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English Sem 3 PPISMP

English Sem 3 PPISMP

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Published by Medan Hamdan

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Published by: Medan Hamdan on Sep 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TABLE OF CONTENTProfileCoursework SheetReport1.0 Introduction2.0 Statement of Problem3.0 Objective of Study4.0 Research Questions5.0 Limitation of Study6.0 Methodology6.1 Questionnaire6.2 Data Collection and Analysis7.0 Findings and Discussion8.0 Conclusion and Suggestions9.0 References10.0 AppendicesReflection
Research on the Insufficiency of Allowance among the Trainee Teachers1.0 Introduction
We are the third semester PPISMP trainee teachers from Physical Education option.We have been studying in IPGK Tun Abdul Razak for almost one and a half year. Ahuge amount of money has been allocated for this course in order to cultivate well-trained professional teacher. Allowance is provided by government for the PPISMP andPISMP trainee teachers for their expenses throughout the course.
2.0 Statement of Problem
The amount of allowance provided by the Malaysia Education Ministry is decided after some consideration and survey. In fact, it should be enough for the expenses of traineeteachers while attending the course. Besides, the allowance has been increasing fromyear to year, but we can still hear complaints about insufficiency of allowance amongthe trainees. Many trainees have to survive on instant noodles at the end of the month.Some of them even cannot afford to purchase books and stationery for academicpurpose. Due to these matters, we would like to make a mini research on theinsufficiency of allowance among the trainees.
3.0 Objective of Study
The objective of this research is to find out whether the problem of allowanceinsufficiency is occurring in every trainee teacher and to check whether they arespending the allowance smartly and appropriately.
4.0 Research Questions
In our research, there are three questions. They are shown as below:1. How frequent do you face financial difficulty?2. Do you think the monthly allowance provided currently is sufficient for your monthlyexpense?3. As a trainee, do you think you spend your allowance appropriately and smartly?
5.0 Limitation of Study
The study is targeted on 25 PPISMP trainee teachers of semester 3. The respondentsare chosen randomly from five classes of different options, which are Arab Language,TESL 1, TESL 2, TESL 3 and Physical Education.
6.0 Methodology6.1 Questionnaire
In this research, we used questionnaire as our instrument to collect data. We haveconstructed a questionnaire and photocopied to be distributed to 25 respondents of thesame batch trainee teachers. (Refer to Appendix 1)
6.2 Data Collection and Analysis
From the data that we collected, we found that most of the trainee teachers, which are15 of them, sometimes face allowance insufficiency. 20% of the trainees only seldomface allowance insufficiency; while another 20% trainees always face this matter. (Refer to Graph 1)

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