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the List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Andhra Pradesh

the List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Andhra Pradesh

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Published by truecommunistparty
the List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Andhra Pradesh
the List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Andhra Pradesh

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Published by: truecommunistparty on Sep 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The List of Hindu Temples converted tomosque in Andhra Pradesh
A Preliminary Survey of some of the Hindu temples that were converted to mosques andmuslim monuments in Andhra Pradesh is given here. Many such muslim construction haveused the materials of the Hindu temple after it was destroyed by the muslims. This showsthe true nature of the eligion Islam. Some of the districts have been renamed or newlycreated. Some places which was under one district is now in another district. Those whoread this can point out errors if any.I. Adilabad District.Mahur, Masjid in the Fort on the hill. Temple site.II. Anantpur District.1. Gooty, Gateway to the Hill Fort. Temple materials used.2. Kadiri, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.3. Konakondla, Masjid in the bazar. Temple materials used.4. Penukonda(i) Fort. Temple materials used.(ii) Masjid in the Fort. Converted Temple.(iii) Sher Khn’s Masjid (1546).38 Converted Temple.(iv) Dargh of Babayya. Converted ÃŽvara Temple.(v) Jmi’ Masjid (1664-65). Temple site.(xi) Dargh of Shh Fakbru’d-Dn (1293-94). Temple site.5. Tadpatri(i) Jmi’ Masjid (1695-96). Temple site.(ii) Idgh completed in 1725-26. Temple site.6. Thummala, Masjid (1674-75). Temple site.III. Cuddapah District1. Cuddapah(i) Bhp Shib-k-Masjid (1692). Temple site.(ii) Idgh (1717-18). Temple site.(iii) Bahdur Khn-k-Masjid (1722-23). Temple site.(iv) Dargh of Shh Amnu’d-Dn Ges Darz (1736-37). Temple site.2. Duvvuru, Masjid. Temple site.3. Gandikot, Jmi’ Masjid (1690-91). Temple site.4. Gangapuru, Masjid. Temple site.5. Gundlakunta, Dastgr Dargh. Temple site.6. Gurrumkonda, Fort and several other Muslim buildings. Temple materials used.7. Jammalmaduguu, Jmi’ Masjid (1794-95). Temple site.8. Jangalapalle, Dargh of Dastgr Swm. Converted Jangam temple.9. Siddhavatam(i) Qutb Shh Masjid (restored in 1808). Temple materials use.(ii) Jmi’ Masjid (1701). Temple materials used.(iii) Dargh of Bismillh Khn Qdir. Temple materials used.
(iv) Fort and Gateways. Temple materials used.(v) Chowk-k-Masjid. Temple site.10. Vutukuru(i) Masjid at Naligoto. Temple site.(ii) Masjid at Puttumiyyapeta. Temple site.IV. East Godavari District.Bikkavolu, Masjid. Temple materials used.V. Guntur District.1. Nizampatnam, Dargh of Shh Haidr (1609). Temple site2. Vinukonda, Jmi’ Masjid (1640-41). Temple site.VI. Hyderabad District.1. Chikalgoda, Masjid (1610). Temple site.2. Dargah, Dargh of Shh Wal (1601-02). Temple site.3. Golconda(i) Jmi’ Masjid on Bl Hissr. Temple site.(ii) Trmat Masjid. Temple site.4. Hyderabad(i) Dargh of Shh Ms Qdir. Temple site.(ii) Masjid on the Pirulkonda Hill (1690). Temple site.(iii) Tol Masjid (1671). Temple materials used.(iv) Dargh of Min Mishk (d. 1680). Temple site.(v) Dargh of Mu’min Chup in Aliybd (1322-23). Temple site.(vi) Hj Kaml-k-Masjid (1657). Temple site.(vii) Begum Masjid (1593). Temple site.(viii) Dargh of Islm Khn Naqshband. Temple site.(ix) Dargh of Shh D’d (1369-70). Temple site.(x) Jmi’ Masjid (1597). Temple site.4. Maisaram, Masjid built by Aurangzeb from materials of 200 temples demolished after thefall of Golconda.5. Secunderabad, Qadam RasUl. Temple site.6. Sheikhpet(i) Shaikh-k-Masjid (1633-34). Temple site.(ii) SariwAl Masjid (1678-79). Temple tite.VII. Karimnagar District.1. Dharampuri, Masjid (1693). TrikTa Temple site.2. Elangdal(i) Mansr Khn-k-Masjid (1525). Temple site.(ii) Alamgr Masjid (1696). Temple site.3. Kalesyaram, lamgr Masjid. Temple site.4. Sonipet, lamgr Masjid. Temple site.5. Vemalvada, Mazr of a Muslim saint. Temple site.VIII. Krishna District.
1. Gudimetta, Masjid in the Fort, Temple materials used.2. Guduru, Jmi’ Masjid (1497). Temple materials used.3. Gundur, Jmi’ Masjid. Converted temple.4. Kondapalli(i) Masjid built in 1482 on the site of a temple after Muhammad Shh BahmanI had slaughteredthe Brahmin priests on the advice of Mahmd Gawn, the great Bahman Prime Minister, whoexhorted the sultan to become a Ghz by means of this pious performance.(ii) Mazr of Shh Abdul Razzq. Temple site.5. Kondavidu(i) Masjid (1337). Temple materials used.(ii) Dargh of Barandaula. Temple materials used.(iii) Qadam Sharf of dam. Converted temple.6. Machhlipatnam(i) Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.(ii) Idgh. Temple site.7. Nandigram, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.8. Pedana, Iama’il-k-Masjid. Temple site.9. Rajkonda, Masjid (1484). Temple site.10. Tengda, Masjid. Temple site.11. Turkpalem, Dargh of Ghlib Shahd. Temple site.12. Vadpaili, Masjid near NarsiMhaswmn Temple. Temple materials used.13. Vijaywada, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.IX. Kurnool District.1. Adoni(i) Jmi’ Masjid (1668-69). Materials of several temples used.(ii) Masjid on the Hill. Temple materials used.(iii) Fort (1676-77). Temple materials used.2. Cumbum(i) Jmi’ Masjid (1649). Temple site.(ii) Gachinl Masjid (1729-30). Temple site.3. Havli, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple materials used.4. Karimuddula, Dargh. Akkadevi Temple materials used.5. Kottakot, Jmi’ Masjid (1501). Temple site.6. Kurnool(i) Pr Shib-k-Gumbad (1637-38). Temple site.(ii) Jmi’ Masjid (1667). Temple site.(iii) Ll Masjid (1738-39). Temple site.7. Pasupala, Kaln Masjid. Temple site.8. Sanjanmala, Masjid. Temple sites.9. Siddheswaram, Ashurkhna. Temple materials used.10. Yadavalli, Mazr and Masjid. Temple sites.11. Zuhrapur, Dargh of Qdir Shh Bukhr. Temple site.X. Mahbubnagar District.1. Alampur, Qal-k-Masjid. Temple materials used.2. Jatprole, Dargh of Sayyid Shh Darwish. Temple materials used.3. Kodangal(i) Dargh of Hazrat Nizmu’d-DIn. Temple site.(ii) Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.

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