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Anti-Apple Subvertisement Campaign Pitch

Anti-Apple Subvertisement Campaign Pitch

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Published by ksbartol

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Published by: ksbartol on Sep 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kristofer Bartol9-12-12English 2269Apple-Criticizing Subvertisement Package PitchApple is a technological powerhouse. They have the online music-purchasing practically
cornered, save for the Zune and a few fringe sites. They‟re forcing more and more
hard-copymusic companies to either lower their supply or drop out of the race. Apple has become thedominant force in music purchasing. Since they have this huge advantage, they manipulate it.More and more people are turning to music sharing and illegal downloading because of it.Apple has increased their song prices from the original $0.99 to $1.29, for most songs,
and it doesn‟t look like they plan on keeping things cheap. Since they corner the online music
-purchasing market, they also corner the market on mp3 players. iPods have been growing insales since they came out, and have been getting more and more expensive. They eventuallyreleased the iTouch (miniature computer with music storage, a camera, internet, etc.), the iPhone(a phone styled like an iTouch), and the iPad (a large iTouch). Along with their computer line,Macintosh Computers, Apple is one of few dominating the personal technology industry.Most people own at least one of these items, and with each product they own, the morelikely it is that they own another Apple product. All of their products are sleek, but the designhas barely changed over the years for these products. For example, all iPhone generations look alike. With so many people buying all of their products, everyone becomes less original, less of an individual, and more like an Apple drone. Every Apple product is similar in design, and asstubborn to use as the next.Apple products are also not user-friendly. If they have a touch screen, they probably havefour buttons in total, and one is for turning it on and off and two others are for volume. Thatmeans that there is one button and a fragile touch screen to navigate the device like a computer.
That is not as simple as they try to make it seem. Apple products can‟t multi
-task either; they canonly handle one thing at a time. Doing too much causes them to stop working, or turn off.Even though their products are filled with problems and are hard to use, people justcontinue to buy them. Originally it was to stand out, but people still buy from Apple; because of the logo. If you have an Apple device, and people know it, for some reason it boosts your
esteem. There are loads of better devices and products, but people won‟t buy them because theydon‟t have a bitten apple on the
back and they have more than one button.At this rate, Apple will be making iStoves, iCars, and perhaps, if the technology comesabout,
. The extreme costs and performance problems are not worth the logo. Apple needs
to become „
not worth it
‟ in the
eyes, otherwise they will continue to fuel their

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