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Nudism & Satanism - The Origins of Magic and Witchcraft (Christianity,Jesus,Christ,Jewish Messiah,Davinci Code,Magdalene,666,Beast,Prophecies,Bible)

Nudism & Satanism - The Origins of Magic and Witchcraft (Christianity,Jesus,Christ,Jewish Messiah,Davinci Code,Magdalene,666,Beast,Prophecies,Bible)

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Published by ANNINOS45

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Published by: ANNINOS45 on Sep 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Naturism and nudism came from the reaction to taboos imposed by repressive and obscurant laws, and areevident proof of mankind’s need to live according to a moral code based on common sense and reason. Topropose a doctrine that allows mankind to enjoy the benefits of nature peacefully in “reasonable well-being” (Epicurus), represents the secular balance that frees man from the hatred generated by the conflictof the two eternal antagonists, good and evil, the former represented by a repressive and chastising God –the Christian God, and the latter by Satan – a permissive and licentious God. Two extremes that, byplacing the body as the object of their contrast (one humiliates and chastises it, considering it an obstaclein the search for spiritual perfection and the other exalts it as the only source of pleasure) can only causepain, regression and anxiety.They are really only a gaudy realisation of Zaratustrian cosmic dualism that determines the conflictbetween light and darkness, which Christianity still continues to support in its most primitive formthrough magic rituals, with its priest-sorcerers busy in the farce of drawing signs in mid-air and sprinklingholy water in order to exorcise someone or hurl curses at their antagonists, the angels of darkness, who atthe same time hurl insults and curses back at them during their Satanic ceremonies.These Satanicceremonies, called black masses, are only the revolt of nature against a god who by hindering theenjoyment of the pleasures that he himself created, proves to be wicked, cynical and illogical.
 If Satanists celebrate their rituals by imitating Christian ones, they do so in order to express the hatred andresentment they feel towards a religion based on the repression of the senses, whose morality theyconsider an enemy of mankind and therefore only worthy of profanation and contempt; they spit on thehosts, they desecrate the images of the saints and the Madonna with the most obscene acts, they urinate inthe goblets, they burn slippers and excrement instead of incense, they chant funeral songs to stimulatetheir lust and use the crucifix as a means of vaginal masturbation and even if it may seem incredible, thosewho were present reported that these collective orgies were mostly held in monasteries and convents.(www.sessoereligione.com)
 Both white and black masses are only the repetition of those “magic” rituals that were performed in thepagan “cults of mystery” so that all present could take part through the communion of the senses and endup in a collective orgy. (Baccanali). (FAVOLA DI CRISTO – web site: www.luigicascioli.it).From the confession of a Satanist: “ With preparatory chanting and sounds that accompany the dancing of half-naked maidens in front of Satan’s altar, the participants proceed to have a meal, which in a crescendoof sexual exaltation, leads to a ceremony where nudity must be considered a basic rule. The obscene actsand foul language used against God and all that refers to him, not only represent rebellion towards therepression of a degenerate morality, but also the liberation of any hypocritical restraint that couldrepresent the impediment of the full participation of the general orgasm, an orgasm which in completelysatisfying even the most unconscious desires, leaves the participants in such a state of reconciliation andserenity that it brings them to love even those who only a few minutes earlier were the object of hatredand resentment.In her biography Saint Angela of Foligno confirms the fact that orgasm generates catharsis after shedeclared that she had possessed Jesus in her ecstasy, “not in a spiritual way through thought, but in such areal, tangible way that I could feel the participation of the body”, and she describes the serenity andtranquillity she felt following orgasms like this: <<During the ecstasy it was as if I were possessed by aninstrument penetrating me, which withdrew, tearing my flesh… I was filled with love and incrediblysatisfied and my limbs crushed and broke with desire while I languished, withered and grew weak…

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