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RE Do me a favor

RE Do me a favor

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Published by MSPBWatch

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Published by: MSPBWatch on Sep 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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9/15/12 Outlook Print Message1/3https://bay002.mail.live.com/mail/PrintMessages.aspx?cpids=f437edea-ff50-11e1-9bbe-68b599aecfce,…
RE: Do me a favor​
David Pardo
(dpardo220@gmail.com)Sent:Sat 9/15/12 12:18 PMTo:gbruno3@cfl.rr.com (gbruno3@cfl.rr.com); evy brown (ebrown@whistlewatch.org)
Gabe,You began to object to my outing Tom long before Serpico got disgusted. What has he, or FranzGayl, or Gordon Hamel ever done to get Tom to act in good faith?You want me to listen to you? Have the courage of your convictions to follow up on them, so I'llknow you're interested in real reform. You think the arguments put forth by Joe have merit? Followup on them on your own. He doesn't own them. You don't need to work with him.
> Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 12:12:04 -0400> From: gbruno3@cfl.rr.com> To: ebrown@whistlewatch.org; dpardo220@gmail.com> Subject: RE: Do me a favor>> You're absolutely not listening.>>> ---- David Pardo <dpardo220@gmail.com> wrote:> > Gabe,> > You haven't listened to a single thing I said. You're fixated on process and feelings, not merits. Youagree that Joe has validity to his concerns, but you do nothing to advance them. He's been trying to getthem addressed, like you said they need to be. I've been trying. Tom is the obstacle. Do you disgree?Because when I brought forth the TRUTH about Tom, you objected to that. I cannot respect your attemptsto hide from facts.> > You don't want me to alienate GAP. Why? Is it because they can provide FWAers with freerepresentation?> > If so, your interests conflict with mine to the extent that GAP will continue to support Tom.> > About the "important voices," first, that is elitist. What they have to say is no more important thanwhat I or you or a janitor disclosing wrongdoing have to say. Stop buying into the celebrity whistleblowerphenomenon. Anybody can bring forth disclosures, and how they say it is irrelevant to the truth of theallegations. If MSPB doesn't throw up tone or feelings to obscure the truth, neither should you.> > The "important voices" have come out in support of Tom or GAP, because they are grateful to them.> > The ones who are disgusted will come forward when the power structure changes and someone elseis in charge. The ones who are have no ties to them are able to speak more freely, and have their heartsin the right place.> > Until you decide to discuss the merits of these arguments rather than hide behind your and others'feelings, there is nothing for us to talk about.> > Stop fixating on feelings.
9/15/12 Outlook Print Message2/3https://bay002.mail.live.com/mail/PrintMessages.aspx?cpids=f437edea-ff50-11e1-9bbe-68b599aecfce,…
> >> > > Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 15:35:20 +0000> > > From: gbruno3@cfl.rr.com> > > To: ebrown@whistlewatch.org; dpardo220@gmail.com> > > Subject: Re: Do me a favor> > >> > > OK Evy and David,> > >> > > Evy, thanks for the sentiment of your note and I appreciate being able to keep this communiquébetween the three of us.> > >> > > David, you have no pause button to reflect on what others have been through. You have single-handedly caused many important voices that we need, to express their disgust and asked to be removedfrom the dialogue. That's destruction! This should tell you something. Your hair trigger attacks on anyonewho doesn't agree with you have no place in a civil discourse. You even pissed off Frank Serpico for cryinout loud! That guy took a bullet in the face for living the principles we claim to promote.> > >> > > Now, you're a very talented, intelligent person but you're "style" as you have called it, hasovershadowed your message. No one is happy with the status quo, especially me, but if you can't workwith people you won't accomplish much. The choice is yours to continue to disenfranchise yourself fromwhistleblowers who have been through a hell of a lot more than you, or make them want to hear whatyou have to say.> > >> > > I'm not going to engage in some long drawn out argument about this, and Evy, I appreciate yourmessage to open this up.> > >> > > Best to you both,> > > Gabe> > >> > >> > >> > >> > > ---- David Pardo <dpardo220@gmail.com> wrote:> > > > From where I stand, a lot has been accomplished. We now have a better idea> > > > who's committed to reform and who is invested in the status quo. We've> > > > heard a lot of vague threats about 'destruction', as well as a bunch of > > > > faux psychology talk. Tell me, what's the fear of something being> > > > destroyed? Tom's deathgrip? Would you tell a federal employee not to blow> > > > the whistle for fear of destroying the rogue managers' clout?> > > >> > > > You've got a bunch of folks with ties to the current scheme screaming> > > > bloody murder. I guess they've never heard of conflicts of interest.> > > >> > > >> > > >> > > > On Saturday, September 15, 2012, evy brown <ebrown@whistlewatch.org> wrote:> > > > > Hi Gabe & David,> > > > > I'm been busy with other things these last couple days but did see the> > > > argument between you two. May I please ask you a favor? Please, no more> > > > attacks on each other and no more saying the new group is not accomplishing

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