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Deputation to City Executive September 2012

Deputation to City Executive September 2012

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Deputation to the City's Executive Committee in regards the Budget Request to the City of Toronto.Exec 22.14, Exec 22.15, Exec 22.16 and Exec 22.17
Deputation to the City's Executive Committee in regards the Budget Request to the City of Toronto.Exec 22.14, Exec 22.15, Exec 22.16 and Exec 22.17

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Published by: Miguel Avila-Velarde on Sep 14, 2012
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Deputation to City’s Executive Committee:
September 2012-09-10Agenda Item(s): Exec 22.14, Exec 22.15, Exec 22.16 and Exec 22.17By: Miguel AvilaDear Chairman and Members of the Committee:Welcome Back !!My name is not strange to this committee or other abc’s of the City. I am here tospeak on today’s agenda items ; 22.14, Exec 22.15, Exec 22.16 and Exec 22.17.As you know during the past Municipal Administration the T.P.S increased the numberof Officers and also, were deemed and essential service . Therefore the city had tonegotiate with the T.P.S Union a satisfactory collective agreement that will bebeneficial for both parties, that resulted in an huge spike on the Budget as shownhere:
Toronto Police Service funding as per municipal operating budgetsYearGrossAmount% of Year's GrossBudgetNet Amount% of Year's NetBudget
1999$540,978,000 9.7% $522,900,000 20.3%2004$707,573,000 10.6% $679,112,000 23.3%2010$956,218,000 13.8% $919,112,000 26.7%
 The Toronto Police Budget as you know well seasoned members of this committeeand new members is consider by many as a “Sacred Cow”. God forbids any councillorspeaking against this budget for fear of losing his/her political career. I spoke on thismatter on 2009 to the Board of the Toronto Police Services, the board confirmed inthe minutes that my recommendation would be consider as part of their budget planfor 2010. Well that did not happened. Again in 2010 I depute one more time to theboard of the T.P.S in the hope of reign in the ballooning budget , this time around theboard and the chief have a clever response “ Due to Provincial Legislationrequirements e.i The Police Services Act” they can not make the necessary budgetcuts to the force.
In 2011 the new city administration ordered the city manager to find ways to controlcity spending and we , Torontians were consulted as part of the Core Service Review , This whole exercise have for objective to find services efficiencies, in all the City’sDepartments . The current numbers of Police officers on payroll are nearing 5,588 which combinesCivilians and Officers , almost half of them perform administrative and support roles.In 2011 in my deputation to the T.P.S , I stressed out the current disparity ratio of  T.P.S officers versus city population. This information was provided to the Board on bythe Chairman on July 18 2011 as well.I also spoke in regards the “Paid Duty” issue as you may know it is absolutelyridiculous to pay an officer $65.00 dollars an hour , I believe City Council is expectinga solution plan from the T.P.S Board to address this “gravy train”,
 Yes , dearCouncillors this is the mother of all of the “gravy trains
” and the City Auditorscolded the board for such a wasteful practice. Also noted are the outrageous“Premium Pay” for court appearance on off days by T.P.S Officers, the unnecessaryuse of two officers on a car patrol, among other things reported concerned Torontonians have told the board to find Service efficiencies within their 1 Billionbudget.As a matter of interest, On July 19 2012 a controversy arose due to the hiring of additional staff for the Human Resources Branch. Councilor Nunziata was not pleasebecause of the previous commitment by the board to find ways to merge orcentralized H.R within the city of Toronto to avoid duplicity of services.
 The City must step in to ensure the board find those service efficiencies as stated onthe Ernst and Young report to the Board.
Budget Chief, Councillor Del Grande appeared last August 15, 2012 to remind theboard of their commitments to find a 10% reduction as expected by the City and Toronto Taxpayer’s
Repeating again my deputation to the T.P.S board back in 2009 , You ( T.P.S ) are a sacred cow that bully scoffing needed money for other city’sservices, and that is the message that Councillor Del Grande in my opinion expressedto the T.P.S Board not necessarily in that context my apologies. Nevertheless the T.P.S does create a ripple effect and all the other city departments that provideservices to Torontonians. I will provide a good example. A single playground cost thecity $125,000 to build, imagine if the money scoundrel for “off duty pay” can betransferred, Just imagine One Million Dollars, to build eight (8) playgrounds aroundthe city. As you know Toronto population is growing, Scarborough may have theneed to build “Splash Pads” in parks and community centers to satisfy the demand of our young population that is increasing.
I have brought to your attention pictures taken from the North Regent Park OutdoorSwimming pool, due to
budget constraints
the pool was closed during the summermonths as reported to me by Mr Jim Hart Manager of Parks , Forest and Recreation.At the new developments on Dundas Street a new Aquatic Centre should have beencompleted by the Fall of 2011. What happened? Also to my shock and surprise ourpools were closed a day earlier than usual to the disappointment of many Torontousers. We had experienced some calamities on Danzing Street a T.C.H.C property,We need more opportunities for safe playing for our Youth. Giving more funds to the T.P.S is certainly not the answer.
-Introduce Toronto Citizens at the T.P.S Board. It appears that some Board membersare not in tune with the life of the regular Torontonian, the YOUTH is missing at theboard level except only the summer months when they are “consulted”. What aboutthe rest of the year?- Demand Ottawa to transfer funds to the city to cover the full cost of the G20 Reportof Judge Morden it has cost 1.5 million dollars to Torontonias who were affected bythe decision made by Ottawa.- put all the pressure on the Provincial Government because with the blessing of theprovince, it allowed the salary increase of the O.P.P to the tune of 13% which leadedthe way to other cities Police Budget Collective Bargaining in Ontario- We need more Citizens at the Board Level to provide better input to the Chief. TheCurrent Province appointed members are not fully aware of what is happening in theCity.- Were applicable UNDO the status of Essential Services of the T.P.S , and have thecity govern the Contract Agreements with the Police Union rather than an arbitratorappointed by the Province.Miguel AvilaCity Hall Monitor

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