
Academic Dept.
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
Teacher’sGuide withCommon CoreState StandardsAvailableTeacher’sGuide withCommon CoreState StandardsAvailableNewIntroduction
Now a Major Motion Picture
FREE Material for Your Classroom
Fire in the Ashes:
Twenty-Five Years Amongthe Poorest Children in America
 by Jonathan Kozol 
In this powerul and culminating work about a group oinner-city children he has known or many years, JonathanKozol returns to the scene o his prize-winning books
Rachel and Her Children 
 Amazing Grace 
, and to thechildren he has vividly portrayed, to share with us theirascinating journeys and unexpected victories as theygrow into adulthood.
Crown | HC | 978-1-4000-5246-2 | 368 pp | $27.00/$32.00 Can. Audio: 978-0-449-01259-8 | $40.00e-Book: 978-0-7704-3595-0 | $13.99
For more books by Jonathan Kozol, go to:http://tinycc.n307jw
Schools That Learn
(Updated and Revised):
 A Fith Discipline Fieldbook or Educators, Parents,and Everyone Who Cares About Education
 by Peter M. Senge, Nelda Cambron-McCabe,Timothy Lucas, Bryan Smith and Janis Dutton
First published in 2000,
Schools That Learn 
introducedthe groundbreaking Fith Discipline organizational principlesto the world o education. This comprehensive revisionaddresses the increasing challenges acing our educa-tional system and presents practical advice on howschools can use the principles o organizational learningto meet the demands o a rapidly changing world.
Crown Business | TR | 978-0-385-51822-2608 pp | $37.50/$44.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-385-52186-4 | $19.99
I’d Like to Apologize toEvery Teacher I Ever Had:
My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High
 by Tony Danza
“A witty, sel-deprecating, and charming account o howbeing a teacher extends ar beyond the our walls o aclassroom. . . . Tony Danza depicts his brutally and beautiullyreal experience as a rst-year high-school teacher. Withhumor and honesty, he highlights the emotional toll oteaching and describes how one o the most importantcareers in America is still one o the most unappreciated.”
—Erin Gruwell, author o
The Freedom Writers Diary 
Crown Archetype | HC | 978-0-307-88786-3272 pp | $24.00/$28.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-307-88788-7 | $11.99
Push Has Come to Shove:
Getting Our Kids the Education TheyDeserve—Even I It Means Picking a Fight
 by Steve Perry 
“This book is a timely addition to the debate on what’sneeded to x the public education system. Readers willappreciate Perry’s blunt, no-holds-barred, conversationaltone as he aims to demystiy school-based issues such astesting, accountability, what constitutes a good teacher, andteacher tenure. . . . Highly recommended or parents,preservice and working teachers, college students, andothers who have a vested interest in the system.”
Library Journal 
Broadway | TR | 978-0-307-72032-0 | 272 pp | $15.00/$18.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-307-72033-7 | $12.99
Educational Courage:
Resisting the Ambush on Public Education
 by Nancy Schniedewind and Mara Sapon-Shevin
Lost amid the debate over educational policies are the storieso the educators, parents, and students who are mostaected by legislation such as No Child Let Behind andRace to the Top. In
Educational Courage 
, veteran educatorsand activists Nancy Schniedewind and Mara Sapon-Shevinbring together the voices o educators, parents, andactivists, who oer stories o resistance and hope as theyght to uphold the ideals o democratic public education.
Beacon Press | TR | 978-0-8070-3295-4240 pp | $19.00/$22.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-8070-3296-1 | $19.00
Feel-Bad Education
 by Alfe Kohn
 Arguing that our schools are currently in the grip o a “culto rigor”—a conusion o harder with better that threatensto banish both joy and meaningul intellectual inquiry romour classrooms—Ale Kohn issues a stirring call to rethink our priorities and reconsider our practices.“Few scholars are more critical or more orthright about theproblems with the U.S. educational system than Kohn. . . . A surprisingly accessible and at times witty educationalpolicy expert.”
Library Journal 
Beacon Press | TR | 978-0-8070-0140-0196 pp | $15.00/$17.00 Can.e-Book: 978-0-8070-0141-7 | $15.00
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