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Aug 2012 Magazine EIRI

Aug 2012 Magazine EIRI

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Published by eiribooks
EIRI services are:

Detailed Feasibility Reports
New Project Identification
Project Feasibility and Market Study
Identification of Lucrative Industrial Project Opportunities
Preparation of Project Profiles / Pre-Investment and Detailed Feasibility Studies,
Market Surveys / Studies, Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports
Project Reports in CD Roms
Identification of Plant /Process/Machinery and Equipment, Industrial General Guidance for setting up new industrial projects.
EIRI services are:

Detailed Feasibility Reports
New Project Identification
Project Feasibility and Market Study
Identification of Lucrative Industrial Project Opportunities
Preparation of Project Profiles / Pre-Investment and Detailed Feasibility Studies,
Market Surveys / Studies, Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports
Project Reports in CD Roms
Identification of Plant /Process/Machinery and Equipment, Industrial General Guidance for setting up new industrial projects.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: eiribooks on Sep 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ThebookcoversAnimalWasteDisposalApparatus, Apparatus for processing medical waste , Biologicalcomposition for processing animal waste, MedicalWaste Treatment Unit, Biological waste water treatment system, Medical waste treatment deviceand method ,Biological waste conversion system,Method and Apparatus for preparing organic wastefuel, Apparatus for composting organic waste,Organic waste recycling method, Biologicaltreatment of hazardous waste, Apparatus for reductionofbiologicalwastedsludge,Compositionsfordisinfectingwastes.
HI-Tech Projects, Aug'2012 # 03
Rolling mill by TMT Technology (ThermoMechanical Treatment) takes recourse tomodern innovative technology making use ofTMT Technology. The basic object of TMTTechnology is that proof stress in metal isrelieved by passing through TMT chamber.For Rolling mill by TMT Technology, M.SBillets/M.SIngotsaretherawmaterialswhichare conveyed to a reheating furnace, whereheating is done with furnace oil or CNG Gas.The furnace is equipped with recuperator,heating and pumping unit, chimney, burners,etc. The furnace is lined with High AluminaRefractoryBricks.Subsequenttothefurnaceoperation, the stuff is conveyed to 16" standand 12" stand for roughing in roughing mill(Hot Rolling mill). The resulting stuff from theabove operation at 900-950 C is thenintroduced into TMT Chamber. TMTChamber exposes high discharge pump withmotor, nozzles to set the pressure and wateris maintained at a temp of 30 C. TMTTechnology is of immense signification inregardtotheRollingMill.
PlantCapacity 100MT/DayLand&Building Rs.3.15Cr.Plant&Machinery Rs.4.82Cr.W.C.for3Months Rs.7.31Cr.TotalCapitalInvestment Rs.15.50Cr.RateofReturn 48%BreakEvenPoint 44%
Castings of suitable shape and size intendedfor subsequent hot working are termed asIngots.Ingotironhasverylowcarboninsteel.This is generally made in the open hearth inwhich all the other elements are removed tothe maximum extent possible. Some of thecommercial products falling under this grouphave less than 0.1% of all non-iron elementsput together. Ingots are cast in ingot mouldswhicharethecontainersusuallymadeofcastiron into which molten steel is poured &allowed to solidify. Mild steel ingots arecarbonsteelsonlycontaining,usually,0.15to0.25% of carbon. These may be fullydeoxidized to reduce the oxygen content ofthe steel to a minimum inorder that noreaction takes places between carbon &oxygen during solidification. Such steels arecalled “Killed Steel”. Most of the bars andstructurals are mfd. in standardsections/sizes. But, ingots/Billets/Bfoomyetc. require mutual negotiations between theproducer & the buyer for factors & rangs.GenerallyM.S.ingotsareproducedinsquarecross sections of sizes 50 mm to 125 mm in1979. There were 145 licensed Electric ArcFurnaceunitswithatotallicensedcapacityof3.32 million ingot tonnes running at 70%capacity utilization. These units collectivelyformthegroupofministeelPlants.
PlantCapacity 300MT/DayLand&Building 94Th.Plant&Machinery 35Th.W.C.for3Months 6.56LacsTotalCapitalInvestment 7.91LacsRateofReturn 61%BreakEvenPoint 23%
COST ESTIMATION (All Fig. in Thousand)
ISBN NO; 978-81-89765-95-8
Rs. 900/-
Hi-Tech Projects
 An Industrial Monthly Magazine onHi-Tech Projects & developed andunderdeveloping Technologies with lucrativeProject opportunitiesEditor Sudhir Gupta (Industrial Consultant) Ankur Gupta (Assistant Editor)FOR INDIA: Single Copy Rs. 20/-One Year Rs. 225/-Three Years Rs. 650/-(Add Rs. 125/- for outstation cheques.Please make the Draft/Cheque in favour of “Engineers India Research Institute, Delhi”FOR OVERSEAS: Single Copy US$ 5/-One Year US$ 60/-Three Years US$ 170/-
Project Reports/Profiles provided in this issuehad been prepared on datas available at thetime of preparing these reports.Entrepreneurs/Industrialists are requested toplease update the data before venturing intoany project mentioned herein. However efforts have been made to provide Correctinformation even then no guarantee can begiven about the authenticity of the matter. Alldisputes are subect to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
Over 32 years Experienced IndustrialConsultantsPostalAddress: 4449 Nai Sarak, MainRoad, Delhi - 110006 (INDIA)Ph : 91- 11- 23916431, 23918117,45120361, 64727385, 23947058E-Mail : eiriprojects@gmail.com,eiribooks@yahoo.comWebsite: www.eiriindia.org,www.eiribooksandprojectreports.com,www.eiri.in,www.industrialprojectreports.comMobile: 9811437895, 9811151047Our Bankers (All CurrentAccounts) All the BooksAlsoAvailable at :EIRI Project Consultants & PublishersRoop Nagar, DelhiPrinted, Published & Edited by Sudhir Kumar Gupta on behalf of“Engineers IndiaResearch Institute”4449, Nai Sarak, Delhi -6 and Printed at Swastik Offset, NaveenShahdara, Delhi, Registered with Registrar News Paper for India R. No.:DELENG/2001/5050 DL(DG)-11/8024/2009-11 at Delhi R.M.S. U(DN)-159/2009-11LICENCEDTO POSTWITHOUTPREPAYMENT
(1)AXIS BANK LTD.CA- 054010200006248(2) ICICI BANK LTD.CA- 038705000994(3) HDFC BANKCA- 05532020001279(4) UNION BANK OF INDIACA- 307201010015149(5) STATE BANK OF INDIACA- 30408535340
The book Technology of OilseedsProcessing,Oils&FatsandRefining coversChemical constituents of Fats, OleaginousSeeds and their oils, Olive and Olive Oil,Palm Oil and Its Fractions, Animal Fat,Technology of Refining of Fats,Hydrogenation Technology, FractionationTechnology, Margarine Technology,Production of Neat Soap with 63% fattyacids,OilseedProcessingTechnology.
Rs. 1400/-
Plus Rs. 125 Courier exp. Exp.*US$ 140/-
New 2012 Edition
choose & start your own industry
The book covers Laminated Wood Products,Technology of Veneer and Plywood, Adhesivesfor Panel Products, Beech (Fagus Species),Prevention and Control of Powder post bore,Sandwich Boards, Manufacture of Particleboard and Composite Products,Fibreboard Technology, ManufacturingTechnology of Pulp and Paper, Types of Flooring, Wenge (Millettia Laurentii), Kilndrying: Manual Versus Automatic, PhenolFormaldehyde Resin Emulsions as Wood Adhesives, Bamboo mat composites andmouldedproducts, ShakeandShingleIndustryRoofing Material, Processed Wood & WoodProducts, Wood and Biomass Utilization,Forest Products, Bamboo Mat Board, BambooMat Corrugated Sheets & Bamboo Floor Board,BambooShoot, Cane&BambooProducts
Sugar is a universal sweetening agent andsugar-caneistheprimaryage-oldsourceofit. Sugar cane is a very important industrialcrop, accounting for about 60% of sugarproduction in the world. From the timesimmemorial the word “sugar” is being usedvariouslytoexpressdelightaswellasdistrustsarcastically. Sugarhasbeenusedinhumandiet through the functions of pancreas,depending on the quantity of sugarconsumed. It is must for human diet whentaken directly or indirectly through variouscarbohydrate containing food stuffs. Sugaras sucrose is important for energy andmetabolic activities. When sugar wasprepared from sugar cane in the beginningcannot be definitely stated, but brown sugaror gur (Jaggery) was the first known form ofsugar manufactured from sugar cane as wellas from wild date palm (phonnix sulvestris),palmyra palm (Borassus Flapellifar), toddypalm (Caryota urens) and other palmscontains12-14%sugarintheirsaptappedforthe purposes. The main raw material forsugar production, i.e. sugarcane growswidely and efforts are constantly being madeto bring more area under cultivation. Theprocess chemicals required are alsoavailable.
PlantCapacity 450450MT/DayLand&Building Rs.10.56Cr.Plant&Machinery Rs.61.45Cr.W.C.for2Months Rs.10.55Cr.TotalCapitalInvestment Rs.89.93Cr.RateofReturn 13%BreakEvenPoint 73%
The state of a country’s iron and steel industryprovides an index of its industrial progress. Auniversally accepted yardstick for measuring acountry’s level of economic development is its percapita Consumption of steel. Judged by theYardstick, the depressing fact remains that India isamong the countries with the lowest per capitaconsumption of steel in the world, with only 14 kgDeveloped countries such as Sweedon, WestGermany, Japan and U.S.A. have high per capitaconsumption figures. The history of iron & steelmaking in India goes back to over 2,500 years,making India of the earliest uses of iron and steel inthe world. In anevent times, India has attained aremarkably high degree of skill in iron smelting andthe making of iron products. The basic raw materialfor Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking is steelscrap. With the rapid growth in EAF steelmaking,demand for scrap has been on the increase. On theother hand, improvements in steelmaking practicesand subsequent processing steps of casting androlling have improved yields of semis and finishedproducts which has led to reduction in the volume ofreturnscrapgeneratedintheseoperations.
PlantCapacity 450MT/DayLand&Building Rs.64Th.Plant&Machinery Rs.5.25LacsW.C.for3Months Rs.8.50LacsTotalCapitalInvestment Rs.14.83LacsRateofReturn 23%BreakEvenPoint 51%
COST ESTIMATION (all fig. in thousand)
Solar power plants are a necessity at places inIndia like remote hilly areas and islands forproviding electricity in order to improve thestandard of living of the people. Financialconstraints in the public sector and non-remunerative characteristics of economics actas disincentives to private entrepreneurs, whichare impediments to the national programme ofsolar electrification of villages. Despite theseconstraints, the Ministry of Non-conventionalEnergy Sources, Government of India isattempting to electrify as many villages aspossible with the solar photovoltaic system. Thispaper attempts to show how improvements intechnology and competitiveness among playersin the fields of manufacture, supply, andinstallation are leading to reduction in costs, butnot at the sharp rate that is competitive withconventional power. However, it appears thatdirect conversion of solar power to electricity ischeaperinIndiathaninGermany.PlantCapacity 25MWLand&Building Rs.1.92Cr.Plant&Machinery Rs.180Cr.W.C.for2Months Rs.1.04Cr.TotalCapitalInvestment Rs.205Cr.RateofReturn 7%BreakEvenPoint 82%
Castings of suitable shape and size intended forsubsequent hot working are termed as Ingots.Ingot iron has very low carbon in steel. This isgenerallymadeintheopenhearthinwhichalltheother elements are removed to the maximumextent possible. Some of the commercialproducts falling under this group have less than0.1% of all non-iron elements put together.Ingots are cast in ingot moulds which are thecontainers usually made of cast iron into whichmolten steel is poured & allowed to solidify. Mildsteel ingots are carbon steels only containing,usually,0.15to0.25%ofcarbon. Thesemaybefully deoxidized to reduce the oxygen content ofthe steel to a minimum inorder that no reactiontakes places between carbon & oxygen duringsolidification. Such steels are called “KilledSteel”.Mostofthebarsandstructuralaremfd.ins t a n d a r d s e c t i o n s / s i z e s . B u t ,ingots/Billets/Bfoomy etc. require mutualnegotiations between the producer & the buyerfor factors & rangs. Generally M.S. ingots areproduced in square cross sections of sizes 50mmto125mmin1979. Therewere145licensedElectric Arc Furnace units with a total licensedcapacityof3.32millioningottonsrunningat70%capacityutilization.
PlantCapacity 24MT/DayLand&Building Rs.93LacsPlant&Machinery Rs.47LacsW.C.for1Months Rs.2.61Cr.TotalCapitalInvestment Rs.4.13Cr.RateofReturn 85%BreakEvenPoint 38%
The plastic industry in India plays a veryimportant and key role in Industrialisation. Awide spectrum of plastics and articlesmanufactured by the industry have touchedthe lifeof everyIndianinmanywaysthroughconsumer plastics. Now we have enteredinto another era of plastic consumer goods continuously replacing the traditionalitems. The items cover from furniture tomedical sciences from lutchen equipmentto daily use articles. Disposable cups,glasses,andplatesareusedin dailylife nowa days.
PlantCapacity 100000PlasticGlasses/Day100000PlasticCups/DayLand&Building Rs.27LacsPlant&Machinery Rs.1.48Cr.W.C.for3Months Rs.2.69Cr.TotalCapitalInvestment Rs.4.50Cr.RateofReturn 33%BreakEvenPoint 55%
ISBN NO. 978-81-89765-36-1
Rs. 1600/-
choose & start your own industry
HI-Tech Projects,Aug'2012 # 04

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