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Message to Democrats #1

Message to Democrats #1

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Mark Van Gelder (icarus) on Sep 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Democrats:
We are anarchists, and we love you very much. We loveyour progressive values and your fight a better world.
We’re with you on that. However, we would like to
discuss how we can make the political system better bynon-violently abandoning politics.
Why Are We Against Governments?
We are against governments because we believe them tobe inherently violent. Governments give themselves thepower to do things that you and I are forbidden fromdoing, enforced by the power the state (aka government)gives itself.We, as anarchists, have decided that we do not want any
single person giving themselves some kind of “license tokill.”
Why Are We Against Taxes?
Taxes are the way that a government obtains funds tooperate. We are against taxes for the following reason:they violate the Non-Aggression Principle, which is thecore of our moral, economic, and political ideals. It statesthat no person has the right to initiate the use of violenceon any other person, and to respect all property rights.Sounds good, right?Unfortunately, every government uses a threat of violence against its own people to obtain money. Even if the money is given willingly, it does not change the realityof the situation. In the real world, we would call that ashakedown. However, in this modern society it is
accepted as a “cost of doing business” and getting
 protected by people that have the authority to hurt you.
Why Are We Against War?
We are against war for a few reasons. We’re talking ALL
wars, not just the nasty messes that Iraq and Afghanistanhave become.
First, we are against war because we don’t feel anybodyshould be forced to fight another person’s fight. Wars do
this with military drafts and conscription. The only reasonwe are not in a draft mode is because enough peoplebelieve that the wars we are fighting are well-intentionedenough to join.
If you consider “collateral damage,” specifically talking
about children that are murdered in bomb raids thatPresident Obama carried out, how can we justify this toourselves to ever let an innocent person be killed bysomebody else? By consenting to the government, youconsent to the government.Stop Consenting.
Why Are We Against Gun Control?
Gun control is a touchy subject, and one that a lot of people have deep emotions about. We will explain whywe do not think gun control is ever appropriate.Guns are literally our last line of defense from the state. If we allow the government to disarm us, how would wefight back, if we ever needed? The answer is: wewo
uldn’t. We would be forced to take whatever the state
throws at us. It will become authoritarian very quickly. Also, preventing people from defending themselves is aviolation of the Non-Aggression principle.
Why Are We Against the EntitlementSystem?
We d
on’t like to see anybody suffer and die because of 
their wealth, either. We, however, think that theentitlement systems built into our federal and stategovernments are far too bureaucratic, and financed bytheft (also known as taxation), and that we should returncontrol of those institutions to the local community andhave them managed by the people. It would certainly beeasier to maintain, and would be more open andkindhearted in approach, compared to the one-size-fits-allMedicare, Medicaid, and Social Security systems wehave now. Let the communities take care of whomever isneedy. Also, the successes for a community could beshared among the others as best practices.
t Anarchists Extremist?
Of course not. The media has portrayed anarchists asviolent thugs and punks. That is not who we really are.We are a philosophy with deep roots and differingeconomic philosophies. For example, there areIndividualist and Collectivist wings in the anarchistmovement.The original anarchists were among the most progressivethinkers, being the first to advocate abolition of racism,sexism, ageism, and sexual orientation discrimination.They saw all of these as methods of oppression. Anarchists were the first to morally object to the conceptof war. Anarchism is still considered a left-wing philosophy,despite its advocacy for truly free markets influence.

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