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Anointing - Freemasonic Article

Anointing - Freemasonic Article

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Published by Hunter6677

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Published by: Hunter6677 on Sep 14, 2012
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ANOINTINGby Horace A. Thomas P.M.October 22, 1992The formal practice is ancient and goes back to Egyptian times andpossiblyearlier. Anointing is done in different ways and fashions. It isperformedMaterially and Spiritually. Material anointing is done to animate andinanimate objects, while Spiritual anointing comes from God or the HolyGhost, is done mostly on persons. Although there is one instance wherespiritual anointing of a sort was done to a thing.Material anointing is usually done with oil, ointment, viscous orunctuoussubstance, but can be with special water or other liquids. In the Jewishculture this ritual was a daily occurrence and called common anointing.Itwas what each of us do in the toilet each morning by washing andgrooming,spreading lotions and creams, and combing the hair. In short it isgroomingthe head which is the part of the body that usually accepts the anointingprocedure.Spiritual anointing is done by reference or knowledge of a specialfeelingor happening. Jesus Christ was anointed or consecrated by the Holy Spiritor God. He was called Messiah which means anointed one which was promisedin the Old Testament. Anointing has saved life as is stated in I Samuel,Chapter 26, Verse 9; when David while being pursued by his father KingSaulwent into his encampment while Saul slept in the midst of his army and athis feet was his body guard. They all were sound asleep as though druggedand David with one of his soldiers stood right over Saul, but would notkillhim because he was anointed of God. The tabernacle was said to beanointedby the presence of God who came to earth and set up his house inside thetent where the Holy of Hollies rested. His presence was shown by a dew orfog which accompanied the structure. Certain Christians are anointed byGodand thus are described as being Unctuous and able to know all things.Eldersof many churches anoint with oil in the name of God, together with prayertoaid in healing the sick.A frivolous assertion to anointing is given as the mother plies herailingoffspring with chicken soup and love. We know now that the love and
affection are the anointing and the chicken soup is a vehicle orceremonialunction or viscous solution.In Masonry we are informed in the Entered Apprentice degree about theointment poured on Aaron which actually refers to the anointing ceremony.It alludes to unity or brotherhood in said degree. It could be arguedthatMasonic ceremony is a kind of anointing which covers the person andencompasses them as the dew on the mount of Hermon and even the dew whichcovers the mountains of Zion.Several degrees in Masonry utilize an anointing ceremony. One York Ritedegree is named "Anointed High Priest." The hermits in the KnightsTemplarceremony can be said to anoint with scripture readings to cheer thepilgrimon his journey. Also in the Order of the Temple the knighting with swordisa sort of anointing and consecration which follows the special anointingofmind and spirit of the libations with wine and water being the anointingfluid. In the Past Commanders ritual there is applied an ointment andagainin the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest ceremony to name a few.In Jewish culture it was a rite of inauguration for the three typicaloffices of the commonwealth which are Prophets, Priest, and Kings. Kingswere anointed is a special way with the oil or ointment being poured in acircle around their head in the place where their crown would be worn.Somekings were anointed many times as their kingdoms grew.Aaron was the first Jewish HighPriest to be anointed. This was performedbyMoses under the command of God. Then Aaron anointed his sons which beganthe line of High Priest. This was not done to the regular LeviticalPriestbut only to the High Priest. In Exodus 29 is a full description of howAaron was Hallowed. Josephus the Jewish historian, lists special oils,herbs and sweet spices in particular amounts just as an apothecary orprescription be boiled and rendered down to a concentrate. This ointmentbeing poured on the furniture and priest, even the High Priest Aaron(thispart is described in detail along wit blood of the sacrificial animalsandfor days on end). The rabbinical or ecclesiastical manner of anointing isto pour or apply as in a cross to the top of the head.The Egyptians anointed on numerous occasions but the life of a Pharaohledto the ultimate anointing and consecration and setting apart to anotherworld upon their death.

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