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Abandonment is the backbone of entrepreneurship
Abolish your excuse barrage
Accept and applaud your uniqueness
Accept inertia as an inevitable feature of the entrepreneurial landscape
Accept that the planets will never be aligned
Align your action with accomplishment
Ambition without focus is stalemate
Announce your intentions to yourself
Anonymity is the adversary of execution
Activate, embody and constantly rekindle your vision
Ask yourself focus questions
Ask, believe, work your ass off, and then you shall receive
Assess the irrelevant – then discard it
Assess the risk
Attitude is soil
Attitude is the best asset
Attitude is the nucleus of achievement
Avoid the paralysis of prioritization
Awareness is the great advancer
Backward progress still counts
Being a verb epitomizes execution
Be in it for the long haul
Be more vehicular
Be not overwhelmed by circumstances
Be patient with parade rainers
Be strategically impatient
Be your own biggest fan
Beware of the over-commitment trap
Build in accountability
Capitulation is the enemy of execution
Celebrate quickly and quietly
Change your reactions to criticism
Close the execution gap
Comfort is rarely part of the equation
Commission your inner doodler
Commit to a long-term process of education
Complacency is bankruptcy in disguise
Complacency is the mistress of inaction
Complacency is the great growth-destroyer
Conditioning murders efficiency
Conformity is the stop sign of genius
Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness
Consistency is the curriculum of greatness
Create an unfair advantage for yourself
Creativity is only the beginning
Curb your craving for certainty
Decide for yourself first
Decide how much discomfort you can absorb
Decide what are you executing in the name of
Decide who’s worth ignoring
Dare to shut your ears
Declare a stern deadline of no more
Defer to yourself
Defy gravity
Design your ideal day
Detection of inertia determines emancipation
Determination alone fails
Develop a relentless bias toward action
Develop daily essentials
Develop deep domain experience
Develop massive intolerance for the inconsequential
Detect the tremors
Depth is the greatest of heights
Diminish your unwillingness
Discomfort is the oxygen of growth
Discomfort is the ultimate activator of action
Displacement is the best sobriety
Dissatisfaction is the ember of initiative
Dissipating yourself in useless activity
Document as you develop
Dominance derives from discomfort
Don’t be patient for the wrong reasons
Don’t be stopped by not knowing how
Don’t beat yourself up when you fall short
Don’t commit solely to one course of action
Don’t go the extra mile – go the extra marathon
Don’t underestimate the commissionability of confidence
Duality is the heartbeat of mastery
Ego is the cunning concealer of truth
Eloquence is the byproduct of simple
Engage small starts
Enlist active and ongoing encouragement from your environment
Establish metrics that matter
Establish real-world momentum
Evidence of executional deficiency is everywhere
Excavate the gold
Execute something worth being criticized
Execute without remorse
Execution is the architect of eminence
Execution is the great qualifier
Exhibit confident uncertainty
Exorcise falsehoods
Expand self-efficacy
Expect to leave people behind
Extend unrestricted mental hospitality to every achievement
Fail like you mean it
Failure is the destiny of boring
Fear of evolution typecasts brands
Find a way to start small
Find the pivot
Finished is the new perfect
Finishing is eloquence
Fish are delicious, but dangerous
Flex the muscle of why
Flex the muscle of why – again
Flub fights execution
Focus activates progress
Focus is the solitary suggestor of success
Foot service, not lip service
Forget about your so-called competitors
Gauge readiness internally
Get comfortable with the risk of failure
Give away your talent to the market until they’re ready to pay for it
Give your ideas some wheels
Go back to the future
Go back to the past
Go full time
Go it alone
Go looking for trouble
Goals drive motivation
Gradual is the great moneymaker
Greatness is the glorious aftermath of hustle
Hack the rules
Happiness is the best dividend
Haste only makes waste if you believe in waste
He travels fastest who travels alone
Hesitation hinders execution
Hold your own feet to the fire
How do you talk to yourself when you fail?
Humility is the instant relaxer of pretension
Hype is the camouflage of quality
If everything you’ve done up until now is just the beginning, what’s next?
If your hand sucks, don’t be resigned to playing the cards you’re dealt
Ignorance is fuel
Ignore feedback from people who don’t matter
Ignoring feedback is hard
Imitation is the vestibule of failure
Impatience is the greenlight of greatness
Inauthenticity is the great deal-breaker
Increase your capacity to execute
Inertia injures execution
Inertia is the slaughterhouse of success
Inexperience is the great limit-squasher
Inexperience is the machete of fear
Initiate gravitational order
Insanity is the great invitation of innovation
Intentionally surround yourself with obstacles
Interruptions are derailments
It is what it is
It’s easy to execute when you know who you are
It’s not about avoiding ruts
It’s not what you do – it’s what you avoid
Jealousy is a waste of time
Keep moving until the right action arises
Kick your own ass
Know that success alone is not enough to anchor you
Leap and the net will appear
Learn the chords
Learn the minimum amount you need to know for now
Learn to balance total relaxation and complete exertion
Learn to dislike anything that causes delay
Learn to trust your voice
Less talkie, more walkie
Limitation is the springboard to completion
Listen smarter
Locate your compass for finding what matters
Loosen your grip on life
Loudness is the irrefutable indicator of weakness
Love the haters
Lower the threat level
Lower your expectations
Maintain alignment, or risk wasting your energy
Maintenance of momentum monetizes message
Make a public and purposeful choice to play big
Make progress by making peace with inadequacy
Making decisions doesn’t mean you’ve done anything
Matchlessness is a function of relentlessness
Mattering is the best marketing
Maybe is the discharge of amateurism
Maybe not
Mediocrity is the great deception
Mind over mattress
Mistake is the mentor of man
Mistaking knowledge for wisdom
Mobilize your resources
Momentary cracks in your resolve are inevitable
More feedback doesn’t always equal better performance
More people equal less progress
Negativity sucks – but silence sucks money out of your bank account
Networking is overrated
Never underestimate the infiltratability of negativity
No importance = No motivation
No more overanalyzing the inconsequential
Now that I have this, what else does this make possible?
Occupy your imperfection
Only the wrong survive
Optimize your efforts
Originality requires murder
Overnight successes take decades
Override how with what and why
Paint yourself into an accountable corner
Passion is the best alarm clock
Passion without purpose is pointless – and penniless
Past is prologue in disguise
Patience is wisdom
Patience isn’t idleness
Pennies saved are opportunities burned
People who tell you to “work smart, not hard” are hopelessly lazy
Permission is the great delayer of execution
Then, persevere some more
Plans are the preventers of progress
Placing too many cumbersome demands on yourself
Plan for an aggressive growth campaign
Plan is a four-letter word
Planning is the gateway drug to procrastination
Planning is surrendering
Plunge forward anyway
Please stop parading your poverty
Poll your past
Practice deliberate indifference
Practice fertile idleness
Practice natural selection
Practice unrelenting single-mindedness
Probe your musts
Problems are messages
Purpose is the best bread
Quit something average
Rally without being ready
Real progress starts with self
Realize what the drug of inaction is cheating you out of
Rebirth is the inevitable outgrowth of heartbreak
Redefining the approach
Reduce your mass
Refuse the path of emptiness
Refuse to be watered down
Refuse to exist in an inhibited condition
Reintroduce the power of choice
Reluctance to make a decision is a form of resistance
Remain a lifelong student of the game you’re playing
Remarkability comes from reinvention
Remember the Galatians
Remember your victory dance
Remove what robs you; embrace what excites you
Resist the pressure to take action inconsistent with core values
Resistance either creates or compresses stamina
Revenue is the aftershock of usefulness
Risk today’s time for tomorrow’s treasure
Self-motivation stems from self-knowledge
Send your guilt to the guillotine
Serendipity is an execution strategy
Shake hands with yourself
Share execution goals with positive people only
Ship now, fix later, perfect never, bleed always
Shortcuts are mirages
Shout your wares at the top of your voice
Significance is the best success
Silence the voice of no
Simple is the subtle masterstroke of genius
Small is the birthplace of big
Self-doubt is the dam of execution
Specialize in the impossible
Stay accountable to yourself
Steel yourself against the thundering noise around you
Stick around anyway
Stick-to-itiveness fuels execution
Sticky is the start of spreadable
Stimulate a gradual reduction of dependency
Stop spending most of your time whining about the progress you’re not making
Stop wasting your brilliant mental effort on negativity
Strengthen your why
Stress is the best educator
Strike a healthy balance
Strike a passionate pose
Structureless environments paralyze
Stupidity is the best mentor
Success alone is not enough to anchor you
Success comes from surrender
People who refuse to dress up for Halloween really piss me off
Surround yourself with persisters
Surround yourself with starters
Take massive, rapid and consistent action
Take the critical number longcut
Talking is the enemy of taking action
Tap into your natural sense of urgency
Teams degrade decision quality
Tell the world you roll solo
Teams might be hurting you
The best way to bring home the bacon is to raise your own pigs
The addiction to perfection is keeping you from starting
The road to mastery is marked by periods of minimal progress
The path to prestige is paved with pandemonium
The strong wait
There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip
There’s no such thing as recession proof
Think on paper immediately
Time tramples execution
Transcend orthodoxy
Transitions are teachers
Translate what you know into action
Trim the fat
Trust that there is a place for your gifts in the world
Try jumping first
Trying to do everything yourself is dangerous
Trust only discipline
Turn on the faucet
Trust the process
Try being a beginner
Transform behaviors into non-negotiables
Trade in your desire
Make a public commitment
Try making history instead
Unsolicited negative feedback is (usually) a manifestation of insecurity
Unwillingness to pay the (financial) price will hurt you in the long run
Values are navigators
Victory is fueled by optimistic impatience
Wage a war against inertia
Walk where no path exists
What are the three next steps you can take on your own?
What will you do differently next time?
When was the last time you questioned your own value?
What is your new definition of victory?
When creative destruction is a necessary and courageous strategy
Watch out for success
What happens when you communicate that you’re fully committed
You can’t grow so much that you get away from the fundamentals
Yesterday’s consistency predicts tomorrow’s profitability
You can’t win if you don’t commit with both feet
What’s next?
When the finish line is in plain sight, look out
You don’t need to respond to every attention magnet
You are the result of yourself
You don’t need more ideas
You are the administrator of your own resurrection
Your ship never comes in, only your dock gets bigger
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Ideas Are Free Execution is Priceless

Ideas Are Free Execution is Priceless

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