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Reading Response Journal

Reading Response Journal

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Published by: Delaney Marie Patterson on Sep 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reading Response #1
Chapter 1 (Pages 1-18)
Delaney PattersonThe Outsiders JournalEnglish 16/8/11
In the first chapter I noticed that there is a lot of racism between the East and West sides of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this book the Greasers where the kids from the East side and the Socs were the kids from the West side. noticed that the Greasers where cool and laid back about everything. Well they were at least until the Socs or someone else started messing with them or their gang. The Socs where the kids from the West side who were rich and spoiled with no discipline. Who liked to through big parties, get drunk, and beat people up for no reason.I realized that Ponyboy and Sodapop close and they stick up for each other a lot and would do anything for each other no madder what.The way the group or gang stick together reminds me of how families should stick together. Always there for each other, they stick up for each other, and love each other no madder what.
You can tell that the gangsters don’t like to see the good in the 
world. All they see is the evil in the world. If they actually looked for the 
good then there wouldn’t be all fights and killings in the streets.
I also realized that if the Socs or the rich kids had a little more discipline in their lives. Then they might not go around acting like they are better than ever body else and beating up the gangsters for fun.The whole conflict between the Greasers and Socs is really a thing of 
not knowing what to do with your life. The Socs don’t know what do 
because they have no discipline. Where the Greasers have to fight to keep their reputation alive so put them together and you get this big racism kind of conflict.Works Cited Hinton, S.E.
The Outsiders.
New York: Viking, 1967 
Reading Response #2
Chapters 2-3 (Pages 19-52)
Delaney PattersonThe Outsiders JournalEnglish 16/8/11
In these few chapters I realized that there is always competition between the Greasers and the Socs. Dally, Ponyboy, and  Johnny go to the movies. There they meet Cherry and Marcia who are Socs Girls. They were going to take the girls home and then the girls boyfriends showed up. They got mad so the girls went with their boyfriends. After the girls left with their boyfriends Ponyboy, Dally,and Johnny went back to their lot where they love to hang out. After a few minutes Dally left to go home.Then Ponyboy and Johnny where sitting there staring at the 
stars when they fell asleep. When they woke up it was about 2 o’ clock 
in the morning so Ponyboy went home. When Ponyboy went home is brother Darry got mad because he was out so late. Then Darry slapped Ponyboy across the face for back talking him. After that Ponyboy ran out of the house, then he found Johnny and the two of them ran off to the park.I retold what happened in these chapters because I noticed throughout these chapters there was a lot of emotion. The emotion 
in these chapters really wasn’t expressed in the text. You had to 
really get into the characters and try to feel what they felt. That is what you had to do to really get all of the meaning and emotion in these chapters. Once you got into the characters shoes you could realize that all the emotion in this chapter was really over whelming.Works Cited Hinton, S.E.
The Outsiders.
New York: Viking, 1967 
Reading Response #3
Chapters 4-5 (Pages 53-84)
Delaney PattersonThe Outsiders JournalEnglish 16/8/11
I am surprised that quite, shy, little Johnny could and did kill someone. Even though it was to save his friends life, it is still shocking that he did this tragic event. This shows how tight the bonds between brothers or gang brothers really are. Johnny killed 
someone for the sake of his friend Ponyboy’s life. Then when Dally 
helped them get away after murdering someone. They way Dally rattled off a plan to help them get away was kind of scary. It was like he knew something like this was going to happen at some time.To me it seemed like he had had this plan for some time.It was also wired how the boys where just able to live on bologna sandwiches for a whole week without getting sick. Then after only eating that for a week and Dally showing up and taking them out to eat where they ate a lot of things really quick. I was kind of shocked when the boys knew to change their look and 
ttitude so they didn’t match the description in the paper. They died there hair and cut it so they didn’t look the same.They acted one way when they weren’t in trouble or around 
there groupies, but a totally different way when they had to so they could keep disguised. It reminds me of life now days, so it is really easy to relate to them. People act like one person but they are really a totally different on the inside. These chapters really are the ones that build suspense for the rest of the story. It kind of builds a foundation for the rest of the book.Works Cited Hinton, S.E.
The Outsiders.
New York: Viking, 1967 

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