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Robert K.G. Temple THE SIRIUS MYSTERY.pdf

Robert K.G. Temple THE SIRIUS MYSTERY.pdf

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Published by dan_groover
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Published by: dan_groover on Sep 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SIRIUSM.htmfile:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/My%20Documents/emule/Incoming/SIRIUS_Mystery_Dogon_Robert_KG_Temple/SIRIUSM.htm (1 of 349)22/03/2005 01:32:09
 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSMy first thanks must go to my wife, Olivia, who has been an excellent proof-reader and collater and who made the greatest number of helpful suggestionsconcerning the manuscript.Two friends who read the book at an early stage and took extreme painsto be helpful, and devoted much of their time to writing out or explaining tome at length their lists of specific suggestions, are Adrian Berry of the LondonTelegraph, and Michael Scott of Tangier. The latter gave meticulous attentionto details which few people would trouble to do with another's work.This book would never have been written without the material concerningthe Dogon having been brought to my attention by Arthur M. Young of Philadelphia. He has helped and encouraged my efforts to get to the bottomof the mystery for years, and supplied me with invaluable materials, includingthe typescript of an English translation of Le Renard Pale by the anthropologistsGriaule and Dieterlen, which enabled me to bring my survey up to date.Without the stimulus and early encouragement of Arthur C. Clarke of Ceylon, this book might not have found the motive force to carry it throughmany dreary years of research.My agent, Miss Anne McDermid, has been a model critic and adviser atall stages. Her enthusiasm and energy are matched only by her penetratingintuition and her skill at negotiation.Others who have read all or part of this book and who made helpfulsuggestions of some kind are Professor W. H. McCrea of the Department of Astronomy, University of Sussex, John Moore of Robinson & Watkins, BrendanO'Regan of the Stanford Research Institute, Edward Bakewell of St Louis,and Anthony Michaelis of the Weizmann Institute Foundation.
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/My%20Documents/emule/Incoming/SIRIUS_Mystery_Dogon_Robert_KG_Temple/SIRIUSM.htm (2 of 349)22/03/2005 01:32:09
I am indebted to Adrian and Marina Berry for bringing me into touch withA. Costa, and to A. Costa for generously supplying his splendid photographsof the Dogon, some of which appear in this book, and also for his introductionto Mme Germaine Dieterlen. I am indebted to Mme Dieterlen for giving herpermission and the permission of the Societe des Africainistes of Paris (of whichshe is Secretary-General) to publish in English the entire article 'Un SystemeSoudanais de Sirius', which Mme Dieterlen wrote in collaboration with thelate Marcel Griaule.Among those whom I have consulted on specific points in my research andwho have been extremely helpful are Geoffrey Watkins, Brigadier R. G. S.Bidwell, O.B.E., the Hon. Robin Baring, James Serpell, Seton Gordon,Herbert Brown, and Robert and Pauline Matarasso. I am also indebted forhelp or encouragement of varying kinds to Fred Clarke, Professor CyrusGordon, Robert Graves, Kathleen Raine, William Gunston, Professor D. M.Lang, Professor Charles Burney, Professor O. R. Gurney, Dr Irving Lindenblad,Dr Paul Murdin, Hilton Ambler, Gillian Hughes, Carol MacArthur, R.Markham, Richard Robinson, Dr Michael Barraclough, and Angela Earll.In production of this book my British editor, Mrs Jan Widdows, andviii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSmy American editor, Thomas Dunne, have been cooperative, helpful, andsympathetic. The cartographer Daniel Kitts has cheerfully prepared mapsand diagrams to requirements which were often exasperating. Miss MaryWalsh showed ingenuity in picture research. Stephen du Sautoy has also beenhelpful and shown a great deal of imagination in connection with productionof the British dust-jacket design, allowing the author a considerable say in amatter which is often barred to him.I would like to acknowledge indirect debts to the African priests Manda,Innekouzou, Yebene, and Ongnonlou, without whom the subject for this book could not honestly be said to exist, since it probably could never have beenformulated. Two early pioneers deserve especial mention: the late Sir NormanLockyer, who found ways to consider together the previously separate fields of astronomy and archaeology, and the late Thomas Taylor of London, whodevoted his life to the translation and exposition of texts which have survivedthe centuries of malignity, abuse, book burnings, and slaughter which for twomillennia have been the fate of those who adhered to 'the Great Tradition' -nor did Taylor himself escape the consequences of his position in pain andsuffering. Thanks are also due to the philosopher Proclus for making publiccertain specific allusions to secret traditions which he might have concealed.r. K. G. t.
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/My%20Documents/emule/Incoming/SIRIUS_Mystery_Dogon_Robert_KG_Temple/SIRIUSM.htm (3 of 349)22/03/2005 01:32:09

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