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Retro Text Effect

Retro Text Effect

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Published by DuWayne Holiday

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: DuWayne Holiday on Sep 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Step 1
Before getting started, you’ll have to download the font 
Sega from dafont and install it.Installation is quite simple, in the configuration panel you can find a folder called Fonts, simplypaste the file there and then fire up Photoshop.The first step is quite simple. Fill your original layer with black and rename it to "background."Type out the text you want, preferably something more or less square, as shown below. Makesure that the text is adjusted towards the left. Right now you should have a layer with thebackground color and another layer with your text. In my example, I used 100pt text for the
 part and 72pt text for the
part to make the width match.
Step 2
 Now let’s modify the text a bit. Open up the character palette for this (Window > Character). The
field below the Text Size allows you to set the kerning between characters. Kerning determinesthe distance between two characters in relation to each other. So when you select your Type Tooland you put it between two characters, you can adjust the spacing between these two characters.
First, let’s change the
color of the text to #e59710. This is a good base color when you areaiming for gold, then we can stretch our text by either using Free Transform (Command + T), orby changing the character size. After blowing up the text, my top row of text has a size of 280ptand the bottom one has a size of 194,4pt.
Now we can do the actual kerning. After having selected the Type Tool, place the cursorbetween the
and the
and I set the kerning to -55. This way we get a pretty nice connectionbetween those two characters. Then place the cursor between the
and the
, set the kerning to -40.
Step 3
 Now let’s style the text. Think about this for a second; we want nice gold like text, with a bit of adistinguishable edge and a slight beveled 3D look. So, we’ll need t
o use bevel to get depth on theoutside, a little bit of inner shadow for depth on the inside and a gradient for the highlights.
Now to accentuate the bevel, we will use an inner glow. While below the screenshots are placedin descending order according to the Photoshop interface. I myself will generally start by addingthe gradient first, then the bevel, and then the glows and shadows.

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