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The Evolutionary Astral Travel (Methods for Out-Of-Body-Experience)

The Evolutionary Astral Travel (Methods for Out-Of-Body-Experience)

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Published by sk8_rdude_cr
The Evolutionary Astral Travel (Methods For Out-Of-Body-Experience)
The Evolutionary Astral Travel (Methods For Out-Of-Body-Experience)

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Published by: sk8_rdude_cr on Sep 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TThheeEEvvoolluuttiioonnaarryy AAssttrraallTTrraavveell
Methods for Out-of-Body Experiences
  Man is ignorant of the nature of his own being and powers. Even his idea of his limitations is based on experience of the past,and every step in his progress extends his empire.There is therefore no reason to assign theoreticallimits to what he may be, or what he may do. Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice
Normally we consider the human being like a tangibile physical form, that without a certainparapsychological or esoteric knowledge, it is difficult to imagine it having more subtle vital partsof an intangible and separate nature.However, we all know that when we wish to identify or think about a person it is not the physicalfeatures that spring most to mind but more subtle characteristics such as the person’s character,behavioural habits, personal virtues and talents, personality and the type of relationship that wehave with that person. This means that it is the person’s least tangible features or characteristics thatenter into a relationship with our own sensitivities, which are in turn the most substantial parts of aperson that give a significant and real identity to that person. These intangible parts jointlyconstitute the whole of the individual and correspond to what we call “subtle bodies” or, moregenerically, “aura”.Many esoteric traditions, both oriental and western, have studied and classified these “bodies”giving to each a precise and integrated function and correspondence with the physical body. Forexample, natural medicines with their preventative and curative action, interveve in particular onthese “bodies”, because they are considered to be the origin of energetic disequilibriums, thatsuccessively manifest themselves on the psychophysical level, and cause illness.The human being can be considered the junction of three fundamental states of existence:the
 physical form
l, defined as the complex and organic whole of our psychic, emotive and spiriutalexperiences, that matures in the course of our natural life, that is, the intellect, emotions, memory,sensibility, personality and all those parts of us that profoundly correlate with our physical body,through which we live our life; andthe
, defined as the profound essence, the divine spark, a link to the “All”.In particular the study of the phenomenon of astral travel brings us to consider the soul, as we havegenerically defined it, as the main actor of our out of body experiences.The disattachment, that is, the temporary disassociation between our physical form and our “astralbody” and its extension into space and time, is a phenomenon which occurs with a certainnormality, frequency and spontaneity, in particular in a state of sleep or of deep relaxation. Forexample, it is possible that spontaneous disattachment occurs during states of semi-consciousnessincluding during a fainting episode or traumas, when the body is under the effect of a generalanesthetic or drugs and when the body is in a state of sleep. In particular, when we sleep it isimportant that this “process of disassociation” takes place, just like when we stretch our physicalbody to liberate it from built up tensions, in order to obtain the necessary repose which permits ourenergy and mind to regenerate.The objective of this hand-book is to explain what astral travel is, why it is needed, why it occursand above all else to provide a manual by which the reader can learn to knowingly and intentionallytravel in a secure way across their astral body. For who desires it, astral travel can be used as the3

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