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Project 5 (Visible Thinking)

Project 5 (Visible Thinking)

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Published by Tavini182

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Published by: Tavini182 on Sep 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integratingthe development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters.
Visible thinking links two fundamental elements which are students´ thinking withcontent learning that means that the main purpose of Visible Thinking is to cultivatethe thinking ability, curiosity, and creativity of our students by following classroomroutines and so develop the academic content presented in the lesson plan. In otherword the purpose of visible thinking is to alert students and make them think aboutthe matter they are studying trough different routines to accomplish the objectivespresented by the teacher.These routines are set into categories which are Understanding, Truth, Fairness andCreativity, for each ideal there exist different routines that make learning visible andpossible. These key features are developed in group activities in which the teacher isthe monitor and instructor.
Making Thinking Visible
The fundamental goals of visible thinking is to help students to think about the subjectmatters by using their creativity, curiosity and disposition to solve problems butgenerating, at the same time, intellectual capacity. Here are some of its key goals:
Deeperunderstanding of content
Development of learners' thinking and learningabilities.
Development of learners' attitudestowardthinking and learning andtheiralertnesstoopportunitiesforthinking and learning (the "dispositional"side of thinking).
A shift in classroom culture toward a community of enthusiasticallyengagedthinkers and learners.As we can infer about these goal is that visible thinking tries to activate the thinkingability by practicing different routines that is develop in the classroom and lead by theteacher respecting the institutional objectives and the lesson plan.The idea of all that is to make students active and emphasize in the achievement anduse of the ideals mentioned before (Understanding, Truth, Fairness and Creativity)No matter if the topic is science, mathematics, literature or history, the essential partis that they have a clear idea about what they are talking about one each other.
Students´ names Ortiz Ramirez, Marvin ErnestoRamirez Cristales, Gustavo EnriquezPROJECT 5

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