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115 - Ukedchat Archive 13 September 2012

115 - Ukedchat Archive 13 September 2012

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Published by Colin Hill
How much say should we give our students in what and how they learn?
How much say should we give our students in what and how they learn?

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Colin Hill on Sep 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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13 September 2012Hosted by @ukedchat @ICTMagicfrom_usertextukedchatHow much say should we give our students in whatand how they learn? #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:02Pekabelo@ukedchat they should be empowered to know whyand how best to learn and we need a damn goodreason to teach what we are teaching. (1/2)13/09/2012 19:02mathfour@ukedchat I say give them carte blanche - if you doproject based learning, they'll eventually geteverything they need. #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:02ICTmagicIs there an acceptable or inappropriate age forchildren/students should direct their own learning?#ukedchat13/09/2012 19:02ICTmagic@jmpneale What 'tricky-ness' have you found in thisapproach? #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:03Pekabelo@ukedchat it should move their thinking andunderstanding forward- students should have inputinto this #ukedchat (2/2)13/09/2012 19:03SwayGrantham@ukedchat chn need an opportunity to makedecisions, it's an important skill set to learn #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:03StephenConnor7@ICTmagic FS2 children direct own learning all thetime, seems to be taken away the older they get#ukedchat13/09/2012 19:03ukedchat@mathfour What they need may not be what societyneeds? #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:04lizzie_h18I think Good practice from early years on child i itiatedlearning should continue into KS1 and 2 ideally#ukedchat13/09/2012 19:04ChrisEdwards83@ukedchat #ukedchat if we want to engage chn intheir learning, they need to feel a sense of ownership.13/09/2012 19:04rogerbillingRT @ChrisLabrey: Big respect for all fellow tweepsembarking on their first year of headship. #ukedchat@rogerbilling13/09/2012 19:04SwayGrantham@ICTmagic I think any age, at my rainbows groupthere's a big focus on girls making their own decisions,they're 5-7yrs #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:05ukedchat@Pekabelo At what age/stage are they ready for this?#ukedchat13/09/2012 19:05siforestieroRT @headguruteacher: Why teaching to the top is theroute to success: A philosophy for teaching andleading http://t.co/NKcYwBo7 #ukedch ...13/09/2012 19:05headguruteacher#ukedchat I find the co-construction approach veryrewarding. See here. http://t.co/wHopf6VW But itstarts with simple choices at any age13/09/2012 19:05Page 1 of 31
13 September 2012Hosted by @ukedchat @ICTMagiccherrylkd@StephenConnor7 @ictmagic That's very true.Masters of own learning in EYFS & we remove itin KS1 #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:05ICTmagic@StephenConnor7 Is there a point at whichstudents/adults get the right to decide on thedirection of their learning again? #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:05ukedchat@SwayGrantham They mainly do this in reception, butthen the choices are taken away from them onceentering the primary curriculum #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:05SwayGrantham@ChrisEdwards83 @ukedchat it helps themunderstand why they should put in the effort13/09/2012 19:05KerriDramaStudent voice is important for real engagement &motivation. #ukedchat @ukedchat13/09/2012 19:05mathfour@ukedchat How so? And should we push kids to learnthings they aren't inclined to because THEY think weshould? #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:06ICTmagic@cherrylkd @SwayGrantham Why do we think this isso? #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:06mathfour@ChrisEdwards83 @ukedchat Indeed - that's a bigpiece of intrinsic motivation ala @danpink #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:06Pekabelo@ukedchat that depends on how much quality inputstudents are given to make their own choices.13/09/2012 19:06MichelleDhillonRT @ChrisEdwards83: @ukedchat #ukedchat if wewant to engage chn in their learning, they need to feela sense of ownership.13/09/2012 19:06Christina_MairsI think arts programs especially should allow freedomfor self-directed learning #artsed #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:06amyparkinbedPlymouth Education Society's SEN Teach Meet - comealong to share or just watch - http://t.co/a24J2kkH#ukedchat13/09/2012 19:07HYWEL_ROBERTS#ukedchat chn need to be shown benefit of learning; itshould also resonate with them: streetwise toworldwise.13/09/2012 19:07ICTmagic@KerriDrama How can we ensure that all children geta chance to express that voice, rather than the noisyfew? #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:07JivespinI am inviting students to a CPD session on OutstandingTeaching I lead to get their views on the strategy weare about to try #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:07cherrylkd@ICTmagic @swaygrantham Play based learning,directing own interests is replaced by more targets& therefore lessons #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:07Page 2 of 31
13 September 2012Hosted by @ukedchat @ICTMagicMichelleDhillon@chrisedwards83 Hear hear! If chn feel a sense of ownership then they are more likely to bemotivated/engaged in my experience #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:07ChrisEdwards83@ukedchat @swaygrantham very true... But I think weshould be asking why these choices are taken away...13/09/2012 19:08ukedchat@ChrisEdwards83 Indeed. How is this achievedthough. Pupils need to be informed of potential theycan achieve #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:08louisashentonStrong believer in empowering learners to takeresponsibility through grp projects & teachingeach other. Enjoy being in control. #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:08SwayGrantham@ICTmagic individual learning paths, chn makingchoices independently within parameters #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:08StephenConnor7@ICTmagic ...then again other schools/teachers don'tlike the potential for uncertainty. Some teacherslike/have to retain control #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:08Pekabelo#ukedchat it is their future, their learning, theireducation, their school, but rarely their choice!13/09/2012 19:08HYWEL_ROBERTS#ukedchat Wide open fat questions (whilstmaintaining integrity of lrning) also important. Theseqs develop pupil voice + understanding13/09/2012 19:08HYWEL_ROBERTSRT @ChrisEdwards83: @ukedchat #ukedchat if wewant to engage chn in their learning, they need to feela sense of ownership.13/09/2012 19:08ukedchatRT @SwayGrantham: @ChrisEdwards83 #ukedchat ithelps them understand why they should put in theeffort13/09/2012 19:09JivespinProgress Champions - getting students to talk aboutprogress in lessons http://t.co/sxRIjORO New idea I amtrying for students #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:09Christina_MairsAlso important for students to be able to givefeedback on their teacher and classes #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:09StephenConnor7@cherrylkd @ICTmagic @SwayGrantham andtherefore pressure on teachers. #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:09SwayGrantham@ChrisEdwards83 #ukedchat to 'make life easier'much easier to aim chn in one direction, one set of resources etc for teacher13/09/2012 19:09cherrylkdCreative curriculum allows for more self/class directedlearning rather than rote learning #ukedchat13/09/2012 19:09Christina_MairsRT @Pekabelo: #ukedchat it is their future, theirlearning, their education, their school, but rarely theirchoice!13/09/2012 19:09Page 3 of 31

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