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The Georgia Voice - 9/14/12 Vol.3, Issue 14

The Georgia Voice - 9/14/12 Vol.3, Issue 14

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Published by The GA Voice
In our latest issue, we preview all of fall's best in entertainment, from television to movies, theater and events. Also included, the latest Domestically Disturbed and That's What She Said from Topher Payne and Melissa Carter.

For more information, please visit http://www.thegavoice.com
In our latest issue, we preview all of fall's best in entertainment, from television to movies, theater and events. Also included, the latest Domestically Disturbed and That's What She Said from Topher Payne and Melissa Carter.

For more information, please visit http://www.thegavoice.com

More info:

Published by: The GA Voice on Sep 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“P.S. I’ve also been vocal as hellabout the issue of gay marriageso you can take your ‘I know of noother NFL player …’ and shove it inyour close-minded, totally lackingin empathy piehole and choke onit. Asshole.”
— Minnesota Vikings punter
Chris Kluwe
in a hilariouslyprofane open letter to Mass. State Delegate Emmett C.Burns Jr. The Maryland delegate has since backed downfrom his call to silence Ayanbadejo. (Deadspin.com, Sept. 7)
“I’m a black, gay woman. I thinkthe only way to make the GOP hateme more is if I sent them a videoof me rolling around on a pile ofwelfare checks.”
— Comedian
Wanda Sykes
, who comes to the ClassicCenter in Athens, Ga., on Oct. 11, in a clip from her newtwo-part Logo special, ‘NewNowNext Vote with WandaSykes.’ The first part aired Sept. 10; the second is slatedfor Nov. 5, Election Day. (Huffington Post, Sept. 10)
Gay is ‘The New Normal’ for main-stream entertainment.
Page 4Trends:
Fashion, technology and localhappenings you can’t miss this fall.
Page 7Music:
Melissa, Madonna,Morissey and more.
Page 9Theater:
So a man brings home awolf for a one-night stand…
Page 10Film:
No gay blockbusters,but plenty of fall fare.
Page 12Books:
ATL lit events includeAlice Walker, David Sedaris.
Page 14Events:
Season packed with Atlanta’sbiggest LGBT events.
Page 17Sports:
Softball and other options to keepyou fit for fall.
Page 18
Black Gay Pride bringsthousands to Atlanta.
Page 24
Southern Comfort Conference amonglargest trans gatherings.
Page 27
Athens, Savannah celebrateLGBT Pride.
Page 28
Satirical songstresses Bria & Chrissy goviral on YouTube.
Page 31
Food Porn: Is Robert the biggest barrier tohis own relationship success?
Page 32Pages 34-37
That’s What She Said: Love, not sex, at theDemocratic National Convention.
Page 38
Domestically Disturbed: Topher Payne getsreasonable about choice.
Page 39
The Georgia Voice
PO Box 77401Atlanta, GA 30357404-815-6941 | www.thegavoice.com
Editor: Laura Douglas-Brown
Deputy Editor: Dyana Bagby
Web Manager: Ryan Watkins
Art Director: Bo Shell
Melissa Carter, Brent Corcoran,Jim Farmer, Shannon Hames, Topher Payne,Matt Schafer, Steve Warren, Ryan Lee
Publisher: Christina Cash
Associate Publisher: Tim Boyd
Sales Executive: Marshall Graham
Rivendell Media, 908-232-2021sales@rivendellmedia.com
Richard Eldredge, Sandy Malcolm,Lynn Pasqualetti, Robert Pullen
All material in the Georgia Voice is protected by federalcopyright law and may not be reproduced without the writtenconsent of the Georgia Voice. The sexual orientation of advertis-ers, photographers, writers and cartoonists published herein isneither inferred nor implied. The appearance of names or pic-torial representation does not necessarily indicate the sexualorientation of that person or persons. We also do not acceptresponsibility for claims made by advertisers.Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the GeorgiaVoice, but we do not take responsibility for its return. The edi-tors reserve the right to accept, reject or edit any submission.Guidelines for freelance contributors are available upon request.A single copy of the Georgia Voice is available from autho-rized distribution points. Multiple copies are available from theGeorgia Voice office only. Call for rates. If you are unable to reacha convenient free distribution point, you may receive a 26-issuemailed subscription for $60 per year. Checks or credit card orderscan be sent to Tim Boyd, tboyd@thegavoice.com
Send address changes to the Georgia Voice,1904 Monroe Drive, Suite 130, Atlanta, GA 30324. The Georgia Voiceis published every other Friday by The Georgia Voice, LLC. Indi-vidual subscriptions are $60 per year for 26 issues. Postage paidat Atlanta, GA, and additional mailing offices.The editorial positions of the Georgia Voice are expressedin editorials and in editor’s notes. Other opinions are those ofthe writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of theGeorgia Voice and its staff.
To submit a letter or commentary:
Letters should be fewerthan 400 words and commentary, for web or print, should be fewerthan 750 words. Submissions may beedited for content and length, and mustinclude aname, address and phone num-ber for verification. Email submissionsto editor@thegavoice.com or mail to theaddress above.
“I find it inconceivable that oneof your players, Mr. Brendon Ay-anbadejo, would publicly endorsesame-sex marriage… I am request-ing that you take the necessaryaction, as a National Football Fran-chise Owner, to inhibit such expres-sions from your employee…”
— Maryland General Assembly
Delegate Emmett C.Burns Jr.
in an Aug. 29 letter, sent on official letter-head, to Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. Burnsalso stated that he does not know any other NFL playerwho supports gay marriage. (Yahoo Sports, Sept. 6)
— Baltimore Ravens linebacker
Brendon Ayanbadejo
,responding via Twitter to attacks by MarylandDelegate Emmett C. Burns (Huffington Post, Sept. 7)
“The fight is not about same-sex marriage or interracialmarriage or slavery or equalrights for women. The fight isfor equality for all!”

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